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Software Defined Datacenter: The Cloud with a Plan


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Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) isn’t just a pipedream. Three major trends mean that first time in history the SDDC is
1. Ubiquitous compute. Computing power has never been so cheap, it is no longer the constraint. The result is that we can
use computers for so many more things than we ever thought possible, not just new workloads, like analyzing advanced
telemetry data to better train drivers, but also for the datacenter’s own services.
2. VM as the dominant model. Virtualization is no longer a niche technology only reserved for a few Test/Development
workloads. In today’s world a workload is more likely to be provisioned as a (VMware) VM as onto any other system.
3. After ten years of deploying specialized hardware for every new service (Firewall, backup, load balancer, dedupe,
WAN acceleration etc.) today software-defined versions of each of these services are available, often the equal of their
hardware counterparts but infinitely agile and scalable.
In this presentation, we will outline the production – operational nature, road to implementation and value of SDDC.

Presented by Andy Powell, Partner Business Manager, VMWare:
Andy Powell specializes in strategic analysis, desktop virtualization, and group presentations. He has over 15 years of experience and has built his expertise in:

Cloud computing
Sales enablement
Managed services
Partner management
Channel sales
Group presentations
Desktop virtualization
Strategic analysis
Sales presentations

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Software Defined Datacenter: The Cloud with a Plan

