Final Brand Monitoring Report


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Here is a final report detailing all that we have gone through in our presentation, Enjoy.

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Final Brand Monitoring Report

  1. 1. 2012 Brand Monitoring and Online Reputation Management Written By Josh Avidan and Andrew Jacobson 1|Page
  2. 2. MRK634MT Brand Monitoring and Online Rep Management Wed March 28, 2012What is Brand Monitoring? Brand monitoring is a task consisting of systematic and strategic investigation via online web-based resources such as ReviewPush, Nutshellmail, Hyperalrert, Grader, and Twilert. There is literallyhundreds of other readily-available software online but these are the some of the specific ones that weare focusing on. The intention of this procedure is to discover, and sometimes react to, references of acompany, brand, or competitors. The process proves to be necessary and beneficial for firms that aresensitive to consumers’ perception of them, particularly when negative information surfaces.Companies are gradually realizing the importance of monitoring and sometimes altering or fixingnegative publicity. People are talking about your brand both online and in real time, over manydifferent platforms. We are still in an early age of brand monitoring but the progress which hasoccurred so far has seen exponential growth since its introduction to the market. Primitive brandmonitoring tools were mostly only able to track and display mentions of programmed keywords. Today,monitoring software is not only used for tracking, but also in-depth analysis of all things Social Media. Brand monitoring can also be used by individuals too in a sense. An individual who is seeking ajob should be particularly aware of the type of impact he/she has created in his/her name on theinternet. It is becoming more and more common for employers to perform Google and/or Facebooksearches on applicants – often resulting in getting rejected for the job if undesirable content isdiscovered.What is Online Reputation Management? Online reputation management is becoming a rapidly growing concern among many firms,considering there are endless methods of interacting with each other over the internet in modern daysociety. Methods such as discussion boards, forums, blogs, wikis, and video sites are common ways thatpeople are communicating by on a daily basis. Because of the vast amount of outlets there are on theinternet, it is difficult to manage what consumers are saying about your brands. For this reason, thereare arrays of social media monitoring tools that can assist in online reputation management by helpingyou interact with the consumers and analyzing trends that they are producing. It is important to listento where the conversations are coming from, and join the conversations as much as possible. Onlinereputation is the new word-of-mouth.Benefits to Companies Although virtually any firm can benefit from brand monitoring and reputation management, it isparticularly useful in for-profit organizations as opposed to not-for-profit organizations. Not-for-profitcompanies tend to automatically have a positive brand image, as they are seen as distinctly differentfrom the companies that are trying to fleece consumers for all their money. Because of this, there is lessnegative publicity towards these types of businesses, thus making brand monitoring slightly lessimportant. It is the for-profit firms (both B2B and B2C) that are heavily relying on brand monitoring.This technology can assist firms in listening and responding to customers, improving customer 2|Page
  3. 3. MRK634MT Brand Monitoring and Online Rep Management Wed March 28, 2012satisfaction, and building trust and confidence towards a brand. In addition to the customer aspect,monitoring the social web also lets you manage your competition, be on top of business trends and havea first mover advantage. All in all, brand monitoring and online reputation management will assist inresolving issues quicker, avoiding negative publicity, and improving brand reputation.How Companies Specifically Use Brand Monitoring The main use that a company is going to have for brand monitoring websites and software is toobserve and report on how people and or groups are using and talking about your specific product orservice. The best way for a company to use brand-monitoring tools would not just be for their ownproducts it’s a great tool for tracking the demands of your target markets, what your competitors are upto and changing and evolving shifts happening in the business world. Along with being able to monitoryour company, your customers and of course your competition the process of brand managementoffered by these technologies allows your company to focus and act on any bad trends beginning toform. When it comes to tracking your brand online it’s all about knowing who’s talking about yourproduct or service, what are they saying about it, when did they talk about it and who agrees/disagreeswith what they said. When it comes to monitoring a brand, product or service online there is no specialwizarding tool that magically tells you how well your brand is doing, (although a few sites take a goodwhack at it) it is a matter of tracking comments, posts, mentions and anything else that people couldthink to do with themselves and the stuff they like online. Companies use these services so they cantrack not only what is being said about them but also what is being said about their competitors. What isrequired of a company using these technologies is a constant to immediate updates about the brandsand topics that relate to or affect the market that your business operates in. along with monitoring whatis being said about yours and your competitors brands these software’s allow you to track the overallconsumer feel and opinion of not so much the product but the market and the brand… for instance youmight find that a product is really liked by consumers but the brand is not so popular or vice versa. Other things you might be able to find are growing trends that are working for or against yourproduct, an example of a product that’s liked that had a growing trend of negative and undesirablefeedback from customers was the Sun Chips with their compostable bags, people complained constantlythat the bags were to noisy and the company stood by the fault saying it’s good for the environment andyou will learn to live with it, in fact the company’s sales saw a dramatic drop… I guess they did learn tolive with it or in this case without it. By ignoring the very direct and obvious customer dissatisfaction the company lost potentialrevenue until the problem had been addressed, had they had the ability to see this trending news theycould have taken action earlier and avoided the revenue loss. 3|Page
  4. 4. MRK634MT Brand Monitoring and Online Rep Management Wed March 28, 2012For-Profit VS Not-For Profit There are plenty of companies using these tools and software to monitor their brand or theircompetition but the majority of the heavy users of these products are focused on the overall aspect oftracking and monitoring consumers to know when they are going to shop and how. A few for profit organizations that I have found that use brand monitoring services are: Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Macy’s Target, Sears, J.C. Penney, Kohl’s, Radio Shack and Toys-R-Us all use the samedevice called Tweetmeter developed by E.Life.“E.Life, a social media monitoring and analysis vendor, used its Tweetmeter software to track nine of thetop retail brands from November 18 through November 25. More than 281,000 tweets were analyzed.The results show that the most-mentioned store was Wal-Mart, with 156,000 tweets over the one-weekperiod.” (E.Life). Although this is a great site this isn’t even a drop in the bucket of the amount of companiesconstantly using, upgrading and developing new and better brand monitoring sites. One major challengewhen it comes to finding companies that use brand monitoring is just the simple fact of whether theyuse it or not, however I’m sure that at this point in time of the technological development of society thatany company that is online is being monitored in some way. With almost every company online beingmonitored so that the companies can track product anticipation and better understand their ownresource allocation it leaves a large window in tracking not-for-profit organizations as well as currentglobal concerns, issues and needs. One not-for-profit organization that I was able to find that uses thesetechnologies is the American Red Cross, using software called Radian6 that is used as a Social MediaMonitoring and engagement tool another not-for-profit organization I found was Global Giving utilizinga site called Thrive another site that seems to be widely used by many organizations both for-profit andnot-for-profit is the web based service already talked about by another group called Hootsuite. AlthoughI was unable to find many names of organizations that use this type of specialty brand monitoring andmanagement technology there other sites that allow for charities/not-for-profit organizations to useprimarily.Brand Monitoring and Online Reputation Resources1. ReviewPushSlogan: Monitor, Protect, Engage.Summary: ReviewPush allows users to keep an eye on their brand(s) without being time consuming.Alerts are transmitted through SmartPhone devices, and since the link is mobile friendly, it can be 4|Page
  5. 5. MRK634MT Brand Monitoring and Online Rep Management Wed March 28, 2012viewed conveniently at any time throughout the day. Whenever the business receives a new review, anemail alert is sent to the account user to indicate that a review has been posted. The business owner isthen able to respond to the review from the email.Purpose: Help local businesses manage their online reviews efficiently and effectively. Reviews aresearched for on websites such as Google Places, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Urban Spoon, Bing, Insider Pages,City Search, etc. Neglected reviews tend to scare away potential customersPrice: $29/month. Free 30 day trial if you would like to test it out first.Features include: • Monthly Reporting • Continuous Monitoring • Multiple Location Monitoring2. NutshellMail NutshellMail is a resource aimed towards small businesses. Created by the company ConstantContact, the tool transforms your own email account into command HUB for your entire social network.Slogan: Free, easy, and secure. • Set-it-and-leave-it tool for social media monitoring • Don’t need to log into multiple services • Brings together Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace updates right into your email inboxPrice: Free3. Hyperalert Hyper Alerts is a feature for either companies or individuals who want email reports of postsand comments on a Facebook Page.Slogan: The best way to get email alerts. • Provided by Hyper Interaktiv • You don’t have to be an administrator of the page to get our email alerts • Have as many subscriptions as you want • Get alerts within minutes, or a digest every hour, day, week or month – fully customizable 5|Page
  6. 6. MRK634MT Brand Monitoring and Online Rep Management Wed March 28, 2012Price: Free4. HupSpot Grader HubSpot has created a variety of “graders” that serve different purposes. Marketing Grader  Learn how well your company or brand is doing across 3 areas ofmarketing. Get found, convert your leads, drive conversations and improve your marketing as a whole. • Top of the Funnel (Is your company doing enough to bring traffic to your website? This feature will grade your content creation, optimization, and website promotion efforts • Middle of the Funnel (What is your company’s conversion rate of turning leads into customers?) • Analytics (Which marketing activities are working and which aren’t? Success and failure metrics) Tweet Grader  How influential are you on Twitter? • Free tool allowing users to check the power of their Twitter profiles • Retrieves full name, bio , location, followers, following, much more5. TwilertTwilert is a free web application that enables you to receive regular E-mail updates of tweets containingyour brand, product, service and any other keyword you desire. • Use Google or Twitter to create an account • Customize your search and customize when and how often to receive alerts • Filter your search by languages, tweeters, locations, and even attitudes6. Google Alerts • Simple • Categorized • Real-time updates • General or specific searches • Get alerts for topics or discussions via email updates Google alerts is a very interesting and simple search engine instead of just searching something orsearching for different results day by day this service will allow you to create alerts for your specificquery. So now instead of having to searches for something that might not even be relevant anymoredue to when it was released this site will allow you to get the newest most up to date postings. By using 6|Page
  7. 7. MRK634MT Brand Monitoring and Online Rep Management Wed March 28, 2012this site alerts will allow for updates whenever you want them be it right away or in a week later go onvacation and have Google still doing your research.7. Social Mention • Array of statistics • Categorized results makes for easy search of found content • Searches content from across the universe Social Mention doesn’t seem to be anything different from a Google search except for the fact thatwith each search you are given several different statistics. The first sets of stats that the searcher willfind are a box of four different numbers that include; Strength percentage, Sentiment Ratio, Passionpercentage, and Reach Percentage. Each one of these numbers is calculated using mathematicalformulas. Along with actual percentages and ratios of how influential the topic you are searching isthere a list of categories to allow the searcher to be very specific about the search results, from thesentiment in which the commentary was said, who said it and what key words were also part of theresults that you had originally searched for.8. TwentyFeet • Tracks information • Graphs tracks dips and rises in use and other functions and uses of social media sites • Facebook and twitter only free services provided the rest must be purchased • Online activity monitored over period of time TwentyFeet is much more of a professional site then the other two that I have previouslymentioned. Up until now all sites and services have been free, in order to really get the full benefit fromusing this website you would have to pay to use the other services. This site tracks in a graph format notso much content of your Facebook and twitter it is more of a way for consumers to keep track of theirfriends, comments, #hash tags, re-tweets and anything else that consumers can do using these sites.This site measures the importance and priority of the need for social commentary and action trackingfrom what you or your friends do on a day to day basis.9. Klout • Highly interactive • Keeps and influence score • Shows who you influence and who influences you • Tracks your influencer score over a period of time • Can earn free perks and unlock achievements Klout is by far the brand monitoring system that I find not only the most interesting but also the onethat is the most functional and intriguing of all the sites so far. It seems to be a cross of Google +,Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and TwentyFeet. You can earn prizes by achieving challenges, connecting 7|Page
  8. 8. MRK634MT Brand Monitoring and Online Rep Management Wed March 28, 2012with influencers and by bringing your influence score closer to 100. The larger your score the bigger aninfluencer you are the more a company will want you to follow them. This is one of the first sites that Ihave been able to find that allows the user to see an almost immediate benefit/reward for putting in tiertime and energy.10. Topsy • Categorizes based on time of post, search type (videos, images, documents, etc….) • Only searches the twitter and Google + networks • Many different language filters • Allows for alerts by email Topsy is a very basic search engine but is still very valuable because of its simplicity. The onlynetworks that Topsy searches is twitter and Google+, meaning that this is a search engine designed forquick results of not so much professional thoughts and opinions but for opinions of consumer and usersof the products and services. The informality of the site allows the user to find interesting quotesthoughts and ideas about topics of interest to both the consumers market as well as the businessmarket. 8|Page
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