To Cloud, or Not to Cloud?


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It’s hard to separate the facts from the hype when it comes to cloud computing. The reality is that many organizations can benefit from moving to the cloud, but others may find that keeping their infrastructure, applications or data on-site makes more sense. Our panel will talk about some of the factors involved in the decision, how to mitigate your risk, and how to know when moving to the cloud is the right thing for your company.

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To Cloud, or Not to Cloud?

  1. 1. To Cloud, or not To Cloud? June 21, 2012Infrastructure • Learning • Strategy • Development • Business Applications
  2. 2. Agenda• Purpose of the session• Recap of information from today• What are the things you need to think about?
  3. 3. Cloud Summary• Cloud is here to stay• Can help to reduce costs & complexity• No silver bullet• Lots of confusion in the marketplace
  4. 4. Cloud Summary Gartner “Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies”
  5. 5. Considering the cloud?• Things to consider – Connectivity – Complexity – Costs – Core to the business – Culture
  6. 6. Considering the cloud?• Connectivity – First aspect that needs to be reviewed – Today’s bandwidth may not be enough – Can your bandwidth grow with you? – Redundancy concerns
  7. 7. Considering the cloud?• Complexity – How “cloudable” are your applications? – SaaS applications – What if there is no SaaS?
  8. 8. Considering the cloud?• Costs – Cloud is not always cheaper – Cost factors to consider • Total costs for maintaining (either) • Bandwidth upgrades? – Need to understand your ROI
  9. 9. Considering the cloud?• Core to the Business – How relevant is the function to your business – If not core, then why are you doing it? – If core, what is your tolerance for downtime?
  10. 10. Considering the cloud?• Culture – Are you a control freak? – Security – is the cloud more or less secure? – Can you organization deal with the change?
  11. 11. Still confused?• So where do we go from here? – Cloud forces clarity on what you do – Need to know what is core and what isn’t – Are your apps cloudable?• We can help – Review of your systems – Lead you down a path – incremental change
  12. 12. Q&A
  13. 13. THANK YOU!