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What are the Benefits of Dietary Fiber for Better Health and Wellness?


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What are the Benefits of Dietary Fiber for Better Health and Wellness?

  1. 1. What are the Benefits of Dietary Fiber forBetter Health and Wellness?
  2. 2. We keep on hearing dietitians, doctors,and health care providers telling us theimportance of including more fiber inour diet but we don’t actually know why.
  3. 3. Dietary fiber is commonly found inwhole grains, legumes, fruits, andvegetables.
  4. 4. Aside from providing our bodywith the natural ability to preventand relieve constipation, they arealso essential in making sure thatwe achieve better health andwellness by fighting off diseaseslike diabetes and heart problems.
  5. 5. What is dietary fiber?Dietary fiber is the portion of plants that ourbody cannot digest and absorb and they aremade up of the following components:Soluble fibersInsoluble fibers
  6. 6. Soluble fibers slow down our digestionand they help in delaying the emptying ofthe stomach. They make you feel full andcan aid in controlling weight. Because thisprocedure affects blood sugar levels, theyreduce the risk of diabetes.
  7. 7. The following are rich insoluble fiber:Apples, oranges, straw-berries, nuts, beans,oatmeal, celery, carrots,cucumber, and dried peas.
  8. 8. Insoluble fibers are healthy fibers that addbulk to our diet and help prevent constipation.These fibers are not absorbed by the body andjust pass through the gastrointestinal tracthelping eliminate waste faster. Studies haveshown that insoluble fibers are effective infighting off colon cancer, constipation, andhemorrhoids.
  9. 9. Most vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, celery,onions, cucumbers are rich in insoluble fibers.Likewise, thesedietary fibers arealso present inwhole grains, cornbran, nuts, barley,rice, and grapes.
  10. 10. The Benefits of a High-Fiber DietIncluding dietary fibers in your mealscan have many amazing health benefits.Lowers blood cholesterolHelps to normalize bowel movementControls blood sugar levelsWeight loss
  11. 11. Lowers blood cholesterolSoluble fibers are knownto reduce bad cholesterolin the body by loweringlow-density lipoprotein. Studies have shown that ahigh fiber diet can reduce blood pressure and othercardiovascular problems.
  12. 12. Helps to normalize bowel movementsMeals rich in dietary fiber make your stoolsofter and easier to flush out, therebydecreasing the chances of constipation.
  13. 13. Fiber can help solidify loose bowels and can alsoprovide relief if you’re having irritable bowelsyndrome.Because it helps make stool easier to flush out ofthe system, it also lowers the risk of hemorroidsand other diverticular (colon) disease.
  14. 14. Controls blood sugar levelsSoluble fiber can slow down the absorptionof sugar in the blood and this is particularlyhelpful for people with or are prone todiabetes.
  15. 15. Constipation, high cholesterol,diarrhea, irritable bowelsyndrome, diabetes, coloncancer are no match to a well-balanced meal rich in dietaryfibers.
  16. 16. Weight lossFoods that are high in fibertends to stay longer in thestomach because they requiremore time to be digested.Because of this, your stomachfeels fuller and you’re lesslikely to overeat.
  17. 17. Dietary Fiber as a NaturalApproach to Health and Wellness
  18. 18. Indeed with all these healthbenefits associated with dietaryfibers, we are allowing our bodyto heal naturally without theneed for synthetic medications.
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