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Warli art broachoure. by AYUSH

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Ayush warli art 100628

  1. 1. Warli painting www.warli.adiyuva.in
  2. 2. ABOUT Warli painting Warli paintings of India are the foremost tribal art in the Indian Territory. These paintings capture the life of the tribes and offer a valuable insight into the lifestyle of the tribes. Located in Maharashtra. The origin of Warli tribe goes back to Neolithic period between 2500 BC and 3000 BC. Whenever a wedding or birth ceremony takes place in the tribe, we celebrate it by adorning our houses with fascinating designs. Even during the harvesting season, paintings and designs on the walls are the most common method of celebration.
  3. 3. About AYUSH AYUSH is group of Tribal youths form to guide/help needy students & tribal artist for there career. & is only group with presence on internet of real tribal artist to meet today's needs
  4. 4. Our capabilities – • Pure traditional painting styles • Painted & concepts by Original tribal artist • Artist with span of earpiece of national exhibitions • Painting with modern themes • Painting with more color shades • Original paintings (without brush) • Painting with Fusion modern art if requested • Concept & themes creations as per requirements • Painting on wall/banner/canvass • Greeting cards • Panting on clothes/articles • E painting on requirement • Glass panting, etc
  5. 5. Requirements – All requirements should be clearly mention in request form while confirming order Mention all requirements in form if particulars Requirements changes after starting painting works may not be entertain Style & themes – You can select styles/themes from wide range of samples from online albums Mention the themes/color preferred if required at initial only You can customize style & themes for your painting [with increase in rates] You can keep open selection of theme, color pattern to artist
  6. 6. Painting background – •If requested historical background of painting can be supplied along with painting with additional charges •Information will be in Marathi, English •Artist can give demo of paintings with additional fees •Artist can address to the seminar with additional fees Communication – •Direct communication with artist can be done for any query or clarifications •Mail communication or call can be answer in same day •Any communication mail ayush@adiyuva.in
  7. 7. Rates – The rate mentioned in rate charts are basic rates for panting. Real rate will vary according to finishing & material Transportation allowance should paid by customer in case of site visit Any additional/changes in requirements in between may leads to add cost to original order Payments- Payments- 50% Advance payment for confirming order 50% on delivery time Transportation allowance in case of home delivery or courier Instrument/material charges needs to pay by customer if special material used Online payments can be accepted
  8. 8. Order •Order Confirmation – •After finalizing all requirement order can be consider for confirmation •Order can be confirm with 50% payment. [ which is non refundable, even on cancellation of order] •Order confirmation will be finalized only after Order receiving advance amount for order Delivery - •Painting can be deliver to required address by courier or personal deliver with additional charges •Any additional/changes in requirements in between may leads to extend the final delivery date •Delivery date is subjected to availability of materials & other parameters •Delivery can be done after decided delivery date •Delivery can be immediate if painting selected from available library
  9. 9. More •More information 1. About warli art – www.warli.adiyuva.in 2. About AYUSH – www.adiyuva.in 3. Orkut communities Contact details – 1. Mail – ayush@adiyuva.in 2. Cell no. +91 9246 361 249 Note – 1. all peoples working with us are real tribal artist 2. All money / funds generated will be pass to real artist & tribal students development projects 3. Tribal artist painting & agriculture is only source of income
  10. 10. India's global art, Proudly Tribal art Warli art