LinkedIn: How to Build Professional Relationships


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With over 100 million professional members, LinkedIn makes it easy to stay on top of what is happening with the people in your networks, and is a great way to make new conections. Dianna Graves of ADNET Technologies shows you how to build your professional relationships using the social media website, LinkedIn. These slides demonstrate relationship building tactics, building and managing your professional brand and leveraging LinkedIn as a networking tool via groups, discussions and in-person meetings. Learn how to build and expand your professional network and your brand image by using LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn: How to Build Professional Relationships

  1. 1. • Infrastructure Services – Infrastructure design – Managed Services – Virtualization – Unified communications – Backup & DisasterLinkedIn: How to Build – Recovery Security & Risk ManagementProfessional Relationships – IT Management/Strategy • Learning ServicesDianna Graves – Learning path development and ADNET is proud to offer: strategy – Technical training – Desktop applications – Professional development – Recordings – Goal-oriented learning – Certification preparation and testing ADNETTechnologiesInc ADNETTech ADNETTechnologiesInc – Instructor led, Distance delivery, and
  2. 2. Agenda LinkedIn Overview/Set up Re-connect, Power your career, Get Answers  Connections  Brand your profile  Groups  Follow Companies Questions Review
  3. 3. Overview Founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003 “Social media isn’t a Over 100 million users across 200 countries fad, it’s a fundamental 21.4 million U.S. and 47.6 shift in the way we million globally visit the site each month communicate.” Over 50 million professionals use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and opportunities
  4. 4. Connect Import  Windows Live, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! and AOL.  College or workplace colleagues Be open and available  Utilize the messaging system  Build relationships Leave your email address  A professional email address should always be used
  5. 5. Connect Promote your URL  Twitter  Blogs  Personal Websites Update your status  Company events  Business adventures
  6. 6. “We are CEOs of ourown companies: MeInc. To be in businesstoday, our mostimportant job is to behead marketer for thebrand called YOU.”-Tom Peters, Author InSearch of Excellence
  7. 7. Brand your Profile Custom URL Headline Summary Experience Keywords Applications Websites Recommendations
  8. 8. Groups
  9. 9. Companies
  10. 10. Position yourself as a leader Start a group  Groups are extremely powerful assets for your brand. Instead of starting a group based around your company, if you have one, do it around the topic you want to “own.” Start an event  LinkedIn events are strictly for professional interests or for conferences. By starting your own networking event, you can easily promote it to your current LinkedIn audience, as well as your second and third degree contacts. It’s a great way to become a known connector and leader in your niche. Ask and answer questions  Perceived as a valuable contributor to your network and someone to go to if people need help.
  11. 11. ReviewRe-connect, Power your career, Get Answers