Common mistakes that occurs teeth problems


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These are the few mistakes that commonly that we commonly neglect and face such kind of problems. Just check this and prevent such problems..

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Common mistakes that occurs teeth problems

  1. 1. Whatever We Follow or Whatever We wants to Keep Our Body the Result of Returns Comes the Same. Dental Health Also depends on your awareness. These slides will tell you that some common mistake we do and lead the dental problem that can be solve easily to follow these tips.
  2. 2. Top 10 Common Daily Basis Mistakes 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Tooth Brushing Mistakes Common Flossing Mistakes Home Teeth Whitening Crunching, Sucking, and Shipping Understand Teeth as Tools Teeth Grinding Not Using Rinses Don’t like to go for Dentist Don’t Aware Kids to Importance of Dental Health Using Tobacco in Various Forms
  3. 3. Tooth Brushing Mistakes  Forget To Tooth Brushing on Daily Basis or When you     go to sleep Tooth Brush Should be Comfortable and Soft Do not aware about how to pick the brush in correct form. Don’t know how much brush and how time brush your teeth Brushing Too Hard
  4. 4. Common Flossing Mistakes  Most of the Peoples think Flossing is not necessary     wrong observation. Don’t Know How Often and How Time Should completed flossing. Don’t Remove Plaque With Floss Don’t Floss Behind Your Back Teeth Cut Gums When you do Flossing
  5. 5. Home Teeth Whitening  Don’t ask from a Dentist before applying this  Apply Home Remedies for Teeth whitening that can lead the teeth sensitivity too!  Using products longer than directed.  Don’t Follow Directions  Use Local ( Cheaper ) Brands instead of Dentist Suggested Kits and Gel
  6. 6. Crunching, Sucking, and Shipping  Crunch Ice-Drink and Slice  Don’t Know about taking both hot and cold at the same time  Alcohol Drink in Before Sleeping  Enough Energy Drink
  7. 7. Teeth Grinding  Most of the peoples avoid this problems usually but they don’t know about this is related to teeth enamel erosion.
  8. 8. Not Using Rinses  Peoples don’t know about the mouth rinses that can eliminate the bad breath, anti-gingivitis.
  9. 9. Don’t Like to Go for a dentist  People thinks that this is not necessary as other health factors … This is a big mistake a good oral hygiene can reduce the number of more chances from spreading other decease.
  10. 10. Don’t Aware Kids to Importance of Dental Health  Peoples are confused about when their child should visit clinic for a specific reasons.  Most of the other concerns is what is the age of start brushing of their children's teeth.
  11. 11. Using Tobacco in Various Forms  In India above 35% patients are suffered with most of dental problems with the use of any for tobacco that not only harm their dental heath also effect on whole health.
  12. 12. Address:- H-35/20, DLF Phase I, Gurgaon, Haryana (INDIA) Mobile:- 0124- 4036918, +91-9582546296, +91-9873806210 Website:-