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Presentation SCORE Workshop


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Brief presentation about my research project covered in my OLnet fellowship.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Presentation SCORE Workshop

  1. 1. Towards a theoretical foundation of Open Education and OER Markus Deimann FernUniversität in Hagen (GERMANY)
  2. 2. As of Summer 2011: 75.950 students enrolled, 55% male, age focus 29-35 years <ul>The biggest University in Germany </ul>Bachelor’s degree programmes (e.g.): Computer Science, Educational Science, Business Administration and Economics Master’s degree programmes (e.g.): Education and Media - eEducation Mathematics Law (Master of Laws) Economics
  3. 3. Informal learning in Open and complex environments 29.09.11 Department of Instructional Technology & Media Fundamental changes in society due to the advancement of ICT Impact on Education: E-learning, web-based learning
  4. 4. Education and learning – a significant difference Learning as inter-related steps : Step I: classical stimulus-response Step II: context matters Step III: traditions, cultures, patterns etc. become fragile -> new frameworks to engange with yourself and the world need to be generated, i.e. new skills and competencies to master the challenges It is not a learning process, it is an educational process
  5. 5. Education theories Bildung unique in the world originated in Idealism Philosophical roots reflect conditions of society
  6. 6. My research approach Provide a theoretical foundation Introduce Open Education/OER to Education Theory Reconstructive social research Mapping theoretical conceptions: What is education today? Reflecting current conditions of the society and of the educational system Compile empirical evidence of OER and Open Education How Open Education and OER impact Education and Bildung?
  7. 7. What do you think about that? Any suggestions or hints??