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United London Case Studies


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A selection of planning case studies from the short lived WPP agency - United London

United London Case Studies

  1. United London Case studies
  2. Problem Idea Position The best solutions come from the right problem What is the brand’s point of view on the things we care about? Promise How does the brand deliver on this position? Brand idea The idea behind the brand not an idea from the brand
  3. Problem Idea Position The brand that created the cereal bar category in the UK had lost its relevance and salience for British families. We all need more outdoors in our lives. It is fun, healthy and it bonds families together. Promise The crunch, goo and chew of every tracker make it the perfect partner for your family’s outdoor activities Brand idea Tracker. The rucksack snack Tracker
  4. Problem Idea Position People believe that the way to reduce salt is to cut down on the salt they add when cooking or eating. Yet 75% of the salt we eat is already in the food we buy. Salt is a hidden killer Promise Watch the hidden salt in the food you buy and you can significantly reduce the salt your family consumes Brand idea Is your food full of S**t? FSA - Salt
  5. Problem Idea Position Young people are immune to messages about limiting their alcohol consumption Excessive drinking makes you vulnerable to immediate harm Promise Only you can know your limits and stay out of harm’s way Brand idea Alcohol makes you feel invincible just when you are most vulnerable NHS/Home Office – Alcohol harm reduction
  6. Problem Idea Position Premium opportunities in the toilet paper category have been limited by perceptions that toilet paper is a household product instead of a personal one. Your bottom deserves a skincare brand as much as any other part of your body Promise Lotus Freshness is luxuriously soft toilet tissues, infused with a gentle cleansing balm. Brand idea Skincare for your derriere Lotus
  7. Problem Idea Position Londoners don’t need another newspaper Real Londoners live in London, work in London and play in London Promise The London Paper is your daily guide to our constantly changing city Brand idea We live London The London Paper
  8. Problem Idea Position The ELC has lost its distinctive role in parents lives – it’s just another toy shop Play isn’t a part of a child’s life, it is a child’s life. And every aspect of that life is experienced through play Promise Toys and ideas designed to inspire Imaginative, creative and physical play Brand idea You are what you play The Early Learning Centre
  9. Problem Idea Position The irony of this category is that while recycling has never been more popular in the UK, sales of recycled toilet tissue are in decline You are not recycling if you don’t buy recycled Promise Nouvelle makes sense of your recycling efforts because it is 100% recycled with a 100% recycled core Brand idea The Recycling Cycle Nouvelle
  10. Problem Idea Position The world of permission snacking that promises the earth and delivers very little Generosity is the spirit of our age Promise With a whole portion in every bar no other cereal bar is as generous with the fruit Brand idea The Fruitiest Cereal Bar By Far Frutasia
  11. Problem Idea Position When people eat ready made food they find it incredibly difficult to understand the excess of information on packaging – in this instance too much information is a bad thing Consumers should be given simple and actionable information on every product they buy Promise The new traffic lights labelling standard tells you if a product has high, medium or low levels of fats, sugar & salt Brand idea FSA – Food Labelling
  12. Problem Idea Position Promise Brand idea