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Preview of Adobe Publish


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This slideshow provides an introduction to Adobe Publish, a platform that builds on the foundation of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and represents the next generation of mobile app publishing.

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Preview of Adobe Publish

  1. 1. Adobe & Digital Publishing Mitch Green
 Director of Product Management @AdobeDigitalPub
  2. 2. April 3, 2010: 
 Introducing the iPad …
  3. 3. The “original” DPS Leverage Print to Go Digital Enable customers to leverage print staff to produce "print analogous" digital products Transition readers from print to digital while maintaining print margins
  4. 4. The majority of the top grossing 
 Newsstand Apps
 are on DPS
  5. 5. At first, this was compelling: InDesign + Interactivity + Glass
  6. 6. Need to increase conversion of new readers into paying customers. Need to engage readers more often and have them spend more time in the app. Need to reduce the costs of authoring content for multiple devices. Need to improve discoverability of relevant content through Social and Search. Need to deliver multi-function mission-critical applications. Need to use tools other than InDesign to create content for digital devices. Need more flexible commerce options such as all-access subscriptions and special issues. Need more efficient production tools. We all learned “just going digital” isn’t enough!
  7. 7. MagazineFeedsDaily Digest The Fast Company App
  8. 8. Fast Company App Engagement % of Daily Users Who View Each Section 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% 24-Feb 26-Feb 28-Feb 2-Mar 4-Mar 6-Mar 8-Mar 10-Mar 12-Mar 14-Mar 16-Mar Issue Feed Digest
  9. 9. Fast Company App Engagement Share of sections that lead to article views 0% 18% 35% 53% 70% 24-Feb 26-Feb 28-Feb 2-Mar 4-Mar 6-Mar 8-Mar 10-Mar 12-Mar 14-Mar 16-Mar Issue Feed Digest
  10. 10. Fast Company Feedback 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% Content Frequency Visual Design Usabilty Prefer DPS App Prefer Prototype App Users want 
 content on mobile not animated print on mobile Fast Company Prototype vs. DPS Print Replica
  11. 11. Fast Company Feedback Likelihood to recommend is an important indicator of 
 growing an audience Neutral/ Don’t Know Unlikely Very Unlikely Very Likely or Likely Recommendation Likelihood
  12. 12. Fast Company Feedback This is 
 more about phones
 than tablets Device Type iPad iPad Mini iPhone 5 
 or older Both iPhone 6
  13. 13. A week of positivity: from Apple and from the market
  14. 14. From Fast Company App Users “I like how the content appears instantly, nobody likes to wait! The page is clean and modern too.” “Best mobile magazine experience I've had. Clean, simple and very well thought out. Quickly became one of my favorite apps” “I never knew that this is how I want to read a "magazine". I love that it pulls together the streams of content into one well designed package. This is the future of periodicals.” “Wish all my favorite editorials did this. Beautiful experience from top to bottom.” “I read everything: books, newspapers, magazines, websites. Everything. I've just started digging into this app and it's one of the best I've seen in a long time. I can't wait to see it progress even further. Thank you.”
  15. 15. From Fast Company App Users Man I love this App…! I wish all physical magazine publishers could do what Fast Company has done. It’s not better than the physical magazine, it’s just different. It’s what content providers should strive to do. Deliver content in a manner that makes us want to use it all the time. I downloaded it on my phone and tablet, both are great experiences and it’s NOT a PDF upload of the physical magazine. Fast Company if you’re reading this, sell this format to others who just don’t get it.
  16. 16. Available Summer 2015
  17. 17. Basic Tenets… A modern app experience Continuous publishing Enterprise-grade management
  18. 18. Today’s “Digital Publishing” = “Print Replica” November 2014 Issue (.folio) October 2014 Issue (.folio)
  19. 19. Adobe Publish: The Content-first Experience November 2014 Collection December 2014 Collection Best of 2014 Collection Photography Collection
  20. 20. A Content-first Reading Experience
  21. 21. A Content-first Reading Experience Latest Issue
  22. 22. A Content-first Reading Experience Collection of Articles
  23. 23. A Content-first Reading Experience Article
  24. 24. A Content-first Reading Experience Ad or 
 other image
  25. 25. A Content-first Reading Experience Video
  26. 26. Menu Collection: Extending the app through content App Menu Menu Collection
  27. 27. Social: Sharing … ▪ Sharing options are based on reader-installed apps ▪ Apps make themselves available to share content
 ▪ Sharing options could include Native Sharing Frameworks = Sharing Options for Readers … and more Android Share Action Provider Windows 8 Share Charm iOS Share Extensions (iOS 8)
  28. 28. Social: Receiving … Goals ▪ Provide reader value ▪ Provide a positive brand representation ▪ Expose the value of the mobile app ▪ Make available on all platforms & devices ▪ Engage readers to install the app Social Share Page ▪ Automatically generated for each article from article assets & metadata ▪ HTML for display in desktop & mobile browsers ▪ No custom viewer required Share Page Elements ▪ Publication title, brand ▪ Article image, title ▪ Article text ▪ Other collection, article images and titles ▪ Deep linking to app ▪ App install call to action
  29. 29. In the beginning, there was just iPad … Now there are many devices!
  30. 30. Unlocking the Potential of Your Existing Assets Pixel-perfect, paginated, content with letterboxing if necessary Re-flowable, smooth scrolling, content without letterboxing
  31. 31. Expanded Authoring Options Designer Tools & Apps Automated Systems Fixed Layout Content Responsive Layout Content
  32. 32. Content Management ▪ Folio Producer replaced by 
 Content Dashboard ▪ All Content Management Services ▪ upload articles ▪ create and manage collections ▪ edit article & collection metadata ▪ publish, update and unpublish articles & collections
  33. 33. Enterprise Integration CONTENT 
 SERVICES CONTENT APIs Adobe Experience Manager 3RD PARTY CMS Custom/Proprietary Workflow or CMS
  34. 34. Enterprise-level Account Management Company
 ContractContract Project BProject A Project C Project EProject DProjects Publication Admins Europe
 Master US Master Asia MasterMaster Account Master Admins
  35. 35. Real Roles and Permissions For Your Organization Create custom roles to match your organization and assign roles to 
 real people
  36. 36. Real Roles and Permissions For Your Organization Grant permissions 
 to each role
  37. 37. Analytics That Measure Your Business ▪ App launches ▪ Unique readers ▪ Browse page views ▪ Article views ▪ Time spent ▪ Sharing activity ▪ Notifications ▪ Cohort analysis ▪ Pathing ▪ Campaign tracking ▪ First launches Initial 
 Engagement Subsequent Engagement Ad 
 Metrics Business
 Metrics ▪ Ad impressions via browse page ▪ Ad article views ▪ MPA metrics per “issue” ▪ Readers, sessions, time spent, sessions per reader ▪ Conversion metrics (% of readers who buy in same interval during which they install) ▪ Conversion funnel (tracking free readers -> paywall -> purchase of issue or subscription)
  38. 38. Purchase & Entitlement Options for Your Readers Print Single-Issue Purchases Standard Subscriptions 
 Readers own the content even after subscription expiration Single-Issue Purchases Standard Subscriptions 
 But purchases are now for Collections All-Access Subscriptions 
 Readers have access to the content as long as their subscription is valid Adobe Publish
  39. 39. Migrating to Adobe Publish Migrate one project or many on the schedule you choose. Your Choice Replace your existing application for a smooth reader transition. In-place App Updates Previous purchases are valid for converted content. All Entitlements Migrate Full rendering parity. Migrate your content as often as you like. All Content