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Algario Sales Development System Oct. 17 11 Sv


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Blended Online Sales Development and Professional Coaching

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Algario Sales Development System Oct. 17 11 Sv

  1. 1.
  2. 2. ACQUIRE KNOWLEDGE<br />with a program that drives and measures results at every stage.<br />
  3. 3. ENHANCE KNOWLEDGE<br />with effective online tools and personal interactive coaching.<br />
  4. 4. APPLY KNOWLEDGE<br />with a learning framework that establishes tangible results by becoming part of the process – not an overlay.<br />
  5. 5. DEVELOP KNOWLEDGE<br />with a customized online eLearning program that gives you the power to drive your training development requirements.<br />
  6. 6. PURSUE KNOWLEDGE<br />… and credibility by piquing Curiosity – the genesis of every sale.<br />
  7. 7. RESULTS AT EVERY STAGE ›<br />
  8. 8. About Algario<br />Algario is a Learning Development organization focused on:<br />Providing a blended formula of eLearning and Personal coaching that ensures measurable results<br />Enhancing Sales results without disrupting the current Sales processes or distracting sales people from their daily jobs/routines<br />Providing a real-time view on the ongoing effectiveness of the development investment<br />Building a framework for sustained improvement<br />
  9. 9. PowerLearn™ Sales Development System<br />Online Training <br />A common sense approach that challenges traditional sales habits and works on:<br /><ul><li>Relationship building
  10. 10. Increasing call back percentage when leaving voice-mail messages
  11. 11. Crafting and sending more impactful e-mail messages
  12. 12. Developing more needs to increase the prospect's sense of urgency
  13. 13. More accurately qualifying prospect opportunities
  14. 14. Expanding a single piece of business into a larger opportunity
  15. 15. Delivering a more impactful sales presentation
  16. 16. Closing more sales faster</li></ul>Coaching Tools<br />Comprehensive set of tools designed to assist managers in supporting the implementation<br /><ul><li>Culturalizes and habitualizes the methodology </li></ul>A combination that generates results in a continuous learning environment throughout the entire Sales process<br />
  17. 17. The PowerLearn™ Difference<br />1<br />Delivered anywhere… anytime<br />2<br />Divided into digestible pieces that form the building blocks for continuous learning and skill development<br />3<br />Time efficient – just 1.5-2 hours per week on average<br />4<br />Adapts to the needs of each individual and self-customizes throughout the development cycle<br />5<br />Delivers quantitative results that are unique to Sales Development… reinforcing the value and approach to both Sales Professionals and the entire organization<br />A Blended Learning Model – combining time effective online tools and personal interactive techniques<br />
  18. 18. We start by building on what is in place…<br />Question Based Selling™ methodology that wraps an effectiveness layer around your existing Sales process<br />Improves two parameters:<br /><ul><li>Efficiency – taking less time to accomplish the same activity
  19. 19. Effectiveness – improving results at every stage of the Sales process</li></ul>Enhance and add value to a Sales process that already exists<br />11<br />
  20. 20. 12<br />… and focus on Sales Execution<br />Concentrating on:<br />how to improve the sales process vs. what the sales process is<br />delivering incremental improvements at every step<br />Aggregate impact with Algario<br />Current Sales success<br />The Algario difference<br />CUSTOMERS ›<br />STEP 1<br />Prospect<br />STEP 2<br />Qualify<br />STEP 3<br />Identify need<br />STEP 4<br />Propose<br />STEP 5<br />Justify<br />STEP 6<br />Close<br />STEP 7<br />Deliver<br />STEP 8<br />Support<br />Utilizing your current sales process and value propositions<br />
  21. 21. Enhancing the Sales Process<br />The Question Based Selling Sales Forum is a systematic progression that naturally flows from creating curiosity with customers and prospects, leading to building credibility, expanding relationships, gaining client commitment<br />Curiosity<br />Question Based Selling<br />Sales Forum<br />What if…?<br />Expand relationships<br />Credibility<br />Needs development<br />Qualify<br />Present solutions<br />Commitment<br />Curiosity is the genesis of every sale… and credibility cannot be claimed – it has to be earned!<br />
  22. 22. Skill Development Cycle – 10 weeks <br />Day 1 + 2<br />Understand the Concepts and Develop Tools<br /><ul><li>1 hour/week
  23. 23. Online self paced training
  24. 24. Support Tools development
