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Medical Billing Monitor LLC is one of the leading medical billing companies, based out of Los Angeles, California, started by a team of dedicated experienced experts in the medical billing industry, to provide quality medical billing services to medical practices and medical billing companies in the United States. The experts in our team started in the early 2000’s, and have grown to be one of the global leaders in the Industry.

We provide end-to-end medical billing services that help our clients in reducing the expenses and increasing the reimbursements. Our medical billing services include revenue cycle management, accounts receivable management, medical coding, outsourcing, indexing, medical records, insurance eligibility verification, and physician credentialing and data conversion. Moreover being HIPAA compliant medical billing company, we achieve accuracy, eliminating flaws and we have greater process control as well as efficiency.

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Medical billing monitor.

  1. 1. Consulting + Technology = Optimized Revenue Cycle About Medical Billing Monitor: Medical Billing Monitor has become one of the premier Revenue Cycle Management Services in the industry. We provide accurate and swift medical claims processing that productively transcends into a high collection rate. Our ultimate goal is to not only meet our clients’ expectations, but to exceed them in every way. What makes Medical Billing Monitor a leader in the industry? It starts with our dedication to cutting-edge technology and utilizing the latest developments in the field. We stay in step with all of the new resources, methods and software available that will aid in maximizing reimbursements and cash flow; while simultaneously minimizing denials. But perhaps the most successful element of our business is yet the simplest – WE GENUINELY CARE. We enable you to: •Focus on the quality of patient care •Focus on strategy to acquire new patients •Focus on policies and compliances •Focus on great customer service •Expedite and enhance revenue generation •Enhance productive office hours •Improve claim accuracy •Reduce office expenses
  2. 2. Denial Management Patient Services Coding Services Payment Services Billing Services Our Services: Transcription Services At Medical Billing Monitor, we help you take the leap! Our experienced staff and proven expertise says it all!
  3. 3. Our team provide differentiated services spanning the entire spectrum of the revenue cycle including: Appointment Scheduling Patient Registration/Enrollment Insurance Eligibility Verification Pre-Certification/Pre-Authorization Medical Coding Medical Billing/Charge Capturing Claims Transmission Insurance Follow-up Payment Posting Self Pay Follow-up Denial Management Other Services include: Medical Transcription Provider Credentialing/Verification Data Management WE CARE ABOUT OUR CLIENT Because your patients are important! Our Services:
  4. 4. Medical Billing Monitor: Your Virtual Assistant Appointment Scheduling Patient Services Patient Enrollment Eligibility Verification Pre-Certification / Pre-Authorization Appointment Scheduling •Electronic Scheduling •Time efficiency •Mutual Convenience •Appointment Reminder Patient Enrollment •Timely Claim Submission •5 days Turn around Time •95-98% accuracy ratio •HIPAA Law compliance Eligibility Verification •Improve Customer Relations •Strong Management Skills •Minimize Denials •Improve Collections Pre-Cert/Pre-Auth •Get paid on time •Minimizing risk •Manage better receivables •Collect dues on time Transferring Call to provider/front office facility All these services as low as $10 per hour
  5. 5. Medical Billing Monitor: Your Virtual Assistant At Medical Billing Monitor we have few options for your practice to Make Your Patients Next Appointment Scheduling Stress Free. We help our customers schedule their appointment according to the mutual convenience of Physician & Patient. We assist our customers in migrating to electronic scheduling for effective scheduling. This helps us to manage Physician’s as well as Patient’s time effectively. Patient enrollment is one of the critical path of patient information. We capture patient’s demographic information accurately to submit clean claims to various insurers. It reduces delay in claim submission. We maintain 95-98% accuracy ratio. Rigorous controls in the data capture process helps to ensure 100% accuracy for critical information following HIPAA Law. Weknowthevalueof Physician’stime Patient Enrollment Appointment Scheduling
  6. 6. At Medical Billing Monitor we verify Insurance Eligibility & Coverage on just one click. It helps to get paid better due to reduce denials due to terminated coverage. Assist in improving good customer relations. Provides you strong management skills with healthy environment. By Insurance Eligibility Verification we can minimize denials and improve collections. We coordinate with insurance carriers to get pre-authorization/pre-certification identity details to manage receivables better and collect dues on time from insurance carriers. Receive timely Pre- Auth / Pre-Cert ID details from Insurance carriers, which help to get paid on time and minimizing risk related to patient identification. This helps to manage the receivables better and collect dues on time from insurance carriers. Pre-Cert / Pre-Auth Eligibility Verification M B M: Your Virtual Assistant
  7. 7. Medical Billing Services MEDICAL BILLING SERVICES Medical Coding Billing Services Billing / Charge Capturing Claim Submission Medical Coding: •Experienced Coders •Ensures correct Coding •CPT-4 & ICD-9-CM •Prevention from under or over coding Billing/Charge Capturing: •Accuracy in charge capturing •95% clean claim submission •Reduce claim denials •48 hours Turn Around Time Claim Generation: •Powerful EMR+PM & PMS •72 hours Turn Around Time •Claim filing within time limits •Quality Assurance Claim Submission: •Accuracy in Claim Submission •Paper Claim Submission •Electronic Claim Submission •Minimize Denials Medical Billing Monitor provides higher re-imbursement to your practice Complete Medical Billing Services as low as 7% Claim Generation
