Digital signage software admira digital networks 2010


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Digital signage software company - credentials.

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Digital signage software admira digital networks 2010

  1. 1. «Resolving the major challenges and delivering innovative solutions in digital signage since 1996»
  2. 2. 1. Who we are and company history 2. The ADmira digital network platform 3. Credentials and references
  3. 3. - ADmira Digital Networks – A Record of Success
  4. 4. ADmira Digital Networks ADmira Digital Networks is an industry leader in developing digital signage solutions and technologies since 1996. The ADmira Digital Network Suite makes it easier to establish and more convenient to manage operational digital signage circuits. The interactive advertising solutions of ADmiradn cover all market needs ensuring return on investment and best quality services and innovation. Our MISSION is to develop digital signage and dynamic marketing solutions, with emphasis on innovation, technical quality, and responsiveness to the needs of our customers.
  5. 5. Areas of Implementation Transport Urban furniture In Store Large Scale Internet Mobiles
  6. 6. ADmira Digital Networks in the Headlines Established company with years of experience and proprietary technology. Model of sustainable business (SaaS) and collaborative capacities. Group of committed professionals. Culture of collaboration and innovation. Winner of numerous international awards. Supplier and consultants to Metropolitan Transport Barcelona (TBM), City Council of Barcelona, JC Decaux, Tick Tack Ticket (TicketMaster), Media-Market, Dani supermarkets. International circuit network.
  7. 7. Progress in 2009 Growth of > 300 % in circuits and players Sustainable and profitable Investments in technology, hardware and connectivity Growth of 100% in revenues More than 7500 screens connected to the ADmira solution suite. New lines of innovation: audience counter, RFID, smart contents, digital signage platform for advertisers. New collaboration in the public sector (Council of Barcelona, Viladecans, Generalitat)
  8. 8. Awards 2008 - 2009 Total Media (Spain) Awarded BEST SOFTWARE in digital signage by Professionals in the sector at the the Total Media awards 2009 The Digital Signage Group (U.S.) Digital Signage Group (US digital signage association) awarded ADmira the DIGI AWARD for best technology and software in digital signage 2008 . Always On (U.S.) AlwaysOn (influential technology media network) selected ADmira Digital Networks as one of the 250 most innovative and disruptive technologies of 2008. Others include : Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Design & Advertising Community, Interactive Innovation, Royal College of London, Interactive Advertising
  9. 9. Founding Company of the AEDIS ADmira digital networks is one of the 7 founding members (Cisco, Telefonica, LG, Samsung, Crambo, TotalMedia) of the Spanish Association of Digital Signage (AEDIS).
  10. 10. Chosen ITC company of Cataluña ADmira Digital Networks has been invited to be part of the pioneer companies in ICT, and enter the ICT Media Hub of Catalonia. Marzo 2010
  11. 11. Internationalisation 2009 ADmira digital networks launched a plan of international expansion. The ADmira Partner Advantage Program has produced the following results: Partners: First International Circuits Brasil Brasil Chile Estonia United States Estonia Chile, Poland* Hong Kong Korea Poland Uruguay 17,295 came from 135 countries / territories
  12. 12. Competitive Advantage of ADmira Digital Networks More than 10 years of experience. Technical skills are unique in this sector and facilitate the implementation of more demanding projects Ability to adapt advertising solutions to the needs of each client to reduce costs and risks A proven and secure technology option with the convenient facility to integrate, update and expand Capacity investment Culture of customer focus and responsiveness Innovation
  13. 13. - ADmiradn Suite – The Most Comprehensive Digital Signage Platform
