Discover how to give up smoking


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Check out the tips and advice to kick the habit for good. Think about the money you will be saving and how much healthier you will become. If your goal this year is to finally quit smoking you need to visit

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Discover how to give up smoking

  1. 1. ==== ====Discover the best ways to quit smoking. quit now. ====In short the answer to the question: "Is there a best way to quit smoking" is yes. There is a bestway to quit smoking for everyone but the method that may work for you may not work for others.What you need to do is find out which way is best for you.There are several methods you can employ to quit smoking. The main ones are behaviouraltherapy, hypnosis, drugs, nicotine replacement therapy, will power and alternative methods. I willgive a brief description of each approach along with its pros and cons.Is cognitive behavioural therapy the best way top quit smoking?Cognitive behavioural therapy is one of the most successful methods to help smokers quit withsuccess rates well above 50%. This is not the same as the standard literature you find all over theplace. It is not the set a quit date, write out a quit plan, stay in and avoid alcohol etc. etc. Thatdoesnt work.Cognitive behavioural therapy breaks smoking down into twenty or so component parts andchanges the way you think about smoking, component by component. The end result is that all thereasons you think you smoke for are destroyed and you lose the will to smoke.It is not a magic bullet. It is just one particularly effective approach to quitting smoking that uses nodrugs whatsoever and leaves smokers feeling liberated the moment they quit smoking, rather thanbeing fraught with anxiety. It is cheap when compared to other systems (less than $50) and isnormally sold with a no quibble money back guarantee.Is hypnosis the best way to quit smoking?Studies suggest that hypnosis is successful to the tune of 30% of smokers in single sessions.Using multiple sessions, success rates of 60% plus have been reported. There is some evidencethat women struggle to quit as readily as men using hypnosis.It works by changing a persons mental attitude toward smoking using powerful visualisationtechniques. Hypnosis is similar to neuro-linguistic programming or NLP. Both use similarrelaxation and meditation techniques to overcome cravings and nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Itis far from suitable for everyone but it is non-chemical and there are no drugs to use.Hypnosis products can be bought over the internet for around $50 but one to one sessions withhypnotherapists can be considerably more expensive, to the tune of several hundred dollars.Are drug therapies the best way to quit smoking?
  2. 2. The pharmaceutical industry seems to think so! Zyban is found to work in about 16% of smokersand Chantix has been found to be about 22% effective. It is not 44% effective as claimed byPfizer, its manufacturer.Drug therapies are almost always used alongside counselling to help smokers achieve their aimsof becoming non-smokers. Drug therapies can be provided by health authorities or may beincluded within medical insurance. They generally cost in excess of $300 to complete the coursesif bought privately.The downside to drug therapies aside from cost is that you may suffer from side effects which canbe serious enough to stop you using the drug.Another downside is that you do not get a money back guarantee with them, unlike my own book(which uses cognitive behavioural therapy) and most hypnosis products available on the internet.Is nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) the best way to quit smoking?Studies show that NRT can increase you chances of quitting smoking when compared to peopletrying to quit cold turkey taking it from around 5% to around 10%. It comes in the form oftransdermal patches, which deliver nicotine through the skin into the bloodstream. It also comesas gum or pills (lozenges and microtabs) or plastic cigarettes or nasal sprays.Nicotine replacement therapies work on the assumption that smoking consists of nicotineaddiction and the habit of smoking. Smokers are expected to overcome the habit whilst stillgetting their nicotine hit from the NRT product and then they are expected to reduce their nicotineintake until they are free from cigarettes and nicotine all together.The downside of NRT is its expense in relation to the success rate it achieves. It is just asexpensive as smoking and can leave people still needing the nicotine in the form of gum orlozenges for many months or even years after quitting smoking. NRT is often used in conjunctionwith Zyban to enhance both NRT and Zyban effectiveness. This makes it twice as expensive ofcourse!Is willpower the best way to quit smoking?Will power has a very low success rate and smokers generally need to make several attemptsover several years before they successfully quit smoking. The benefits of the willpower method arethat the long terms success rate is very high. Chantix, Zyban and NRT approaches to quittingsmoking can be more effective in the short term, but in the longer term, willpower quitters stay offthe smokes for good.The financial benefit of this method is very good of course because it doesnt cost a penny! This ishowever a false economy because it takes so long to successfully quit, there are a lot of packs ofcigarettes bought between attempts and the final, and successful quit.Are alternative methods the best way to quit smoking?
  3. 3. Alternative methods include herbal remedies, acupuncture and laser treatments amongst manyothers. Anecdotally, these methods have been found to be successful but the scientific evidence isnot available. TV programs showing how successful each of these treatments can be rely oninterviewing one or two individuals - hence the anecdotal support.These methods are frequently expensive and rarely come with a money back guarantee. They arevirtually all supported by counselling in the form of book, audio tapes or one to one sessions.So what is the best way to quit smoking?My advice is to start by accepting there is going to be a cost to quitting smoking. There is going tobe a higher cost to continue smoking, not only in terms of cash, but most significantly in terms ofhealth.If you want to quit smoking be prepared to accept that you may need to try several methods beforeyou find your very own best way to quit smoking. The one that works for you will not be 50% or30% or 22% effective - the one that works for you will be 100% effective and that is what reallymatters.Start by considering products that come with money back guarantees so you can try it and if youfail, you can get your money back. Then move onto the next system until you come to thosesolutions that do not have money back guarantees.As ever, my advice to any smoker trying to quit is to never stop trying to quit. Fall down seventimes, get up eight!Why do people try to quit smoking before they know how to quit smoking? Pete Howells is theauthor of the EasyQuit System available only online at He also blogs,post articles and videos at and at http://quit-smoking-hypnosis-blog.blogspot.comArticle Source: ====Discover the best ways to quit smoking. quit now.
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