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Empathy is not just for wimps


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Slides from a new presentation on Empathy. As usual the slides will make little sense. As ever contact me if you want me to talk you through it

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Empathy is not just for wimps

  1. 1. Empathy is not just for wimps
  2. 2. My dog Edward Lobster sex The 44th president of the USA Winston Churchill George Orwell Tom Hanks
  3. 3. “There is a lot of talk in this country about the federal deficit. But I think we should talk more about the empathy deficit”
  4. 4. Empathy > Compassion
  5. 5. Negotiation Trust building Communication Selling
  6. 6. “Empathy is not a soft nurturing value but a hard commercial tool that every business needs in its DNA”
  7. 7. T “If you’ve got a little bit of empathy, you’re kind of not a psychopath.”
  8. 8. Two types of empathy
  9. 9. 1. Affective empathy
  10. 10. Shared emotional response
  11. 11. Oxytocin Morality Trust Empathy Source: The Moral Molecule - how trust works, Paul Zak, 2013 Oxytocin’s virtuous circle
  12. 12. 2. Cognitive empathy
  13. 13. Perspective taking
  14. 14. “Cognitive empathy is the imaginative act of stepping into another person’s shoes and being able to look at the World from their perspective”
  15. 15. Humanity is the key to empathy
  16. 16. Empathy can be learned and perfected
  17. 17. Prejudice Authority Distance
  18. 18. 1. See the person
  19. 19. 2. Immerse yourself
  20. 20. 3. Hone the craft of conversation
  21. 21. 4. Speak authentically
  22. 22. 5. Tell stories
  23. 23. The more we see the World the way our clients see the World, the more successful we will be personally and commercially
  24. 24. Thank you