Pokročilá segmentace – nezbytný předpoklad pro dlouhodobý úspěch


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Akce: Konference Web Analytics - 28. 5. 2009 - Praha

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Pokročilá segmentace – nezbytný předpoklad pro dlouhodobý úspěch

  1. 1. Get to know your customers better! How advanced segmentation is the prerequisite for incremental success Egon Wilcsek Partner Manager, Central and Eastern Europe
  2. 2. Definition A market segment is subgroup of people or organizations sharing one or more characteristics that cause them to have similar product needs.
  3. 3. Is segmentation always applicable? • Size, purchasing power, profiles of Measurable segments can be measured. • Segments must be effectively reached Accessible and served. • Segments must be large or profitable Substantial enough to serve. • Segments must respond differently to Differential different marketing mix elements & actions. • Must be able to attract and serve the Actionable segments. It depends…
  4. 4. So – Why Segment? • Segmentation will allow you to get as close as possible to communicating one-on-one with every customer or prospect • It will identify elements that can make your overall brand message relevant to all of your audiences • Especially in tough times, every EUR counts Better Increased Improved More Bang for Understanding Relevance Konversion Your Buck
  5. 5. Segmenting Consumer Markets • Geographical segmentation • Demographic segmentation • Most popular segmentation • Psychographic segmentation • Lifestyle, social class, and personality-based segmentation • Behavioral segmentation
  6. 6. Segmentation in Action – Out of the box Traffic Sources Campaigns Visitor Retention Visitor Profile
  7. 7. Segmentation in Action – Customized for Retail
  8. 8. Segmentation in Action – Finance
  9. 9. Segmentation in Action - SiteCatalyst Analyse Segment Build Segment Loyal Customers with purchases > 1000
  10. 10. Segmentation in Action – Discover On Demand • Infinitely dimensional analysis on real, un-sampled data • Real-time dynamic segmentation and profiling • Knowledge discovery and controlled experimentation
  11. 11. Segmentation in Action – Channel Anaytics All Visitors 1 Visitors Visitors referred visited from by Google 10AM-3PM Selected 1 2 visitors 2 segment Visitors that 3 visited currency section 3 Integrates all Channels Web, Call Center, Offline Actionable Business Intelligence
  12. 12. Now I have Segments – what can I do with them? • Gather audience sentiment -> Survey • Meassure behaviour -> Test and segment further • Personalize Experience -> Targeting -> Recommendations
  13. 13. Present Non-Intrusive Surveys at Any Interaction Point • Capturing customer feedback at point of action can help improve customer loyalty online • Omniture Survey allows you to initiate surveys: • As visitor enters or leaves site • On entry or exit from combination of pages • Upon entering a tracking URL from print media • Upon clicking a web page linked from an email • Upon clicking a 'take this survey' link • After a certain amount of activity or time on site The average ecommerce shopping cart has a 59.8% abandonment rate Marketing Sherpa May 2006
  14. 14. Design Sophisticated and Engaging Surveys • Manage Complex Survey Flows with Advanced Branching Capabilities • Have survey take different paths based on customer responses to better understand… • Use question types and branching options to get robust and accurate responses YES NO 14 May 22, 2009
  15. 15. Why are Segments so Important for Testing? Multiply the Value { Non-Seg. Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D Total Return Total With Targeting
  16. 16. A/B Test Example A B 5% CTR (control) 8% CTR 60% uplift in CTR
  17. 17. Testing is Not Just About Landing Pages Optimise from the …through first impression… the conversion… …And after… 100% 20% 10% 7% 4% ??% • Email • Landing page • E-mail confirmation • Display Ad • Product pages • Welcome back • Search Ad • Multi-step purchase path • Cross sell, up sell • Affiliate Ad • Organic
  18. 18. Relevance is key: Female/Male Target Visitor Segments Showing content relevant to gender Segments increased male conversions 7%
  19. 19. Relevance is key: Use what you know Increase Relevance Each Visitor Sees a Relevant Home Page Display Each Category Merchant Can Precisely Target Their Audience Segment Home Page Visibility for More Categories Each Category Merchant Can Further Optimise Layout and Price Points for their Audience Segment 1st Time Visitors Category Affinity Home Category Visit Generic Home Page Page
  20. 20. Targeted Email Marketing • Pre-built Integrations automatically integrate Omniture with over 30 email marketing applications • Single Dashboard provides combined reporting for Omniture analytics and email campaign data • Dynamic Segmentation for Remarketing—Perform precision remarketing to dynamically targeted customer segments based on purchase history or abandoned shopping carts • Custom Segmentation based on other behavioral data, such as lead or web form responses • Accredited Email Marketing Partners
  21. 21. Email Reinforcement Target consistent content to audience segments, across ad types, ad servers, email, and your site.
  22. 22. What makes up a Recommendation? Recommendation Type + Presentation Six recommendation algorithm choices: Where to show the 1. Most viewed recommendation and what it 2. Top Sellers should look like 3. People Who Bought this bought that 4. People who viewed this bought that 5. Site Affinity 6. Omniture SiteSearch Recommendation Plus Marketer Tweaks to control and configure the recommendation Vs.
  23. 23. Summary • Start segmenting Now! • Use an open, flexible and modular plattform to integrate all aspects • Find out what segments work for you • Increase efficiency and ROI by introducing ongoing testing. Stop guessing • Use targeting where you can increase your results
  24. 24. Supplemental Information
  25. 25. Online Marketing Suite
