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Developing your own planning style - remix


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I did a talk to the IPA on developing your own planning style. I asked a bunch of planners I rated to describe their planning style which was rather interesting. So here is the bits of the presentation that quote different planners talking about this.

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Developing your own planning style - remix

  1. 1. developing your own planning style
  2. 2. David Bain, Richard Storey, Malcolm White, Neil Goodland, Charlie Snow, Guy Murphy, Giles Hedger and Richard Huntington
  3. 3. I would describe both as gonzo David Bain
  4. 4. One eternal objective
  5. 5. Better beginnings
  6. 6. instinctively rigorous Giles Hedger
  7. 7. simple enthusiasm Charlie Snow
  8. 8. I see the truth as my client and I ask difficult questions in order to get to it. And somehow people seem to trust me Guy Murphy
  9. 9. Uncomplicated Neil Goodlad
  10. 10. Malcolm White
  11. 11. Richard Storey
  12. 12. 1. I inevitably aim for obvious. It can be a criticism (its a bit obvious isn’t it) but the right kind of obvious can be dynamite
  13. 13. 2. There is a style of planning based on understanding, mirroring and reflecting what people think (you love football we love football). I instinctively aim to change the way people think (we are not a drugs company we are the enemies of disease)
  14. 14. 3. There is also the ‘dress it up in fancy talk to make it look clever’ approach. I am at the opposite end the spectrum from that
  15. 15. I look for what’s interesting not what is right Me
  16. 16. make your limitation your selling point
  17. 17. style not just substance