Post divorce concerns


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A brief about the issues faced by the spouses post divorce which can make your life go a 180 degree flip ending in a triumph or a tragedy.

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Post divorce concerns

  1. 1. Post Divorce Concerns
  2. 2. Post Divorce Concerns Life takes a flip once you are divorced from your partner. It is necessary to deal with the issues that you faced as your are single and feel lonely. A divorce counselor plays an important role who helps you deal with such situations. Certain issues are elaborated in the next few slides.
  3. 3. Re-building Relationships You are lone and hurt after the divorce and it is natural that you require someone who can provide their shoulder. Friends, parents are the ones who can really help you in the healing process. It is important that a parent does not blame the other one in front of the child. It is really important for the divorced parents to realize that every relationship that they have with their relatives and in-laws is of great help and security for their chlidren.
  4. 4. To-Do List After Divorce Things change after divorce, and it is necessary to make changes to the legal stuff as well. Some of them are:- Settlement of divorces related to payments - Income tax returns - A check on amount required for the child support. - Change of names on your bank accounts, repaying the debts.
  5. 5. Effects on childrenOne of the major concerns after divorce, is about the situations faced by the child who is helpless and under pressure. A bad parenting style, is where the child is used as an effective medium by on parent to hurt the sentiments of the other or acquires some crucial information. The child feels guilty and keeps bothering about the problems. A good way of parenting is where the the ex- spouse keeps a good relation with the other spouse and children.This helps the child in having a positive outlook towards life and easily adjust to the changes in the family.
  6. 6. Laws Effective After Divorce There are certain laws that need to be followed post divorce: - Following the visitation schedule for the non- custodial parent - Both the parents should give the required support - If specified in the legal document, following the QDRO(Qualified Domestic Relations Order ) - Submitting all COBRA(Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) documents.
  7. 7. Dating Moving on with your life is really important.Dating is one of the effective way out in such cases. While entering the world of dating, you can be gradual and careful taking into considerations the right amount of qualities you want in your partner. For more insights into such concerns you can go through this site:
  8. 8. Thank You