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Informarion technology (ADNAN RASHEED LARIK)


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Informarion technology (ADNAN RASHEED LARIK)

  1. 1.  Computer is an electronic machine that process data into information. Computer is a digital machine which works at digits (Binary Language i.e. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0). It is electronic automatic machine, first we input data and CPU (Central Processing Unit) processes that data and gives output which is useful for people.Prepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK
  2. 2.  A computer is an electronic device, a flexible machine that can manipulate data. The term computer is used to describe a device made up of a combination of electronic and electromechanical components. By itself, a computer is referred to as hardware. A computer doesn’t come to life until it is connected to other parts of a system. A computer system is a combination of five elements.Prepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK
  3. 3. There are two internal parts of Computer. 1. Software 2. Hardware These are two inner parts of computer, without these our computer cant be operated. These are most important parts of our computer.Prepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK
  4. 4.  An organized sets of instructions for controlling the computer’s hardware is called Software.  The programs of computer are also called Software.  Software is the term used to describe the instruction that tell the hardware how to perform a task. Without software (instructions) the hardware doesn’t know what to do. In other words, without software , hardware is useless.Prepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK
  5. 5.  The types of software that you use determines what you can do with your computer.  System can be divided into two general types: 1. System Software 2. Application Software System Software Software Application SoftwarePrepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK
  6. 6.  Those programs which exists for the computer’s use, to help it, manage its own tasks and devices System is called System Software. Software  A set of instruction that is only used for maintaining and handling Operating Utilities the hardware of computer is called System System Software.  System Software underlies Windows Drivers application software, it startup the computer and function as the Anti viruses principle coordinator of all components and application software programs. Without system etc software loaded into the RAM of your computer, your hardware and application software are useless.Prepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK
  7. 7.  The programs which exists for the use of only user, to get proper output from computer and enable the computer to perform the task which user wants to take is called Application Software.  A set of instructions that are only used for user’s desire is called Application Software.  Application software is a collection of related programs designed to perform a specific task, to have a particular problem for the user. The task or problem may require, for different types of files.  A wide variety of software exists to help you accomplish many tasks on your computer. Note: Application Software is installed over platform.Prepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK
  8. 8.  The physical parts of computer which can be seen and touch is called Hardware.  A computer’s hardware consists electronic devices. The term “device” refers to any piece of hardware used by computer, such as keyboard, mouse, modem, printer, scanner etc.Prepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK
  9. 9.  A computer system like any other system receives input, process the input, delivers the processed inputs as output. It receives data as input and processes it into useful information as output.  Following are the physical parts of computer system. These different parts perform one or more functions including input, output, processing, etc. 1. System Unit (CPU) 2. Monitor 3. Keyboard 4. Mouse 5. Printer 6. Scanner 7. Speakers 8. WebcamPrepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK
  10. 10.  The CPU is also known as System Unit. CPU is the most important component of computer.  CPU processes data and gives result as output.  It houses your computer’s brain disk drives and many other components which makes it “mother ship” of computer.  The purpose of processing device is to retrieve, interpret, and direct the execution of software instruction provided to the computer.Prepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK
  11. 11.  Front Side: The front side of the system unit is where we insert CDs, DVDs and where is on/off, restart button etc.  Back Side: The back side of system unit is where all the peripheral (I/O) devices are connected.Prepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK
  12. 12.  The inside of your computer has many parts that all work together. These parts are generally found within your computer case.  Some of them are given bellow:  Motherboard  Microprocessor  Hard Disk  RAM  CD/DVD Rom  Power supply  Power Cables  Slots etcPrepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK
  13. 13.  Monitor is one of output device. Computer electronically transmits words and pictures to your monitor.  An instrument that records or shows digital information is called Monitor.  A monitor is a computer display and related parts packaged in a physical unit that is separate from other parts of the computer.Prepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK
  14. 14.  There are two types of monitor.1. CRT Monitors2. LCD Monitors CRT Monitor:Many lower priced systems use traditional Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors. LCD Monitor:Newer flat-screen monitors use an Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) display inserted, which takes less desk space.Prepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK
  15. 15.  The keyboard is look and work just like a typewriter, but it has more keys than typewriter.  It is an input device which is used for inserting data, writing or typing.  Standard keyboard has more than 100 keys which is used commonly now a days.Prepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK
  16. 16.  A mouse is an output device which is used for pointer, when you move mouse along a flat area, on screen pointer moves. When you click a mouse button, this motion initiates an action in computer. The functions of Mouse are:1. Pointing2. Clicking3. Double Clicking4. Right Clicking5. DraggingPrepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK
  17. 17.  A printer is an output device which is used for printing documents, letters, applications, certificates etc.  Printer is used for permanent records of work. Dot Matrix Inkjet Types of Printer LaserJet Printer Snapshot PlotterPrepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK
  18. 18.  Basically scanners are used for scan from hard copy into soft copy (Pictorial Format).  Every scanner has a variety of specifications, including resolution, color depth and speed. These specifications will help you determine the best use for the scanner.Prepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK
  19. 19.  Speakers are used to listen sound form electronic device.  A system comprised of drivers and a crossover network that accepts an audio signal from an amplifier and transforms that electrical signal into acoustic sound.  It converts an electrical signal from an amplifier into sound waves.Prepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK
  20. 20.  A webcam is designed for use with a computer, as to transmit images, often, specific live video, images, over a website is called Webcam. A live camera is one that is continually providing new images that are transmitted in rapid succession or, in some cases, in streaming video.Prepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK
  21. 21. Prepared By: ADNAN RASHEED LARIK