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Your lowly tracker link can do more than you think. With a range of special parameters and settings, you can set up sophisticated and intelligent redirection, fallbacks, conditional data syncing and a whole range of other mobile marketing mechanics. We'll show you the ropes.

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  1. 1. The Mobile Measurement Company
  2. 2. The Mobile Measurement Company Trackers …building blocks of campaign tracking 2
  3. 3. The Mobile Measurement Company 3 Agenda Now ‣ What are trackers ‣ What is their purpose ‣ How to set up trackers ‣ Creating useful segments ‣ Adding parameters to trackers ‣ How does this translate into the dashboard Looking Forward ‣ Tracking Concept ‣ Dashboard ‣ Raw Data
  4. 4. The Mobile Measurement Company Where are trackers found? 4
  5. 5. The Mobile Measurement Company Why do I need trackers? Trackers are the foundation of campaign tracking and nothing can be done without them. 5 AD NETWORK
  6. 6. The Mobile Measurement Company 6
  7. 7. The Mobile Measurement Company 7 Where are trackers found? Click Tracker 7 days Impression Tracker 24 f0ob4r?idfa=< INSERT IDFA >
  8. 8. The Mobile Measurement Company 8 Cross / Multi Platform Tracker (iOS) A user clicks AD NETWORK Trackers + =
  9. 9. The Mobile Measurement Company 9 Trackers for all my partners? Special Social Network Partner TV Partners UA
  10. 10. The Mobile Measurement Company 10 Organising your sources Each Adjust tracker can segment users up to four levels deep: NETWORK CAMPAIGN ADGROUP CREATIVE
  11. 11. The Mobile Measurement Company 11 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
  12. 12. The Mobile Measurement Company 12 Adding Campaign Structure Parameters campaign=MobileSchool&adgroup=Course01&creative=Berlin This would create a segment displayed in your dashboard as “AdjustTest > MobileSchool > Course01> Berlin.” = MobileSchool = Course01 = Berlin Hardcoded campaign adgroup creative +
  13. 13. The Mobile Measurement Company 13 Network Macros{{networkcampaign_name}} &adgroup={{networkadgroup_name}}&creative={{networkcreative_name}} = {campaign_name} = {adgroup_name} = {creative_name} Dynamic Segments
 creative Each Adjust tracker can segment users up to four levels deep: +
  14. 14. The Mobile Measurement Company 14 …what else can I add to trackers? Adjust tracker + Fallback send users on wrong platform to another location Redirect to send all users to a particular URL Deeplink send users straight into your app retargeting Click Label inject additional data
  15. 15. The Mobile Measurement Company 15 Fallback + “Why?“ targeting off platform 
 users ex. newsletter AD NETWORK
  16. 16. The Mobile Measurement Company 16 Redirect AD NETWORK + “Why?“ ‣ custom URL is not an option ‣ third party store ‣ user requires to complete an action ‣ redirect_ios ‣ redirect_android ‣ redirect_windows ‣ redirect_macos ‣ redirect_windows-phone
  17. 17. The Mobile Measurement Company Custom Redirect 17
  18. 18. The Mobile Measurement Company 18 Deeplinks ‣ Easier on-boarding ‣ Boosting engagement & 
 re-engagement ‣ Improve user retention Send your users directly to where you want them to be DEEP LINK Brings user to exact spot in your app if the app is installed DEFERRED DEEP LINK Bring user to exact spot in your app after app is re-installed / installed for the 1st time
  19. 19. The Mobile Measurement Company 19 Why do you need Deeplinks? Retargeting Push Notification Deferred Deeplink users to product pages they visited or to the cart, when they haven’t completed the purchase yet Deeplink users to content highlighted in use messages Deeplink users on the first app open Index your app to make it available on Google Search App Indexing
  20. 20. The Mobile Measurement Company 20 Types of adjust deeplinks 1. Adjust tracker + deeplink parameter: 2. Direct deeplink: myapp://prod_view?adjust_tracker=f0ob4r 3. Universal Links: URL scheme Retargeting campaigns IOS 9 and 10 users Retargeting campaigns ‣ Push notifications ‣ Google Retargeting Acquisition and retargeting campaigns Path Adjust Parameters
  21. 21. The Mobile Measurement Company 21 Click Label Where is the data found? campaign=MobileSchool&adgroup=Cours e01&creative=Berlin&label=12345 {campaignid} macro Adserver/ Adnetwork 62862 12345 Hardcoded Value Callbacks received Adserver/ Ad-Network 62862 12345 Hardcoded Value Callbacks received campaign=MobileSchool&adgroup=Cours e01&creative=Berlin&label={userID}
  22. 22. The Mobile Measurement Company 22 Referral Setup Workflow In order to know who invited the voucher (label) should include a user ID or some kind of code that identifies the user that send the invites. The referral information can be received in the app via delegates and via client callback. APP APP APP STORE
  23. 23. The Mobile Measurement Company 23 How are these trackers created? ‣ Tracker Wizard - create a new tracker (select network) and campaign ‣ structure is automatically created for you ‣ add additional parameters ‣ will use necessary placeholders ‣ copy paste ‣ no room for error
  24. 24. The Mobile Measurement Company 24 What does the data look like in my dashboard?
  25. 25. The Mobile Measurement Company 25 Andreas Naumann FRAUD SPECIALIST ADJUST HQ
 Saarbrücker Str. 38
 10405 Berlin
 Germany Moscow