Water and sanitation


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Water and sanitation

  1. 1. Water And SanitationHACKATHON
  2. 2. In every Sanitation problem there was something common.
  3. 3. It was reaching the effected areas for solving the problem
  4. 4. Who is having what??People with smart phonesPeople without phonesPeople with ordinary GSM phones
  5. 5. Complaint area coverageWith the implementation of only the smart phones only 7% of the complaints will be addressedWhat about the rest of them????
  6. 6. A Big ProblemThe question addressed is not a simple one because one cannot get a GEO location from ansmsHow can it be done???
  7. 7. TriangulationThe concept of triangulation is already being used to locate things.The cell phone number can also be triangulated via the nearest towersOnly PTA have access to the service currently in PakistanAs it is an application for government usage , so the services of PTA for locating a phonenumber wont be a problem
  8. 8. Addressed ProblemComplaint registering and monitoring through sms and webKnown issues◦ People often have many complaints regarding different situations.◦ The helpline is often busy◦ People have to wait for the call to be received
  9. 9. Solution to the addressed problemTo facilitate the citizens to register their complaints without a waste of timeMobile (sms) or web based complaint registering facilityNo need to wait for the help line to be free.
  10. 10. Application work flowUser can signup into the system for registering new complaintswill be registered on location based and can be tracked on the basis of locationThe complaint frequency can be very high. So to minimize human effort to check thecomplaints manually, text mining will be implemented to categorize the complaints andforwarded to the respective departments
  11. 11. Basic modulesLogin dialogue Signup Dialogue Verification Dialogue
  12. 12. Basic modules(Continued)User complaint registration◦ Web application◦ Android application◦ SMSComplaint authentication◦ Cross checking the complaint from the coordinates provided in the complaint◦ It the coordinates are not available then the Triangulation of the user’s phone number will be used to detect the location◦ Crowd authentication technique will also be used
  13. 13. Basic modules(Continued)Spammer identification◦ A user giving three false complaints will be banned to use the system◦ The user will be tracked on the basis of their CNIC number.◦ No automated system can register any complaint because of the CAPTCHA for complaint postingthe complete summary of the complaints will be available to view of the map displayed on themail panel
  14. 14. Admin Panel
  15. 15. User Panel• Each user will be allowed to view his own posted complaints only and can see the resolution status of the complaint.• If the problem is still unresolved, the user can submit a reminder of the problem• A profile of each user will be maintained for a record and easiness of the user
  16. 16. User complaint Location request Server PTA LocationWorking Model Provided location Keywords and PTA Message location Location Cordinates Location on Staff Head complaint map MAPS Admin API Panel Nearest Staff Nearest Staff Person Person calculation Identified Google Distance Matrix API
  17. 17. Further notes• To make this solution a realtime application , such an app can developed and completed• The correct usage of the system will be determined through the number of correctly registered• The solution of the system is a simple one and there is no such HiFi complexity in it• The implementation of this project is not a costly one• Each WASA employee will be having an android device to which the server will forward the incoming complaint