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AdMonsters is the leading advertising monetization content company and community. We work with industry leading companies to design, execute and deploy custom content programs that reach the highly targeted audience of advertising monetization and operations professionals. Contact us and we'll discuss your goals and explore if we can collaborate to help you get there.

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Admonsters Connect - Custom Content to Accelerate Your Business

  1. 1. Introducing AdMonsters Connect: Custom Content to Accelerate Your BusinessFOCUS QUALITY COMMUNITY Bowen Dwelle, CEO Mark Friedler, Chief Strategy Officer mfriedler@admonsters.comAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  2. 2. We Believe • Content Inspires People • Trust Builds Professional Community • Community Drives Learning • Learning Builds Value for Community • Commerce Flows From Trust and CommunityAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  3. 3. The Content Value Model High Content Originality Transformational Inspirational Informative Transactional Low High Client EngagementAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  4. 4. Content Value Creation Engine User Engagement Organizational Deepens Mission Drives Activity and Content Participation Original Vision Engages User ActionsAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  5. 5. The complex market Chaos! 5AdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  6. 6. We Can Help You Be MoreSuccessful • Engage with the audience that matters • Share with the top executives in the industry • Build a world class content plan and execute with the AdMonsters team • Help you create more value for the companyAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  7. 7. Understanding Your GOALSCut through the clutter – Become a focal point in the industryBuild brand perceptionDemonstrate thought leadership – Evolve the conversationBuild trust relationships with customer communityCreate a place for the monetization community and publishers to go to learnGenerate qualified leadsGrow the business, revenue and key metricsAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  8. 8. CHALLENGESLots of clutter, chaos – and competitionConversation evolving quickly keep clients focusedLong sales cycleTargeting marketing spend to influence core target clientsLack of compelling content planAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  9. 9. What’s your plan? You have a: • Product Plan • Sales Plan • Financial Plan • Marketing Plan • What’s Your Content Plan?AdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  10. 10. FOCUS Focus on Monetization, Ad Ops & Tech Experience in the field – We’re not just reporters Deep understanding of the tech infrastructureAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  11. 11. QUALITY Unparalleled quality of content Quality over quantity Unique conference content & interaction modelsAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  12. 12. COMMUNITY Global community of ad ops and tech leaders Deeply engaged participants Unparalleled trustAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  13. 13. Success and ROI • Our goal is to help you build a focused dialogue with the world’s leading publishers and ad ecosystem resulting in building your business. • We will work with you to create and promote core content that will bring value to prospective and existing clients. • Driving at least a 200% ROI on your investment.AdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  14. 14. ADMONSTERS TEAM Our team has the deepest Ad Operations & Technology experience in the IndustryAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  15. 15. Our community includes all ofyour potential customersAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  16. 16. WHY IS CONTENTSO IMPORTANT?Cut through the clutter – Become a focal point in the industryDemonstrate “thought leadership”, i.e. expertiseBuild credibility and trust relationships with customer communityMove from selling software to offering solutionsContent that supports your customers, community & business istransformationalAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  17. 17. STRATEGY
  18. 18. STRATEGY  Goal-setting - revenue, product, and marketing goals  Map goals to Content Marketing Strategy  Build out Key Content Pillars  Build out phased Content Marketing Plan for Q4  Implement, review, measure, evaluate.AdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  19. 19. CONTENT
  20. 20. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP ARTICLES Increase ourBi-weekly article covering key ad ops & tech topics independent editorial coverage of key industry themes. Sponsorship provides Sponsored by brand visibility and evidence of your contribution to thought leadership and a discussion in the professional community Sponsored byAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  21. 21. KEY PLAYER INTERVIEWS Increase our independent editorial Sponsored by coverage of key players in the industry. Exclusive sponsorship provides brand visibility and evidence of your contribution to thought leadership and a discussion in the professional communityAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  22. 22. TECH TOPICS Increase our independent editorial coverage of key technical terms Sponsorship provides brand visibility and evidence of your contribution to thought leadershipAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  23. 23. TECH SPOTLIGHT REPORTS NEW PRODUCT Monthly investigative feature covering key ad ops & tech topics Examples: In-depth Ad/Revenue Serving solutions How RTB really works with ad serving and SSP’sAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  24. 24. OPS PLAYBOOKS NEW PRODUCT Independent editorial coverage of best practices for industry specific processes and proceduresAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  25. 25. DATA FEEDS NEW PRODUCT Independent editorial coverage and exposure of industry specific meta-data and metrics Sponsorship and technology partnershipAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  26. 26. CREATING YOUR CONTENT CHANNEL All of this is aggregated in a sponsored content channel Content from this channel will be published on, via email newsletter, your site, and distributed to other media outletsAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  27. 27. EVENTS
  28. 28. SPONSORSHIPConsistent presence at AdMonstersconferences, tied to content marketingprogram & calendarAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  29. 29. DEDICATED CONFERENCESIndependently produced branded conference event led byAdMonsters editorial and events teamTop-notch, objective editorial coverage of subject matter relevant tothe industryExclusive sponsorship provides brand visibility and evidence ofyour contribution to thought leadership and a discussion in theprofessional community.AdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  30. 30. SERVICES
  31. 31. CONTENT MARKETING – An Example July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec paid advertising (display, search, retargeting) paid social media event sponsorships content distribution partnerships email marketing social media supportAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  32. 32. TIMELINE - An Example July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec articles articles articles articles interviews articles interviews STRATEGY interviews interviews tech topics interviews tech topics articles tech topics tech topics tech spotlight tech topics tech spotlight interviews tech spotlight finalize design field playbook release write playbook playbook playbook playbook programming marketing OpenX programming marketing STRATEGY Publisher Publisher Revenue marketing OPS NY Forum Forum Forum content content content content content STRATEGY marketing marketing marketing marketing marketing design study field study analyze study write report finalize report release reportAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  33. 33. INTEL
  34. 34. MARKET RESEARCHIndependent, expert fielding of market research surveysto the expert-driven AdMonsters communityResults of survey used to produce private researchand/or public content/whitepaperAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  36. 36. TRANSFORMATIONAL CONTENT Content that supports your customers, community & business is transformationalAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  37. 37. NEXT STEPSWe have the experience to craft your powerful plan.Let’s discuss opportunities how we can collaborateAdMonsters CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
  38. 38. FOCUS QUALITY COMMUNITY Contact us for a conversation Mark Friedler Chief Strategy Officer 415.683.6601