  25. 25. Relevant content for each individual
  26. 26. Reviews available whenever needed</li></ul>Day 3 + 4<br />Develop the Proficiency<br /><ul><li>Execute on real customers
  27. 27. Test the concepts and see the difference
  28. 28. Look for areas that need help
  29. 29. Coaching Analytics – ongoing monitoring</li></ul>Day 5<br />Collaboration, Coaching, Commitment<br /><ul><li>Bring back experiences – positive and gaps
  30. 30. Share what worked with the team – The Successes
  31. 31. Results based Individual Coaching
  32. 32. Set objectives for the following week
  33. 33. Secure commitment</li></ul>Development and reinforcement throughout each week <br />
  34. 34. The Learning Program<br />M10 - Closing More Sales Faster<br />M9 - Leading a Question-Based Sales Presentation<br />Aggregate impact with PowerLearn<br />M8 - Turning ‘Cold Calls’ into ‘Luke Warm’ Calls<br />M7 - Double Your Benefits to Double your Value Proposition <br />M6 - Differentiating your Value Proposition<br />M5 - Escalate Your Needs Development Conversations<br />M4 - Building Credibility and Relationships<br />M3 - Leveraging Curiosity in the Sales Process<br />M2 - Strategy to encourage Customers to “Want to Engage”<br />Current Sales success<br />M1 - What is Question Based Selling<br />The Algario difference<br />Intro (Optional)<br />Program and Corporate Positioning<br />CUSTOMERS ›<br />STEP 1<br />Prospect<br />STEP 2<br />Qualify<br />STEP 3<br />Identify need<br />STEP 4<br />Propose<br />STEP 5<br />Justify<br />STEP 6<br />Close<br />STEP 7<br />Deliver<br />STEP 8<br />Support<br />Layered skills that are applicable throughout the sales and service process<br />
  35. 35. Algario PowerLearn™ Implementation<br />9<br />Engage Managers<br />Managers are coached on the processes for a successful implementation<br />Engage Participants<br />Through conference calls, participants are versed on the program, its rationale/benefits and expectations are set<br />Learn New Skills<br />Participants prepare for a series of weekly conference calls with each Module of Question Based Selling<br />Personalize New Skills<br />The Adaptive Model Strategy enables customization by each individual to specific market and product circumstances <br />Our 9-stage process ›<br />Apply Tactics Immediately<br />Participants apply new methodology to their real-life daily work experience<br />Coaching Analytics<br />Algario Coaches monitor/assess each individual’s progress weekly and apply this information in collaboration sessions to improve program effectiveness<br />Collaborate and Share<br />Facilitated group discussions lead to expansion of concepts, sharing success stories, motivation, inspiration and culturalizes the sales methodology<br />Skill Development Cycle<br />Skills are learned in a building block atmosphere over the first 9-10 weeks<br />Skill Entrenchment Cycle<br />4-5 concepts become the focus for the next 4 months to continually build skills. Algario Coaches monitor progress and work with managers to guide the process and facilitate group discussions<br />A methodology that layers the skills across the entire Sales organization<br />
  36. 36. A multi-layered Coaching model <br /><ul><li>Coaches lead the sessions and provide analytical data that:
  37. 37. Provides the foundation for the teaching elements
  38. 38. Directs the discussion to areas that need reinforcement
  39. 39. Leverages the team involvement
  40. 40. Managers work side by side with the coaches and
  41. 41. Provide continuity and personalize the discussions within the context of the team
  42. 42. Obtain insights into the skill sets of individuals which can be reinforced in personal reviews
  43. 43. Obtain the skills necessary for ongoing coaching
  44. 44. Team participants
  45. 45. Are expected and encouraged to engage in group sessions by coaches and managers
  46. 46. Learn from each other and begin to recognize and emulate best practices
  47. 47. Develop their own approach to being successful</li></ul>The Individual <br /><ul><li>Learns new skills
  48. 48. Learns from peers and coaches
  49. 49. Sees the results and gets continual reinforcement</li></ul>›<br />A<br />Professional Coaches<br />B Management Role<br />C<br />Team Collaboration<br />Providing the foundation for meaningful progress<br />
  50. 50. Program Content at a Glance<br />
  51. 51. “Our results after the learning showed an uplift in Sales activities, client call-back ratio went to 4 times the national average and meetings booked topped 6 times the national average…. All contributed to an overall increase in confidence across the entire staff.”<br />Sonny BasiDirector, Lending Specialists, CIBC<br />
  52. 52. RESULTS AT EVERY STAGE ›<br />