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American Trucker 2011 Media Kit

  1. 1. 2 0 11 M E D I A K I T
  2. 2. IPMENT & MAINTENA NCE We deliver true value to your customers UCKS, EQU It’s the best environment for your message THE GUIDE TO USED TR American Trucker educates your customers as they research major purchases and vehicle maintenance solutions. We com- April 2010 bine useful editorial focused on helping boost their profits, with a vibrant marketplace of vehicles, trailers and accessories. And we deliver this content in a variety of formats – print, online, and e-newsletters – to ensure no matter how they prefer to stay on top of the market, American Trucker and its partners will help them succeed. American Trucker has 30+ years of experience building an effective forum for sellers of trucks, trailers, parts and services to find the right buyers for their wares. We have strong bonds with your customers at the grass-roots level of small and mid- sized businesses, and our award-winning editorial content keeps them coming back for new ideas and best practices. Our editors, many former trucking professionals themselves, truly understand the challenges a truck operator faces on a daily basis, and we get straight to the core of their needs and concerns. Let us show you why American Trucker is your best choice for selling your vehicles and accessories to a large, engaged audience with real BUYING POWER. Our course is set for a successful 2011, and we invite you to join us on the journey. Thomas W. Duncan, Group Publisher 203-358-4201 • American Trucker Takes the Gold The American Trucker editorial staff received a Gold Award for Editorial Excellence from the American Society of Business Publication Editors in 2010. The honor was in recognition for American Trucker’s success in adding a quality editorial product to its long-standing product marketplace. American Trucker is fueled by industry-leading resources... Parts: MARKET PRESENCE EDITORIAL OVERSIGHT FleetOwner APRIL 2010 ® DEMOGRAPHIC DATA of American from the of FleetSeek, Trucker award-win- which helps PENTON MEDIA is a world leader magazine, ning editors of ensure in business-to-business informa- Rebuilt or whose Fleet Owner, American tion products. This allows us to marketplace the indus- Alternative Trucker create campaigns that carry your of classifieds try’s leading Power Choices reaches your message throughout several spe- will continue magazine for Green Fleet of the Year customers cialized sectors in the transporta- to serve fleet opera- New Uses for GPS and informs tion world and many other markets used truck tors, trusted them on Also: The New A Penton Media Publication Reman’ed? FOAPRILCVR.indd 1 4/21/10 2:47:24 PM including agriculture, government, and trailer buyers with the buying for its insights in management, important trends with its timely, manufacturing, and more. options they expect. equipment and IT. relevant data. American Trucker MARKET DATA REFRIGERATED, LIQUID AND DRY THE OEM’S PERSPECTIVE RELEVANT NEWS Marketplace of Truck BULK INSIGHTS from the FROM Pg. 24 Blue Book, from titles that pages of THE AUTO Pg. 33 a wealth have covered Trailer/Body- INDUSTRY of pricing regulations, Builders, the from Ward’s information technologi- only magazine Automotive on used cal devel- serving the Group, a trucks. This opments, specific needs global leader data helps logistics of those who in auto news us provide management, produce and and analysis, unique insights into the market and hazardous sell commercial truck bodies, including trucking data, cation forces impacting your clients. materials for many decades. trailers, and equipment. headlines and trends. A Penton Media Publi2 3
  3. 3. market The Opportunity is Clear A Diverse Market with Diverse Needs Trucking operations of one to four vehicles make The commercial-vehicle market is a collection of up nearly three quarters of the commercial-trucking more than 11 million vehicles — trucks, tractors, and market, and American Trucker’s reach reflects this. trailers — of all types and sizes, from light- to heavy- There’s no other editorial-based magazine meeting duty, serving all segments of the nations economy. a true reflection the information needs of this huge market, making of the used *Operations with at least one Class 3-8 truck; excludes bus-only and trailer-only operations American Trucker your premier avenue for outreach Note: Light-duty count reflects