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Adjoin Bpo Intro Eng

  1. 1. Contact Center Solutions Business Process Outsourcing IT Outsourcing
  2. 2. Agenda 3.Why outsource? 4.Who we are? 5.Our Services 6.Benefits 7.Our Rates 8.Contact Us
  3. 3. Why Outsource?
  4. 4. Outsourcing cost savings, operational advantage Reasons to outsource: • Obtain expertise, skills, and technologies • Increase flexibility • Improve operating performance • Reduce costs and investments in assets • Improve credibility and image • Expand capacity • Acquire innovative ideas • Accelerate expansion • Increase product and service value, customer satisfaction, and shareholder value
  5. 5. More reasons to outsource • Seasonal crunch support • Can no longer hire qualified agents into current ops • Operating cost pressures • Not enough capital to build more captive centers • Limited internal management skill to expand captive ops • Want to take advantage of 3rd party skills or technology, e.g., chat, IVR, CRM • Need broader time zone coverage, e.g., within US or “follow the sun” and/or for 24/7 coverage
  6. 6. Contact Center Cost Index
  7. 7. Cost elements • Domestically and offshore Two Low Cost Markets
  8. 8. Why outsource (offshore)?
  9. 9. Selecting the right outsourcing partner • Pick the zone
  10. 10. Selecting the right outsourcing partner • Where in the world?
  11. 11. Selecting the right outsourcing partner • Why Guatemala? No Currency Controls Taxes – Guatemala does not tax offshore income. Weather – Guatemala is free of extreme weather Communications – Guatemala has excellent Internet Bandwidth, good cell phone coverage and of course land lines for phone and fax. Travel – Should the need to travel to Guatemala arise there are a number of airlines flying regularly to •Excellent connectivity and Guatemala City. Guatemala is only 2 hours from USA, 1.5 hours from Mexico City, 2 hours from Panama, 1.5 redundancy hours from Nicaragua etc. •BPO is growing faster Language – Workforce speak excellent English and •Competitive costs Spanish. This means fewer mistakes than you would have in a country without English speakers. •Qualified workforce •Tax Exemptions Guatemala has a Stable Democracy – Free elections and a lack of ties to certain countries that like to violate •Proximity and easy access privacy and get other countries to do so.
  12. 12. Selecting the right outsourcing partner • Why Guatemala? Telecommunications Guatemala now has what was one of the most successful privatizations of state in the telephony world. Thanks to immediate and not gradual liberalization, the market was opened to foreign investment since 1996, so after 13 years Guatemala has: the lowest cellular rates in Latin America. One of the lowest rates of long-distance Latin America. Guatemala now has 3 mobile phone operators, 19 local network operators, and 20 international port operators, with a density of 34 lines per 100 inhabitants. There are more than 28 ISPs (Internet Service Providers) offer services such as QoS, MPLS and capacities up to STM64. The country is connected to the NAP of the Americas by means of 3 separate submarine cables and land cables to Mexico. The proposed fiber-largest in Latin America, emerged, complete the ring across the whole country and passing through the center of Guatemala City. This has allowed a redundancy of 99.9875%. Guatemalan telecommunications providers have the greatest amount of leased space at the NAP of the Americas in Latin America. The sector also has a wide range of integrators that can implement contingency sites and complex business continuity.
  13. 13. Who we are?
  14. 14. ADJOIN • Founded in 2007 • Headquartes in Guatemala City, Guatemala • Located in a Secure site (Citibank on the same building) • Capacity 225+ seats • Bilingual Workforce (English, Spanish) • 80% of employees are University Educated
  15. 15. ADJOIN • Our Vision Adjoin’s vision is to become Latin America’s leader in business process outsourcing solutions through efficient workforce, innovative technology, and best-in-class processes. • Our Mission Provide our clients and their customers with the highest level of professionalism and service as we continue to find innovative ways to grow and improve profitability and shareholder value in a dynamic and fun environment.
  16. 16. ADJOIN: your best partner • Building lasting partnerships • Putting together the pieces
  17. 17. ADJOIN: your best partner
  18. 18. Our Services
  19. 19. Our Services • Contact Center Solutions – Customer care – Technical support – Sales and Marketing – Financial Services and Administration – Customer Administration – Market research – Surveys – Directory Assistance – Self-service
  20. 20. Our Services • Business Process Outsourcing – Order Processing – Billing/Collections – Scanning and data entry – Backoffice Support – Risk Management – Document Management – Database Management
  21. 21. Our Services • IT Oursourcing – IVR & Speech Applications Development – Web & Database Development – Data Processing – Desktop Management
  22. 22. Our Competitive Advantage
  23. 23. Our Competitive Advantage • Infrastructure – IP PBX – T1 / E1 Connectivity – Dell Servers (dual power supply, RAID) – High peed Internet connection – Electric generator, UPS protected equipment – Computers with latest technology • Contact Center Technologies – CRM, ACD, CTI, IVR – Realtime monitoring – Calls Recording – Online reports and Metrics – Virtual Agents (self-service)
  24. 24. Our Competitive Advantage • Self-service Applications (Virtual Agents) – Telemarketing – Surveys – Alerts / Reminders / Notifications – Directory Assistance – Collections – Digital Recepcionist • Technologies – ASR (automated speech recognition) – TTS (text to speech) – VoiceXML – VoIP (voice over internet protocol)
  25. 25. Benefits
  26. 26. Benefits of Outsourcing • Focus management’s efforts of “core” functions • Achieve cost-savings by reduced overhead • Achieve cost-savings by reduced training • Achieve cost-savings by economies of scale • Achieve higher level service from vendor specialization • Enhance performance from vendor specialization • Reduce capital expenditures, particularly in outsourcing management and information technology services • Take advantage of improvements in technology • Gain access to new technologies and methods
  27. 27. Benefits we provide… • Nearshore Operation • Central Standard Time (CST, GMT -6) • Productive personnel who handle customer transactions promptly and competently to assure customer satisfaction and enhance customer loyalty. • Efficient use of resources and technology to control costs and increase profits. • Accent neutrality enables aggressive English speaking growth for agents • Dedicated account teams: executive, operations, trainers, and QA • Excellent service level agreements • Daily/weekly/monthly operations meetings and quarterly business reviews
  28. 28. Benefits we provide… Return On Investment • Adjoin combines a low-cost/high-value model to extend savings to our clients • Utilizing best practices in recruiting and operations, thus reducing high costs of turn over • With highly-skilled employees, we increase productivity and quality results • We reduce the ever-increasing cost of technology and reduce our clients’ capital investments • Dedicated account teams facilitate improved decision making • Scalable business model helps manage workload fluctuations • Adjoin services helps our clients focus on their core business
  29. 29. Contact Us Blvd Los Próceres 5-56 Zona 10 Edif Unicentro Nivel 13 Guatemala City, Guatemala, 01010 PBX: (502) 2310-2222