  1. 1. 11Software-Defined Data CenterAndy PowellVMwarepowella@vmware.comDeliver Flexibility, Efficiency, and Simplicity2Forget “Cloud” for a sec…What Does IT Really Need??Cloud Computing is an that leverages the efficient poolingof on-demand, self-managed virtual infrastructure, consumed as a service.PoolingFrom machines to highlyelastic resource pools, with on-demand capacityZero-Touch InfrastructurePolicy-driven automation ofprovisioning, deployment andmanagementSelf-ServiceEasy access with policy-based provisioning anddeploymentControlApplication-awareinfrastructure with built-inavailability, scalability, securityand performance guaranteesOpen & InteroperableApplication mobility betweenclouds, based on openstandardsLeverage ExistingInvestmentsBenefits of cloud computing toexisting applications anddatacentersEfficiency thru Utilizationand AutomationAgility with Control Freedom of Choice
  2. 2. 23Waves of Change in ITMainframe Mini-computerPC/MicroprocessorNetworked/DistributedComputingVirtual/CloudComputing4Business Transformation Through IT TransformationCIOs are on a quest to make infrastructure just work§  Efficient•  Average Cost / VM$300 à $100§  Automated and easyto manage•  VM to Admin Ratio:300:1 à 10,000:1§  Always available•  Failure recovery time:5 min à 1 min§  Agile•  Provisioning a VMWeeks à MinutesCIOs want to dedicatetheir productive energy,time, and budget, tosegments of IT thatwill fundamentallydifferentiate them, andmake them betterbusinesses
  3. 3. 35Traditional Technology Silos Are InefficientWindows Linux DatabasesMission-CriticalHPC Big Data6More Virtualization, Greater Success2Cost per VM hour(2GB instance)20¢18¢16¢14¢12¢10¢8¢6¢4¢2¢0¢30% 35% 40% 45% 50% 55% 60% 65% 70% 75% 80%Standardizationand pooling1UtilizationAutomation
  4. 4. 47Storage/Availability Servers Networking Security Management/MonitoringSoftware-DefinedDatacenter ServicesVDC2008 2012 FutureWeeksDays/HoursMinutes/Seconds8MGMTNetwork/SecurityStorage/AvailabilityComputeWindows Linux DatabasesMissionCriticalHPC Big DataAbstract Pool Automate
  5. 5. 59Software-DefinedDatacenterAll infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as aservice, and the control of this datacenter isentirely automated by software.Standardized. Holistic. Adaptive. Automated. Resilient.10VDCCLOUDFOUNDATION&FRAMEWORKSERVICE DELIVERY &APP DEPLOYMENTONGOINGOPERATIONSA Holistic Approach to Cloud
  6. 6. 611Delivering the Cloud’s FrameworkVMware vSphereVMware vCenter ServerResource Pools Datastores Port GroupsProvider Virtual Datacenters (PvDC’s)“Gold” “Silver” “Bronze”Organization: CampusA Organization: CampusBVDCs CatalogsVDCs CatalogsUsers &PoliciesUsers &PoliciesVMware vSphereVMware vCenter ServerResource Pools Datastores Port GroupsProvider Virtual Datacenters (PvDC’s)“Gold” “Silver”Organization: Campus A Organization: CampusBVDCs CatalogsVDCs CatalogsUsers &PoliciesUsers &PoliciesCampus “B” SDDCCampus “A” SDDCPublicCloudSee, Use & Copy VMs/templates across clouds12What is Network Virtualization?Physical Compute & Memory(Dell, HP, IBM, Quanta,…)Server HypervisorRequirement: x86VirtualMachineVirtualMachineVirtualMachineApplication Application Applicationx86 EnvironmentPhysical Network(Arista, Cisco, HP, Juniper, Cumulus,…)Network Virtualization PlatformRequirement: IP TransportVirtualNetworkVirtualNetworkVirtualNetworkWorkload Workload WorkloadL2, L3, L4-7 Network ServicesDecoupled
  7. 7. 713Network & Security Haven’t Kept Pace with Datacenter EvolutionLoad Balancer Firewall§  Under utilization of compute§  Dedicated appliancesCostly§  Manual provisioning§  Fragmented managementComplex§  Networks don’t scale with dynamicworkloads§  Lag time to provision network andsecurity services§  Not extensibleInflexible14Network Virtualization must…1. DecouplePhysicalVirtual2. Reproduce 3. AutomateNetworkOperationsCloudOperationsHardwareindependenceOperational benefitsof virtualizationNo change to networkfrom end host perspectiveVirtualPhysical
  8. 8. 815Compute Virtualization Abstraction LayerThe Network is a Barrier to Software Defined Data CenterPhysicalInfrastructure•  Provisioning is slow•  Placement is limited•  Mobility is limited•  Hardware dependent•  Operationally intensiveCampus “A” SDDC16VXLAN – Virtualize the NetworkPhysicalInfrastructureCompute Virtualization Abstraction Layer•  Programmatic provisioning•  Place any workload anywhere•  Move any workload anywhere•  Decoupled from hardware•  Operationally efficientNetwork Virtualization Abstraction LayerCampus “A” SDDC•  Provisioning is slow•  Placement is limited•  Mobility is limited•  Hardware dependent•  Operationally intensive
  9. 9. 9173rdpartyservicesvCloud Networking and Security – ComponentsVMware Networking & SecurityvSphereEdge gateway: Secure theedge of the virtual datacenterand provide gateway servicesApp: Isolate and protectapplications and VirtualMachinesVXLAN: Foundation forelastic portable virtualdatacentersData Security: Protectagainst data leaksvCloud EcosystemFramework: Integrate 3rdparty servicesvShield Manager: Seamlessintegration with datacentermanagement via pluginIntegrated Management with vCenter/vCDVDC 1 VDC 218VDCCLOUDFOUNDATION&FRAMEWORKSERVICE DELIVERY &APP DEPLOYMENTONGOINGOPERATIONSA Holistic Approach to Cloud
  10. 10. 1019Cloud Service Provisioning CapabilitiesModel and automatedeployment of applicationsto any registered cloudusing blueprints andstandardized applicationcomponents and settingsApplication ProvisioningDeliver a virtual desktopcloud by automating andorchestrating the rapidcreation of desktops thatmeet exact specifications ofboth the business andindividual usersDesktopProvisioningProvision infra and appservices on VMware privateand public clouds, otherhypervisors, physical andAmazon EC2 based onbusiness and IT policiesHybrid, HeterogeneousIaaS ProvisioningHardwarevCloudServiceProvidersHyper-visorsOtherServiceProviders20Cloud Automation Overview20Self Service Experience•  Intuitive, consumerized andcustomizable Cloud portalDynamic Cloud Interface•  Dynamically generated RESTful APIprovides complete programmatic accessand controlCloud Service Costing•  Cost allocation and charge/show-backacross infrastructure, storage, businessunit, more…Intelligent Resource Management•  Discovers and manages existingenvironment and provides resourceefficiency across entire resourcelifecycleUser/Organizational Awareness•  Provides specific and uniquebusiness context for each user’srequestAutomation•  Built-in automation provisions virtual, physical and cloud•  Coordinates multiple vendor’stechnologies enabling best of breedsolution leveraging existing toolsMulti-vendor OrchestrationDESIGN CENTERAdmin level ability tographically adaptprocess toenvironmentCLOUDDEVELOPMENTKIT(OPTIONAL)Developer tools toextend platform to newuse casesEXTENSIBILITY