commercial-only usage; no mixed-use or personal-use vehicles. to this audience. truck buying Sources: U.S. Dept. of Commerce Truck Inventory and Use Survey, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Commercial Motor Vehicle Consulting, American Trucking Assns., National Private Truck Council, Martin Labbe Associates, FLEET OWNER Composite Databasemarket Commercial Trucks 7.85 Million Commercial (Class 3-8) Trucking Operations* Heavy-Duty Class 8 For-Hire Private 773,000 Over 33,000 lb. 0.94 Million 1.14 Million 2.08 Million GVW 189,600 583,500 Class 7 Private For-Hire 26,001 - 33,000 Carriers Fleets lb. GVW Medium-Duty For-Hire Private 1.08 Million 122,800 957,200 Class 6 19,501 - 26,000 1-4 Vehicles 5+ Vehicles 5+ Vehicles 1-4 Vehicles lb. GVW 148,200 American Trucker’s audience mirrors the make-up of the used truck and trailer-operating commu- 41,400 187,100 396,400 Class 5 nity. This market reaches across industry lines, across state lines, and across traditional lines of the 16,001 - 19,500 lb. GVW trucking industry. 211,600 Trucks 1.06 Million Trucks 2.61 Million Trucks 871,200 Trucks Midrange Class 4 For-Hire Private 1.59 Million 14,001 - 16,000 194,300 1.4 Million The market is much bigger than just over-the-road lb. GVW 5+ Vehicles 228,500 Fleets trucks and trailers. Buyers of trucks, trailers, parts Class 3 3.67 Million Trucks 10,001 - 14,000 and services are present in industries that touch all lb. GVW Commercial parts of the economy. 1.27 Million (Class 3-8) Trucks 3.48 Million Trucks Light-Duty Class 1-2 For-Hire Private Trucks 3.1 Million Under 10,000 lb. 176,700 2.92 Million 4.75 Million Construction & contractors General freight GVW As the premier magazine Commercial serving the used truck and On-Highway Trailers For-Hire Private For-Hire 176,700 (only) Private 3.5 Million 3.5 Million 1.94 Million 1.56 Million Light-Duty 2.92 Million trailer marketplace, Ameri- Trucks 3.1 Million Trucks can Trucker reaches out to Total Commercial anyone who buys, services, 1-4 5+ Total Commercial 5+ Vehicles 1-4 Vehicles Vehicles Vehicles Trucks 2.34 Vehicles 11.35 Million maintains, and repairs used 0 176,700 7.85 Million Million 584,300 Concrete, asphalt & aggregate Local delivery Refuse & recycling trucks and trailers. Vehicle Population # of % Total % Total % Total % BUSINESS OF TRUCKING: GROWTH Fleet Size Fleets Fleets Trucks Trucks Trailers Trailers Vehicles Vehicles Pg. 20 June 2010 1-4 544,501 70.44% 1,095,860 13.96% 436,800 12.48% 1,532,250 13.50% 5 - 20 174,543 22.58% 2,152,470 27.42% 607,600 17.36% 2,758,050 24.30% The Guide To Used Trucks, Equipment and Maintenance Total: 1 - 20 719,044 93.02% 3,248,330 41.38% 1,044,400 29.84% 4,290,300 37.80% Road construction & repair Government & utilities Farming & agriculture 21 - 50 36,486 4.72% 1,281,905 16.33% 432,600 12.36% 1,713,850 15.10% 51 - 99 11,363 1.47% 806,980 10.28% 384,650 10.99% 1,191,750 10.50% 100 - 499 4,947 0.64% 829,745 10.57% 460,950 13.17% 1,290,495 11.37% 500 - 999 928 0.12% 596,600 7.60% 357,000 10.20% 954,535 8.41% Swap, fix 1000+ 309 0.04% 1,086,440 13.84% 820,750 23.45% 1,907,935 16.81% Towing & recovery Railroads & shipping ports Landscaping & snow removal or sell Pg. 24 Also: Grand Total 773,000 100.00% 7,850,000 100.00% 3,500,000 100.00% 11,350,000 100.00% American Trucker Marketplace Pg. 33 Media, Inc 5 Penton PAID4 U.S. Postage PRSRT STD A Penton Media Publication
  4. 4. circulation The People Behind the Numbers To American Trucker, our readers aren’t just numbers. They’re the people who make this industry thrive, and we strive to maintain an interactive laser-focused relationship with each reader. to reach your We regularly feature columns and letters from actual working truckers and managers. And our editors are frequently “in the field” meeting American Trucker readers – your customers – to keep a pulse on the industry: what they’re buying, what issues are affecting them today and what they’re con- cerned about tomorrow. customers This consistent, personal input helps American Trucker stay on the cutting edge, ensuring thorough readership as well as considerable pass-along reach. BONUS REACH: American Trucker delivers a circulation unmatched by any other publication. We target decision Trade Shows & Conferences Your advertising in American Trucker will earn significant bo- makers in a cross-section of businesses that purchase used trucks and trailers, as well as the parts, nus distribution at