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Bone ghost circles guessing game


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Bone ghost circles guessing game

  1. 1. Bone Ghost Circles Guessing Game MADE BY: ADAM DAVIS
  2. 2. Welcome to the Bone Ghost Circles GuessingGame! Here you have to answer the questionsand score points for your team.Each question you will have to guess somemay be tricky and hard but you can do it! Theteam with the closest answer gets the points(The team must all agree on one answer) andthe team with the most points wins! So letsget started…
  3. 3. How many RatCreatures are behindthis tree?
  4. 4. THERE ISTHREE!!!
  5. 5. How ManyMaps DidFone BoneFind?
  6. 6. Fone Bone Found 43 Maps
  7. 7. How manyShirts DoesPhoneyBoneHave?
  8. 8. Phoney Found7 Shirts
  9. 9. Seems like the rat creatures lost the nextquestion I guess you can make up your own!
  10. 10. The rat creatures lost an other one!Try and guess how many they lostbefore.
  11. 11. They lost over1,000,000 questions!!
  12. 12. LAST QUESTION: Whatis this guys name?
  14. 14. That’s All! So thanks for playing! Tally Up The Scores And See Which Team Won