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Infographic: The State Of The Digital Union


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Digital advertising has taken off along with customer expectations.

Published in: Marketing
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Infographic: The State Of The Digital Union

  1. 1. Say they’re better at reaching customers with relevant content than two years ago. DATA, DIVIDES, AND DECISIONS. Digital advertising has taken off. Along with consumer expectations. Here’s what we found, and how you can use the data to create unified campaigns. 2017 ADOBE DIGITAL INSIGHTS Not just big data. Huge data. In the past decade, our digital lives have changed dramatically. So have digital advertising costs—which have been climbing ever since. A decade of change. And rising ad costs. They use different screens for different things. Consumers are choosing how to tune in. But quickly tuning out. The big debate: acquisition vs. retention. Too many platforms. When it comes to the effectiveness of digital advertising, consumers and marketers don’t necessarily agree. Different parties. Different opinions. Despite multiple platforms and opinions, most marketers agree that they need to unify the experience. Striving for unity. By bringing all of your data into an integrated platform, you can build single customer profiles. You can create connected campaigns across all channels. And you can deliver more personalized and meaningful brand experiences. Bridge the gap. Create meaningful experiences. To learn more about taking your digital advertising campaign to the next level, read the full report at Adobe Digital Insights. To compile this report, we drew from billions of visits, impressions, and video starts across multiple solutions. It was, in a word, huge. In the past three years, growing companies saw a 30% increase in new visitors, but getting them to come back isn’t easy. Four out of ten companies still have multiple platforms, technologies and silos. Adobe Digital Insights methodology: Based on analysis of aggregated and anonymous data from surveys, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Media Optimizer, Adobe Primetime, TubeMogul, and Behance. Includes direct and branded marketing, media planning, buying, and ROI measurement. Adobe and the Adobe logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2017 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved. But their attention span just keeps shrinking. 741BILLION WEBSITE VISITS 450BILLION AD IMPRESSIONS 11BILLION VIDEO STARTS 11% MOBILE SEARCH CPC 12% MOBILE DISPLAY CPM 13% VIDEO ADVERTISEMENTS Most digital advertising channels have seen double-digit cost increases. 2014 - 2016 have 3 or more 44% have 3 or more 38% have 3 or more 37% ANALYTICS PLATFORMS OF MARKETERS OF CUSTOMERS ATTRIBUTION PLATFORMS DATA MANAGEMENT PLATFORMS 1 IN 5 people move on from a video ad after just 5 seconds. drop in time spent on websites year over year. 22SECONDS increase in website visits on smartphones since 2014. 69% SMARTPHONE higher video viewing on desktops than smartphones. 42% DESKTOP higher TV Everywhere viewing on TV connected devices since 2015. 327% BIG SCREEN 58% Say it’s not done well enough today. 23% of customers agree.38% prefer personalized ads. 47% of customers believe it's important to break down silos. Job postings that blend technology and creativity saw 54% more visits than two years ago. OF MARKETERS 78% And technology is making it easier. NEW VISITORS of first-time visitors don’t come back. 73% 30% 54%