many major trucking events throughout 2011. equipment and services to keep them running. We’ll distribute American Trucker at events such as Heavy Duty Each month, American Trucker mails to 150,000 subscribers, which represents a true composite of Aftermarket Week, Mid-America Trucking Show, American today’s used truck buying market. Truck Dealers convention, and many other can’t-miss venues. See our EDITORIAL CALENDAR (page 11) for dates! This circulation consists of traditional readers of American Trucker, and Fleet Owner’s FleetSeek data helps us fine-tune the mix to ensure we’re delivering the most desirable audience for your ad- vertising message. Who reads American Trucker? In addition, we have formed relationships with major associations, industry events, and other enti- Our circulation mix is a true reflection of who is buying ties to ensure that American Trucker’s circulation is an accurate representation of the market and used trucks, trailers and equipment today. provides the industry’s best targeting of your customers. COMPANY TYPE INDUSTRY Vocational & Over the Road Independent Owners* 43% Trucking 40% TRUCKING INSIGHTS: YOUR PAY COUNTS Pg. 6 For-Hire February 2010 Fleets 28% Private Contractors 24% Other 32% Fleets 29% The Guide To Used Trucks, Equipment and Maintenance Government & Utility 4% We’ll get your message to independent entrepreneurs as well as fleet managers. 2004 vs. 2007 vs. 2010 Our readers reflect the mix of the market... PICK YOUR Pg. 18 Also: The New * Includes over-the-road owner-operators plus owners of non-trucking companies who own trucks and trailers. wherever used trucks are bought, we’re there. ENGINE American Trucker Marketplace Pg. 25 CENTRAL Media, Inc Penton PAID6 7 U.S. Postage PRSRT STD Change SeRvICe ReqUeSTeD PO Box 12921 Overland Park KS 66282-2921 A Penton Media Publication
  5. 5. editorial The American Trucker Departments editorial staff consists Every month, American Trucker brings its audience of used truck and of the most respected trailer buyers a full editorial menu designed to help them run their trucks and trucking businesses. Surrounding timely cover and feature journalists in the field. providing the stories, our readers find: Jim Mele - Editorial Director The Business of Trucking – well-known small-fleet consultant Tim knowledge Nationally recognized journalist, author and Brady offers straight-ahead, practical advice on how to build a profit- editor, joined Fleet able trucking operation. your business Owner in 1986 withneeds over a dozen years’ Parts & Services – trucking’s most experienced editors report on new experience covering transportation as a newspaper products, tools, services and everything else readers need to keep reporter and magazine staff writer. their trucks running. Winner of an ASBPE National Award for signed editorials and a Shop Talk – a monthly case study Jesse H. Neal Award. highlighting a specific mainte- nance problem and one trucker’s Sean Kilcarr - Editor solution. A feature writer and columnist, Kilcarr has been a truck- Focus On... – an in-depth look at The trucking business has found itself on quite a roller coaster ride of late, with more than a few ing journalist for 15 the components critical to well- sickening lurches followed up in many cases with surprising spikes in demand. One thing’s for years. Specializes in running trucks and trailers. sure, though: the ride ahead isn’t going to get any smoother – not by a long shot – as all sorts of light- and medium-duty truck operations and logistics, and Trucks at Work – every month a changes lurk on the industry’s near horizon. well-known for being a fixture on profile of a different vocational the SIRIUS radio network program fleet and how it uses its trucks. That’s why we at American Trucker continue to focus on giving our readers information on every- “The Loading Dock.” Winner of a Jesse H. Neal and multiple ASBPE thing they need – from equipment, parts, maintenance services, and business tactics – to pull ahead Awards for editorial excellence. Green Trucking – a round-up of of their competitors while getting more efficient and profitable at the same time. news and new products to help Dan Zeis - Senior Art Director truckers with growing environ- Your products and services play a big role in that effort as well, which is why you’ll find us try- Has overall respon- mental concerns and responsibilities. sibility for design of ing to fill each and every