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God uses these three lesser prophecies as multi-factor authentification of who Jesus really is.

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  1. 1. GALILEE Jerusalem Jordan River
  2. 2. Jerusalem GALILEE
  3. 3. SCEPTER ROBE MESSIAH TREE Jesus fulfilled all three offices of “God’s government”: PRIEST, PROPHET, & KING. God uses these 3 lesser prophecies as MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTIFICATION of who Jesus really is. Caiaphas broke The Torah (the law) when, as High Priest, he TORE HIS ROBES at the mock trial of Jesus.
  4. 4. Pax Romana = Roman Peace27 BC 180 AD Accession of Caesar Augustus, founder of the Roman principate Death of Marcus Aurelius, last of the “good emperors” ~30 AD Christ Jesus Dies, Resurrected, and Ascends to the Right Hand of the Father The Holy Spirit is sent, New Testament is written, and the Gospel is sent out to the known world before the end of Pax Romana
  5. 5. JESUS ROBE WOOD SCEPTER Since the SCEPTER had left the Jews in AD 7, they used its loss to MANIPULATE Rome. Jesus foretells that He will be ACCURSED when He is CRUCIFIED and HUNG on a TREE.
  6. 6. Know Jesus, Know Life No Jesus, No Life Why the scepter, the robes, & the wood? So, if you do not BELIEVE IN JESUS as YOUR SAVIOR, that you soon will… ...and, if you already have, it will assure YOU of your ETERNAL LIFE in Him!!!! The best authentication factor of Jesus: THE HOLY SPIRIT.