  26. 26. Omniture The Leader in Online Business Optimization • Public Company on NASDAQ: OMTR Company • $280M Revenue in 2007, 80% YOY Growth • Global Reach; 1000 Employees; 15 Countries • Global Market Leader for Web Analytics Leadership • 5200 Customers, 200 Fortune 500; 95% Retention • Industry Consulting, 24/7 ClientCare and Education • Over 2.2 Trillion Transactions Served in 2007 Infrastructure • 9,000 Servers Across Global Data Centers • Over 250 Patents and Patent Applications
  27. 27. Online Business Optimization Evolution from A Channel to Business Strategy Automate certain customer interactions and activities based Leverage these Innovate on real-time data, measurements to business rules and Find and apply new make informed performance insights to optimize decisions about Extend your business based Deliver reporting how to interact Automate on a complete view and dashboards to with customers Bring together of all interactions measure marketing information from the performance Execute Internet and the enterprise for a Measure comprehensive view of customer interactions Measure Optimize
  28. 28. What Marketers Need to Address These Challenges • An open platform to connect to internet and enterprise applications • Scalable analytics across all channels: web, mobile, video, social • Optimize complete customer experience – acquire, target, convert • Rapid business insight across channels for data-driven decisions • Global support , education and industry best practices for deployment • A thriving ecosystem of partners, agencies and developers
  29. 29. Omniture Online Marketing Suite Search CMO DASHBOARDS Kiosks Display Call VISITOR ONLINE CHANNEL CONVERSION Mobile ACQUISITION ANALYTICS ANALYTICS POS Video Teller OPEN, ONLINE BUSINESS ANALYTICS PLATFORM Complete  Open  Modular  Flexible
  30. 30. Customer Success Stories 30 May 22, 2009 © 2008 Omniture Inc, Confidential & Proprietary
  31. 31. Success Story Challenge: Results: • Needed increase understanding of • 300% increase in page views for visitor behavior direct insurance campaign • Old reports were tedious and • 100% increase in email response rate generated little data in two months • Web channel had low visibility to • Cut down report generation time by senior management 80% “We chose Omniture because we saw a lot of potential for making our online channel more powerful.” eBusiness Manager, Sales & Marketing ING Australia 31 May 22, 2009 © 2008 Omniture Inc, Confidential & Proprietary
  32. 32. Success Story Challenge: Results: • Weak understanding of customers' • 100% increase in email marketing interests campaign conversion • Couldn't measure performance of • 40% increase in clickthroughs and email campaigns 10% increase in sales conversions for • Needed to better understand visitor onsite campaigns behavior • 10% increase in sales conversion following redesign of product pages “No business decisions are made at La Redoute without first consulting the data delivered by Omniture.” VP eCommerce La Redoute 32 May 22, 2009 © 2008 Omniture Inc, Confidential & Proprietary
  33. 33. Success Story Challenge: Results: • Wanted to increase visitor bookings • Global online direct revenue grew by • Little insight into Web data 50% over a one year period • Wanted to tailor campaigns to specific • Natural search traffic increased 84% markets • Daily unique visitors increased 37% and page views increased 44% over a one year period “Omniture provided key insights that enabled us to make business decisions with the confidence that our Web data was solid… SiteCatalyst is an essential ecommerce tool.” Director of Global eCommerce Millennium Hotels 33 May 22, 2009 © 2008 Omniture Inc, Confidential & Proprietary
  34. 34. Success Story Challenge: Results: • Needed increase in effectiveness of • Increased conversion rate by 3% on internal search certain keywords • Couldn't identify top performing • Added product offerings based on keywords popular keyword searches • Previous analytics tool didn't provide • Freed up an additional 40% of retail needed reporting or usability real estate on a popular Web page “SiteCatalyst allows us to really analyze each individual search term and look at the relevancy of results that are yielded from our on-site search.” Vice President, eCommerce Redcats USA 34 May 22, 2009 © 2008 Omniture Inc, Confidential & Proprietary
  35. 35. Success Story Challenge: Results: • Wanted to attract more visitors during • Event attracted 120,000 unique large promotion visitors • Needed to track and analyze rich • Over 55,000 visitors tracked through media new Flash video player • Previous process was cumbersome • 65% increase in response time page and provided questionable results loads “As leaders in lifestyle media, engaging our audience through rich media interactions is a key business strategy. Omniture delivers powerful solutions to help us effectively measure and optimize all of our online offerings.” Director of Online Analytics Scripps Network 35 May 22, 2009 © 2008 Omniture Inc, Confidential & Proprietary
  36. 36. Omniture Online Marketing Suite Search CMO DASHBOARDS Kiosks Display Call VISITOR ONLINE CHANNEL CONVERSION Mobile ACQUISITION ANALYTICS ANALYTICS POS Video Teller OPEN, ONLINE BUSINESS ANALYTICS PLATFORM Complete  Open  Modular  Flexible
  37. 37. World Class Services
  38. 38. World Class Client Services Maximize The Value of Omniture Products • 24x7 Support - Phone, Email, Chat, Knowledge Base • Account Managers provide personalized, premium service • Global support model available in multiple languages • Deep subject matter expertise and implementation skills • Configure products to meet key business requirements • Industry based application implementation methodology • 250 Worldwide Training and Certification Centers • More than 50 Hours of OnDemand Training • Product and Partner Certification program
  39. 39. Implementation Model 1 2 3 4 5 Implementation Post-Implementation Define Design Deploy Adopt Optimize Business Solution design Site tagging & End user training Analysis-driven objectives & deployment & adoption business optimization Omniture solutions validation 39 22 May 2009 © 2009 Omniture Inc, Confidential & Proprietary
  40. 40. THANK YOU