issue of American Trucker chock full of all kinds of useful insights, from American Trucker. choosing the right tires and engine oils to stretching parts dollars safely and sensibly. Winner of seven na- Tire Rack – tips and informa- tional ASBPE Awards tion on getting the most out of for design, as well as a trucker’s major investment in We still believe that, with the right information, any fleet can succeed, and it’s our mission to be that an international TABBIE for design tires and wheels. knowledge source for those who rely on used equipment. So with your help we’re going to keep and a Jesse H. Neal Award. packing a lot of good stuff in every issue of American Trucker – and we invite you to stick with us Tech in Trucking – from new on what’s sure to be a still-bumpy ride in the months ahead. Contributing Editors software to onboard electron- Tim Brady ics, the latest high-tech tools to BUSINESS OF TRUCKING: MOBILE OFFICE David Cullen Pg. 14 help keep trucks moving and mak- Wendy Leavitt ing money. July 2010 Deborah McGuffie-Schyhol Kevin Rohlwing The Guide To Used Trucks, Equipment and Maintenance Bruce Sauer Readers’ Rigs – a chance to show Sean Kilcarr, Editor Tires: Brian Straight Rick Weber off all that pride and polish for truckers who invest a lot of time 10 things you Charles Wilson and money in keeping their should know Pg. 18 trucks looking good. Also: American Trucker Marketplace Pg. 25 9 Media, Inc WEST Penton8 PAID U.S. Postage A Penton Media Publication PRSRT STD Change SeRvICe ReqUeSTeD PO Box 12921 Overland Park KS 66282-2921
  6. 6. marketplace 2011 EDITORIAL CALENDARa vibrantforum for COVER STORY BONUS CLOSINGbuyers FOCUS ON... WORK SITE DISTRIBUTION DATES JAN Trucking in 2011 Flatbed Trailers Petroleum HDAW – January 18-19 Las Vegas, NV SPACE: Dec 5 MTRL: Dec 10& sellers FEB 2010 Engine Report Card NTEA – March 8-10 SPACE: Jan 5 Fifth Wheels Leasing Indianapolis, IN MTRL: Jan 10 TMC - February 8-11 Tampa, FL MAR Remanufactured Parts Lighting Recycling Mid-America Trucking Show – March 31-April 2 SPACE: Feb 5 MTRL: Feb 10 Louisville, KY APR Managing Maintenance Batteries Construction NPTC – April 17-19 Cincinnati, OH SPACE: Mar 5 MTRL: Mar 10 Each issue features the American Trucker Marketplace, which puts buyers and sellers together with listings from truck, trailer, parts and service companies from across the country. MAY All Things Trailers Refrigeration Manufacturing Truck Blue Book Conf. – SPACE: Apr 5 May 17-18, New Orleans, LA MTRL: Apr 10 It’s been the historic core of American Trucker since our inception nearly 30 years ago, helping our Units Great West Truck Show – June 9-11, Las Vegas, NV readers find what they need to keep their businesses on the road. JUN Transmissions: Retreads P&D SPACE: May 5 MTRL: May 10 The Marketplace is delivered into three editions: East, Central, and West. Manual vs. Automated This regional focus helps national advertisers tailor their messages and offerings geographically, JUL Managing Parts Aux. Heaters Moving SPACE: Jun 5 MTRL: Jun 10 while allowing regional businesses to communicate specifically to their target markets. & Storage TRUCKER.COM AUG Plain or Fancy? Cargo Wholesale Great American Trucking Show – August 25-27 SPACE: Jul 5 MTRL: Jul 10 Advertisers in the American Trucker Marketplace are also featured on, Securement Delivery Dallas, TX with all their for-sale inventory featured in our online marketplace. empowers them to broaden their sales prospects by adding vehicles not SEP Acing Inspections Coolants Field Service National Trailer Dealers Association – SPACE: Aug 5 MTRL: Aug 10 October 2011 featured in print due to deadline or space restrictions. OCT Picking the Right Tire Onboard Tire Municipal ATA Conference & Exhibition – SPACE: Sep 5 MTRL: Sep 10 THE BUSINESS OF TRUCKING: HIRING THE BEST October 2011 Pg. 26 Inflation October 2009 The Guide To Used Trucks, Equipment and Maintenance NOV Driver Comforts Wheels Food Used Truck Association Conference – SPACE: Oct 5 MTRL: Oct 10 Distribution November 2011 DEC Engine Oil Options Oil Filters Heavy Hauling SPACE: Nov 5 MTRL: Nov 10 Construction Trucks: ALSO EVERY MONTH: The Business of Trucking • Parts & Services • Shop Talk • Tire Rack • Readers’ Rigs Maintenance101 Also: The New Pg. 20 American Trucker Marketplace Pg. 33 11 Media, Inc Penton EAST10 PAID U.S. Postage PRSRT STD Change SeRvICe ReqUeSTeD PO Box 12921 Overland Park KS 66282-2921 A Penton Media Publication