  11. 11. 1121Cloud Automation Center Policy ManagementBusinessGroupsBACUSERS  ACBAAuthen,ca,on  &    Role-­‐Based  Authoriza,on  AuthorizedUsersResourceReservationsCost  Profile  ATier  1  Public  Physical  Virtual  Shared InfrastructureServiceBlueprintsARequisi,on  Cost  Profile  Provision  Manage  Re,re  Public  Physical  Virtual  CBBABACBA22Native OTB Integrations with vCloud DirectorvCloud DirectorOrganization: Dev/Test Organization: ManufacturingOrganization VDCs CatalogsOrganization VDCs Catalogs(Gold)(Bronze)Provider Virtual Datacenters(Silver)Users & Policies Users & PoliciesvCloud Automation CenterProvisioning Group: Dev/Test Provisioning Group: ProductionUserPoliciesTier  1  ResourceReservationsServiceBlueprintsServiceBlueprintsTier  1  ResourceReservationsUserPolicies
  12. 12. 1223VDCCLOUDFOUNDATION&FRAMEWORKSERVICE DELIVERY &APP DEPLOYMENTA Holistic Approach to CloudONGOINGOPERATIONS24VMware’s Approach to Cloud Operations ManagementvSpherevCenter ServerServer, Storage,Network MonitoringOS, DB, AppMonitoringvCenter Operations Management SuitePatented AnalyticsSelf-LearningDynamic ThresholdsSmart Alerts1Integrated ApproachPerformance DataCapacity ConsumptionConfiguration Changes2Designed for CloudHealth ModelOpen and extensibleEvolutionary Approach3
  13. 13. 1325Ensure Service Health with Automated OperationsOverviewBenefitsAutomate and simplify cloud operationsthrough integrated performance, capacity& configuration management:§ Smart alerting of performance and capacityissues§ In-guest change events correlated withperformance and health§ Continuous compliance analysis andremediation for vSphere Hosts§ Cost-based capacity optimization§ Avoid performance issues proactively§ Quickly understand and remediateconfiguration-related performance issues§ Optimize infrastructure utilization to reducewaste§ Ensure regulatory and policy compliance26Visibility & Management Across Multiple CloudsVMsrunning inAWS Overallhealth statusfor all cloudsA vCloudDirectorprivatecloudA vCloudDirector-based publiccloudOverall health statusfor applicationsrunning in all cloudsClick to get guestdetailsDrill down for rootcause analysis andsolutionGain Cross-Cloud VisibilityDrill Down to Identify Performance Issues•  Visibility into and managementof a heterogeneous, hybridsoftware defined datacenter•  Drill down for root causeanalysis of performanceissues•  Capacity monitoring/planningand waste reclamation
  14. 14. 1427Infrastructure MappingApp Tier App TierData TierIdentify Latency Sensitive VMs w/ network dependencies and usage§  Goal: Find groups of network dependent VMs§  Feature: App Dependencies, VM Network Usage (vC OPs)•  VMware Infrastructure Navigator (VIN) gives you VM level appdependencies•  vC OPs shows network usage per VM28Cross-Cloud Configuration and Compliance GovernanceCorrelate changeswith health scoresDrill down andremediate inConfiguration Manager•  Compliance - governance,automation and enforcementacross clouds•  For each cloud: create separatemachine groups, configurecompliance templates, collectdata for every machine andremediate compliance breaches•  One click remediation ofconfiguration changes thatadversely affect performanceGovern, Automate and Enforce Compliance in the CloudCorrelate Config Changes to Performance and RemediateConfigure separatecompliance templatefor each cloudTrack Complianceresults for each cloudNote: Certain Features such as the Compliance Badge, Intelligent Groups and Policies will be available in Q4 2012Monitor ComplianceRight click toremediate
  15. 15. 1529Manage & Measure Compliance  Deep Collection and Visibility•  Virtual and Physical Machines•  Desktops and Servers•  Spans a large array or OSs  Built in compliance tool kits•  Regulatory•  SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, DISA, ISO 27002•  Industry•  PCI DSS•  NERC/FERC•  vSphere Hardening•  VMware Best Practices•  CIS BenchmarkVirtualization Hardening GuidelinesFISMAHIPAANERC/FERCISO 27002CIS Benchmarks  Automated & Continuous Enterprise Compliance PostureSecurityCIS Certified BenchmarksDISA NISTSecurity Hardening GuidesVendor Specific Hardening GuidelinesDashboards provide At-a-Glance healthPCI DSSGLBASOXNISTDISAPCICISVMware30Achieve cost transparency with Chargeback reports•  Key Benefits•  Provide the business with clear andtransparent costs•  Create accountability for their IT usage –VMs are not free•  Capabilities•  Build interactive reports at any level of theorganization•  Customize reports with headers/footers,icons, etc to fit company design style•  Schedule PDF reports to be emailed•  Archive reports for future review•  Improvements in v2.0•  Improved exportability to CSV•  Rich Showback reports
  16. 16. 1631VDCCLOUDFOUNDATION&FRAMEWORKSERVICE DELIVERY &APP DEPLOYMENTA Holistic Approach to CloudONGOINGOPERATIONSPutting It All Together32Multi-PlatformUser Portal Governance App DeliveryA Holistic Approach to CloudVMware vSphereVMware vCenter ServerResource Pools Datastores Port GroupsProvider Virtual Datacenters (PvDC’s)“Gold” “Silver” “Bronze”Organization: CampusA Organization: CampusBVDCs CatalogsVDCs CatalogsUsers &PoliciesUsers &PoliciesVMware vSphereVMware vCenter ServerResource Pools Datastores Port GroupsProvider Virtual Datacenters (PvDC’s)“Gold” “Silver”Organization: Campus A Organization: CampusBVDCs CatalogsVDCs CatalogsUsers &PoliciesUsers &PoliciesCampus “B” SDDCCampus “A” SDDC
  17. 17. 1733