  14. 14. ADmira Digital Networks Suite – Overview ADmira digital network Suite is an open solution for managing advertising integrated circuits at the point of sale (POS). Provides all the features and technical capabilities for the creation, publication, broadcast and control of advertising circuits (digital signage / narrow casting). Uploading videos / multimedia content in any format. Publication and customization of video / multimedia content. User administration (licensing and working groups). Multimedia content management and allocation of keywords. Creating playlists for the various initiatives / circuits. Possibility of virtual market/auction of multimedia content. Content distribution to the various points of sale (PoS). Management of the broadcast of multimedia content. Visualization and direct control circuits.
  15. 15. ADmira Digital Networks Suite – Overview Web Environment Intuitive Personalized access Information in Real Time User Management Facilitation of Video Posting
  16. 16. User and Process Management Assigning different profiles and complete Allows sharing of content & processes management of users Assignment of roles, functions and Facilitates collaborative work automatic launching of alerts
  17. 17. Features of Video Posting Uploads Video / multimedia Possibility of virtual market of multimedia Preview content and real-time distribution contents
  18. 18. Ease of Content Management Simple content management system Supports any format (flash, HD, avi, mov, Assigning keywords / marketing objectives etc.)
  19. 19. Creating carousels and assignment of broadcast points Slot allowance / dates and segmentation of Simple processes for creating and playlists modifying carousels (playlists) Previewing and editing playlists in real time
  20. 20. Control Panel Real-time information from all points of Updating the detailed information every 20 issue seconds Reporting of audiovisual content carousels
  21. 21. Additional Features Multi-language: English, Catalan, French, Spanish and Polish Integration with audience measurement solutions New Versions with 'screen saver‘ capability Interaction via RFID Plug & Play Platform for "marketplace" of digital signage Smart content
  22. 22. - Our Customers– References and Experience
  24. 24. Experience – Metro Barcelona Metro Channel consisting of more than 50 players located in metro stations across Barcelona. Project led by JC Decaux Lavinia: Digital content provider 2
  25. 25. Experience– Tick Tack Ticket National Circuit promotional sales Daily update of "promotional newsletter” Pioneers of the "smart contents” 2
  26. 26. Experience – Impact Media Circuit of 50 shopping centers Footfall 60 - 80 million a year Promotions 'segmented' in real time
  27. 27. Experience – Media Markt > 2500 screens synchronized > 100 daily promotions Promotional and informational content More than 3 million viewers 2
  28. 28. Experience –Dani Supermarkets 40 daily promotions and > 50 carousels Plan of extension to supermarket group Certified Sales Increase Contents promotional and training
  29. 29. Experience – Autobuses de Mataró More than 1,000,000 impacts Promotional, informational and public content GPS Features
  30. 30. Experience – Canalkiosk Urban Furniture
  31. 31. Success Stories Shipping Metro Channel
  32. 32. Success Stories Retail MediaMarkt FNAC Carrefour
  33. 33. Success Stories Shopping Centres Glorias Diagonal Mar BarnaSud L´anec Blau
  34. 34. Success Stories - Interactive Kiosks PuntoBile Kiosk system equipped with mobile phone chargers in airports and shopping malls.
  35. 35. Success Stories Incasol Forum of Culture Frankfurt Book Fair Samsung European Space Agency Expo, Zaragoza Sensations
  36. 36. Success Stories Incasol Forum of Culture Frankfurt Book Fair Samsung European Space Agency Expo, Zaragoza Sensations
  37. 37. Success Stories Incasol Forum of Culture Frankfurt Book Fair Samsung European Space Agency Expo, Zaragoza Sensations
  38. 38. Success Stories Incasol Forum of Culture Frankfurt Book Fair Samsung European Space Agency Expo, Zaragoza Sensations
  39. 39. Success Stories Incasol Forum of Culture Frankfurt Book Fair Samsung European Space Agency Expo, Zaragoza Sensations
  40. 40. Success Stories Incasol Forum of Culture Frankfurt Book Fair Samsung European Space Agency Expo, Zaragoza Sensations
  41. 41. Success Stories Incasol Forum of Culture Frankfurt Book Fair Samsung European Space Agency World Expo, Zaragoza Sensations
  42. 42. For more information: T. +34 934 150 930 F. +34 933 688 105 Powering Digital Signage SaaS Circuits.