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Discover how to give up smoking


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Check out the tips and advice to kick the habit for good. Think about the money you will be saving and how much healthier you will become. If your goal this year is to finally quit smoking you need to visit

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Discover how to give up smoking

  1. 1. ==== ====Discover why quitting smoking is the best thing you can do. quit now. ====There are a lot of answers to the question why quit smoking. Of course improved health is theobvious one. We all know that smoking isnt good for us and that cigarette smoke contains toxinsin damages your lungs. But the reasons for quitting smoking go far beyond the obvious andsignificant health benefits. Here are some others to consider.MoneyIn todays world, the finances of smoking are major reason for giving up the habit. A pack ofcigarettes is very expensive already and theyre only going to get more expensive as governmentkeeps adding on taxes. That money adds up quickly. Think about other things you could do with itif you werent squandering it on something thats ruining your health.Self-respectSmoking is an addiction, and smokers have the same problems with self-respect other addictshave. Its difficult to have a very high opinion of yourself if you feel your life is controlled by anaddiction. On the other hand, people that are able to overcome their addiction and give upcigarettes have a justifiably high opinion of themselves. This confidence carries over into the restof their life.Your KidsIf you have children, theyre a major reason why you should quit smoking. Its no longer aquestion. Secondhand smoke definitely causes health problems, especially asthma in kids. Notonly is to second hand smoke a problem, but so is the example youre setting. I highly doubt thatyou want your kids to start smoking. You may have even told them not to and that you wish youhad never started. But kids tend to pay more attention to what we do than what we say. Thechildren of smokers are much more likely to start smoking themselves.Your LooksIf nothing else, you may want to stop smoking to save your appearance. Smokers have a poorercomplexion and a greater number of wrinkles than non-smokers. Its possible to tell if somebody issmoker just by the look of their skin. Not only that, smoking turns teeth yellow and makes for lousybreath. If you smoke, probably the only person willing to kiss you will be another smoker.You can probably come up with some more reasons to stop smoking that are important to you.You can get some more ideas at:
  2. 2. Why Quit Smoking. Imagine how great it would be to be smoke-free.Also, Ive found a program that has an over 90% success rate promises to help you quit withoutgaining weight or experiencing any major cravings. You can read about that program at:Quit Smoking Review.Since this system comes with a money back guarantee you cant go wrong trying it.Article Source: ====Discover why quitting smoking is the best thing you can do. quit now. ====