  8. 8. At Medical Billing Monitor our Medical Coding team ensures correct Procedure & Diagnosis Codes that are identified from CPT and ICD-9-CM manuals on the principles of “Code as per the documented information. Selection of appropriate codes helps our clients to get paid accurately for services delivered. At Medical Billing Monitor we capture the charges accurately through a team of experienced professionals. We help our customers to submit clean claims. We reduce the lead time of claim submission. We reduce claim denials due to incorrect details. We maintain turn around time of 48 hours for capturing charges. Medical Billing Monitor provides you facility to submit your claims electronically as well as paper claims. We have powerful experience on EMR+PM & PMS based technologies. We generate claims within permissible filling limits. We reduce delays in claim submission. We maintain 72 hours TAT. Medical Billing Services Accuracy in Coding Generating Clean Claims Timely Claim Submission 99% Reimbursement Billing/Charge Capturing Claim Submission/ Claim Generation Medical Coding We provide extra ordinary attention to our Medical Billing Services, so there should not be any denials. By doing this we not only make it possible for timely payments but also help reducing the cost of collection. We reduce denials and save money for our clients. We provide all these services as low as 3.5% of the total collected amount depends on the volume of work.
  9. 9. Payment Services PAYMENT SERVICES Payment Posting Payment Services Payment Review: Payment review periodically •Payment tracking pattern •Checking discrepancies in payments •Payment realization at procedural level Provide extra-ordinary edge for payment services We maintain quality level reporting system Payment Review Payment Posting: •Posting of EOB’s, EFT’s •ERA Transfers, Online Transfers •Timely payment posting to calculate revenue realization •Help to resolve payment-related queries •48-96 hours Turn Around Time
  10. 10. Payment Services At Medical Billing Monitor we post payments received in all forms i.e. EOBs, EFTs, ERAs received from carriers, banks, credit cards and cash payments received by patients. Posting payments timely to calculate revenue realization helps to resolve payment-related queries. We maintain turn around time of 48-96 hours for posting payments in various forms. At Medical Billing we conduct payment reviews periodically. Tracking of payment patterns. Checking of discrepancies, correct DSO values and facilitate payment realization at the procedural level. Such analysis helps our customers introduce corrective measures to improve revenue realization by reducing payment denials. At Medical Billing Monitor, our sole mission is to ensure the success of our client. We’ll partner with you to create customized services designed to meet your specific billing needs. Payment Posting Payment Review
  11. 11. Denial Management Services DENIAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES Denial Analysis & Follow-ups Denial Management Services Insurance Follow-ups Insurance Follow-ups: •Aging Billing reports •Improved revenue realization •Reduce DSOs •Maintain target of 45-50 days Patient Follow-ups: •Timely follow-up •Outstanding payments •Improved revenue realization •Timely recovery of payments Medical Billing Monitor helps you to recover your lost revenue We offer complete D & M Services as low as 20% Patient Follow-up Denial Analysis & Follow-ups: •Thorough analysis of every denied claim. •Make necessary corrections •Improved revenue realization •Introducing preventive measures for future billing •48-96 hours Turn Around Time Insurance Follow-up
  12. 12. At Medical Billing Monitor, we find that to ensure an efficient revenue cycle denial elimination through proper denial management is imperative. In the health care industry payers often find reasons to underpay, deny or delay payments. Not only do we appeal denials but we also track and analyze patterns that lead to this problem so that it can be addressed early on. The procedures and processes that we have in place ensure maximum reimbursement to your practice. Our Code of Conduct •Knowledgeable •Compliant •Trusted •Efficient Denial Management Services Medical Billing Monitor provides your practice a unique facility for re-imbursement of your pending payments. If you’ve pending payments to different carriers due to errors in billing we will recover those payments.
  13. 13. Denial Management Services At Medical Billing Monitor we have a complete solution for denial analysis and for their follow-ups. We conduct thorough analysis of every denied claim, make the necessary corrections, and follow-up to convert it into a clean claim. We help you in improving your revenue realization. We help you to introduce every possible preventive measures for your future billing. We maintain a Turn around time of 48-96 hours for denials. Denial Analysis & Follow-ups We run aging reports to categorize (Oldest to Largest & Highest to Lowest) outstanding claims and follow-up with particular insurance carriers. We help our clients in improving revenue realization. Our team of experienced professionals helps you to reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSOs). We maintain a Turn around time of 45-50 days for DSOs. At Medical Billing Monitor we follow-up with the Patients for outstanding payments. We help in improving your revenue realization. We help in timely recovery of payments. Timely follow-up with patients helps reduce bad-debts and maintain better customer relations. Patient Follow-upInsurance Follow-up
  14. 14. Provider Credentialing: •Reduces administrative burdens. •Collects data from physicians and other providers. •Offers periodic electronic updates and secure service. •Keeps data current. •Eliminates data entry, printing and document storage costs. •Complies with all state-mandated forms. Data Management & MT: •Qualified & Experienced Medical Transcription Professionals. •Close interaction with client. •Secured Networked Medical Transcription. •Advanced auditing process. Provider Credentialing Data Management Medical Transcriptions Other Services Other Services
  15. 15. Virtual Front Desk services as low as $7 per hour. Complete Medical Billing services as low as 3.5%. Payment Posting as low as $0.20 per transaction. Denial Management Services as low as 20% MedicalTranscription as low as $0.6 per line. Complete Revenue Cycle Management Services as low as 6%. Billing + Posting + Denial Management If you are choosing complete Revenue Cycle Management Services we provide you Provider Credentialing free of charge. Pricing It takes a leap of faith to outsource the Administrative Services of your Clinic. Given the delicacy and importance of these administrative services, its important to find a trusted provider.
  16. 16. Revenue Cycle Management Services Medical Billing Monitor, LLC Email: URL: www. Sales: 713-447-1537 Technical: 713-893-1151 Contact Us We are located at: 3335, South Figuieroa, LosAngeles, California, 90007