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ADMSP Social Media Connect Sites


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This tutorial was prepared for our Social Media Connections Specialist, Cristina Horta, who is handling our "connect" accounts at Twitter and Facebook. Our connect sites are doing great. Check them out at:

You can find Cristina at:

To learn about our community project, join us at

Visit us at:

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ADMSP Social Media Connect Sites

  1. 1. twitter Use as a PR Tool
  2. 2. twitter: service A free micro-blogging 140 character maximum
  3. 3. twitter in plain English - the Common Craft Show
  4. 4. Another place where conversations occur Organization Stakeholders Influentials Stakeholders Influentials
  5. 5. Lingo ! tweet - a message of 140 characters or less ! hashtag - tweets that start with a # (tracking) ! tweme - same as hashtag (twitter meme) ! tweetup - twitter meetup ! tweetchannel - add #channelname at start of tweets ! tinyURL - for URLs longer than 30 characters ! DM - direct message (private)
  6. 6. twitter uses Tracking • Monitoring • Live-reporting Journalism • Activism • Public Relations Political Comm. • Crisis Comm.
  7. 7. Monitoring tracking ! Monitor reputation, buzz, opinions, trends ! Use keyword tracking (“Track keyword”) ! Monitor and respond to what’s being said about your organization ! Comcast Example ! Jet Blue Example
  8. 8. Comcast’s YouTube Baggage - Sleeping Comcast Technician Video
  9. 9. Rage P ushes “Cable Edge er The, so granny ny Ov’t show up Gran y doesn C able gu a hammer” do es - with “Takin g a Wha Comca ck Agai st: Mon nst Reache a Shaw d Her B Then fo reaking r Her Ha Point, mmer” “Taking a hammer to Comcast” Photo Credit: Richard A. Lipski -- The Washington Post
  10. 10. Comcast’s lesson learned TechCrunch Founder Michael Arrington tore into Comcast on twitter after 36 hours without Internet service. Within 20 minutes of his first tweet a Comcast executive called to ask how he could help. Photo Credit: Joi Ito
  11. 11. Jet Blue Monitoring Example Manager of Corporate Communication for Jet Blue DMs a twitter user who tweeted about having spotted a celebrity (William Shatner) at the Jet Blue terminal tweet #1: JetBlue terminal. William Shatner waiting in pinstripe suite and shades to board flight to Burbank. Why’s he flying JetBlue? Free, maybe? tweet #2: Using JetBlue wifi to access twitter, 10 seconds later, I get a follow request from JetBlue on twitter. Half freaked out, half awed.
  12. 12. “ We learned last February the value of a certain amount of transparency when we posted a video of our founding CEO on YouTube to address customers affected by the ice storm that swept through the Northeast. Our Twitter account is much the same thing; making ourselves available in an environment where are customers already live -again not focused on marketing - but real interaction: less billboard - more information booth. We track Twitter mentions of our brand through various services from the internal “track” function on Twitter to external tools like or that “ are freely available to all users. Many allow near immediate notification of mentions. - Morgan Johnston, Corporate Communications, JetBlue Airways
  13. 13. twittering for public relations ! monitoring conversations ! participating in conversations ! starting conversations ! providing product or service info ! Whole Foods example ( ! promoting stories, news through twitterfeed ! feeds a blog to twitter