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Think like a CSO


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A presentation of pitchy aphorisms that define the way that I think and plan

Published in: Marketing

Think like a CSO

  1. 1. Think like a CSO
  2. 2. Win business, lead clients and create outstanding work
  3. 3. Safe looking people with dangerous minds
  4. 4. Radical means solving the problem at its root cause
  5. 5. If you aren’t solving the right problem no solution will be right
  6. 6. True value comes from disruption not optimisation
  7. 7. Prioritise effectiveness over efficiency
  8. 8. Ideas first, data second
  9. 9. Hate orthodoxy of any kind
  10. 10. It’s more important to be interesting than to be right
  11. 11. Plan from within
  12. 12. God is not in the detail but in the narrative
  13. 13. Think like a lawyer
  14. 14. Never assert, always prove
  15. 15. Proof comes in many guises, data is one of them
  16. 16. The more sources the better
  17. 17. If you don’t have the data commission it
  18. 18. Never neglect the weird shit
  19. 19. You never present, you always perform
  20. 20. Let them know upfront they are in for a good time
  21. 21. You need drama more than theatre
  22. 22. Drama is in the narrative, theatre is in the performance
  23. 23. Craft a hard start, never drift into your case
  24. 24. Get them in the right place for the work. In mind, body and soul
  25. 25. None of this counts for shit if you don’t have the work