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Ultimate Guide to SHarePoint 2010 for the Mobile Worker


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Mark Thompson of ADNET Technologies showed how he and other mobile workers use
and access SharePoint while on the go. Mark demonstrated how to access content without
having to access your corporate network or having
Microsoft Office on your PC. Learn how to take
your content and libraries with you and how to
access SharePoint using today’s popular devices
such as the iPhone, iPad and Android.

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Ultimate Guide to SHarePoint 2010 for the Mobile Worker

  1. 1. • Infrastructure ServicesWorkSmart 2011 – Infrastructure design – Managed Services – Mark’s Ultimate Guide to Virtualization – Unified communications – SharePoint 2010 for the Backup & Disaster Recovery – Security & Risk Management Mobile Worker – IT Management/Strategy • Learning Services Mark Thompson – Learning path development and ADNET is proud to offer: Consultant & Sr. Tech Instructor – strategy Technical training – Desktop applications – Professional development – Recordings – Goal-oriented learning – Certification preparation and testing ADNETTechnologiesInc ADNETTechnologiesInc ADNETTech ADNETTech ADNETTechnologiesInc ADNETTechnologiesInc – Instructor led, Distance delivery, and
  2. 2. AGENDA Quick Overview – SharePoint 2010 SharePoint with mobile, What works and what doesn’t Office Web Apps SharePoint workspace Common mobile devices  Phones  Laptops  Tablets Demonstration
  3. 3. SharePoint 2010 Why use SharePoint?  IT professionals: centralize services like Search, My Sites, and Taxonomy.  Developers: SharePoint 2010 helps you build custom applications and components to rapidly respond to business needs.  End users: SharePoint 2010 helps you share ideas and expertise and find the right business information to make better decisions.
  4. 4. What are people using? Common Mobile Devices Phones Laptops Tablets
  5. 5. SharePoint with Mobile What Works and What Doesn’t Opens Access to SharePoint Sites with Broad Mobile Browser Support SharePoint Alerts using SMS (Check out Technet for details, its not intuitive) Mobile Shortcut Commands People Search and Picture Libraries Calendar Mobile View Micro blogging & Status Updates Appending and Mobile Adapter Codes  Developers use this technique to add mobile versions of web parts to pages
  6. 6. What if you don’t have a mouse?Shortcuts for the default ‘team site’ home page : / – Site Actions Menu S – Search this site – can just start typing in the Search box W – Security (login) dropdown W – Shared Documents – can tab between these items – ie. ALT+W twice X – Skip to main content (hidden link) Y – Skip Ribbon Commands 1 – Home (hyperlink) 6 – Help – the little blue question mark in top right of screen 3 – View All Site Content Use ALT+X (for example) to select the specific item – and then ENTER to do the ‘click’.
  7. 7. Office Web Apps Microsoft Office Web Apps is the online companion to Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote applications that enables users regardless of their location to access documents and edit documents.
  8. 8. Office Web Apps Office web apps is tightly integrated with SharePoint 2010 products. When you install office web apps, the office web apps services are added to the list of SharePoint services and the office web apps feature is added to the available SharePoint features. Office Web Apps services include:  Word viewing service  PowerPoint service  Excel calculation services The Office web apps feature and services integrate with SharePoints robust enterprise content management capabilities to provide users the ability to access and work on your organizations documents from anywhere using a web browser.
  9. 9. SharePoint Workspace New name for Microsoft Office Groove 2007 Client application that provides fast, any-time interactive access to document libraries and lists on SharePoint Server and Foundation Peer Workspaces and Shared Folder Workspaces Integration with SharePoint Server 2010 or independently
  10. 10. SharePoint Workspace Real-time synchronization of desktop content Shared workspaces Easy set-up Offline and online collaboration Immediate access to latest document version Bandwidth usage optimization  Send update packets instead of whole files Integration with windows logon Lync integration and built-in workspace messaging  contact presence detection Searchable content
  11. 11. WorkSmart 2011 Demonstration May the Demo Gods be with you. ADNETTechnologiesInc ADNETTech ADNETTechnologiesInc
  12. 12. My Recommendations Laptops  MAC or PC use IE 8 ,Safari and Firefox browsers  SharePoint Workspace 2010 is now a good offline tool. Take it with you.  Run Office WebApps to support multiple doc & office versions  Chrome not fully supported so use Firefox if you do not want IE or Safari Tablets  Lets not forget Citrix  Office WebApps for viewing files  3rd Party tools: SharePlus, Moshare, IShare, SPElements, Quick Browser Phones  Design sites for mobile viewing. Create custom views.  Windows Phone 7 already has what you need. (SharePoint Workspace)  Mobile browsers are cumbersome. Use 3rd party tools for consumption Outlook*  Sync Document Libraries to Outlook 2007 & 2010
  13. 13. Thank You for your attentionYou can reach me at: Facebook: Twitter: @mctsmark Blog and Podcast: