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Social network


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facebook application

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Social network

  1. 1. Social Network Done By : Nurul Munerra Nurul Norshahfriena Nurul Haffizah Sandra Florina
  2. 2. What Is Social Network? Social structure made up of a set of actors such as individuals or organizations.
  3. 3. Facebook Youtube Whatsapp Nimbuzz List of SocialNetwork
  4. 4. Facebook A social networking siteintended to connect friends, family and business associates
  5. 5. Why is Facebook useful? 1. For communication 2. To get information and news 3. To get many friends over the world
  6. 6. It can be used everywhere either school, workplace and etc. And anytime.When Facebook isusually being used?
  7. 7. Limitation & Benefits No limitation because itcan connect over the Benefits world. I. Can upload images, videos and songs. II. Can tag friends whenever you check - in somewhere. III. Share photos and like the fanpages. IV. Adjust the setting privacy
  8. 8. How to get started with facebook?
  9. 9. More Informa tion about
  10. 10. Thank You