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Can Your Prospects Find You?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a pillar of online marketing and should be a top
consideration for every website, landing page, or campaign microsite. Your position in
natural search engine results will make the difference in whether a prospect buys from
you or your competitor. Let’s make sure they find you.
Don’t leave buyers behind.
Our SEO solutions are based upon the most effective optimization techniques to improve your
natural search engine rankings and drive more qualified visitors to your website. All of Penton’s full
service SEO programs include:
n Website Architecture Analysis: The organization and structure of your site plays a significant
role in how search engines find and index your content. We’ll develop a search strategy with
specific recommendations on site speed, keywords, link structure and root file creation.
n On-page Optimization: We take every opportunity to fill your website with the keywords
determined to bring the ideal prospect to your site. This process centers on proper meta data
creation, content tagging, and keyword density.
n Content Marketing: In today’s highly competitive search engine marketplace, fresh and quality
content is king. The advantage of Penton, is that we know your industry and can write, optimize,
and publish industry-related articles, webinars, eBooks, press releases, videos, and more in order
to drive traffic and attract more prospects to your site.
n Link-building: Link-building continues to be the single most important component that
determines your SEO success. We target top-tier and industry related vertical directories,
websites and blogs.
n Reporting & Analytics: We provide statistics on your website visitors and reports on your SEO
progress, including benchmarks against your competition. All monthly SEO reports are
supplemented with consulting sessions to provide ongoing recommendations

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SEO Dan Elm Penton Marketing Services

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