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How do software developers learn new tricks


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A partial description of my current research plan

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How do software developers learn new tricks

  1. 1. How do software developers learn "new tricks"? (DRAFT) Adolfo Neto @adolfont Assistant Professor at Federal University of Technology - Paraná, Brazil Visiting Professor at North Carolina State University November 13th, 2014
  2. 2. Developers have to... It seems obvious to say that "developers have to stay informed, maintain relationships, and keep their domain knowledge up to date" [1], right? But how do they do that?
  3. 3. But first... Why do developers need to keep learning new… ● languages ● technologies ● practices ● tools... ???
  4. 4. … to become antifragile Or at least less fragile… Source:
  5. 5. How do software developers stay informed?
  6. 6. Online ways to keep informed ● Social Networks: ○ Twitter ○ Facebook?? ○ ? ● Coding repositories ○ Github ● Question and Answer sites ○ Stack Overflow
  7. 7. Online ways to keep informed ● Web sites. Ex. ● Videos (Youtube) ● Blogs ● MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) ● Virtual Conferences. Ex. hack.summit()
  8. 8. Offline but not face-to-face ways ● Printed material: ○ Books (e-books) ○ Magazines ○ White papers ○ Scientific papers ● Tools ● Podcasts
  9. 9. Offline, face-to-face ways ● Meetups ● Conferences o Local. Ex.: TriAgile. o Regional. Ex: All Things Open. o National. Ex.: Agile Brazil. o International. Ex.: Agile, Clojure/conj. ● Coding Dojos ● Coderetreats
  10. 10. Offline, face-to-face ways ● Hackathons ● Training courses, Workshops o Ex. Security Dojo Workshop, PO Dojo, Scrum certifications ● Conversations with colleagues and friends
  11. 11. Did I forget something? If I did, please send me an email (adolfo.usp AT or comment below.
  12. 12. My interest Right now, I am mainly interested in offline, face-to-face meetings [2] in which software developers take part to either learn and/or maintain relationships.
  13. 13. Meetups ● Offline, face-to-face meetings usually organized using the site. ● Not much different from Users' Group meetings. ● Not always computer-related.
  14. 14. Types of Meetups in Software Development Meetup Groups ● Talks ○ Lightning talks ● Meals (lunches, breakfasts) ● Hack sessions (hack nights, usually) See also
  15. 15. The end, for now To be continued and modified… Interested in this work? Drop a comment below or contact me through one of the many ways in