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Understanding Impossible & Making Things Happen - Aditya Yadav


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Understanding Impossible & Making Things Happen - Aditya Yadav

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Understanding Impossible & Making Things Happen - Aditya Yadav

  1. 1. “Running an Agile Fortune 500 Company” Aditya Yadav, *
  2. 2. * *A Typical Global Company *Fortune 500/1000 *200 Divisions *40 Countries *25000 Employees
  3. 3. @ Acme Inc. *
  4. 4. * *Original Question “It is impossible to get anything done here… nothing moves… nothing happens… the Status Quo never changes… nobody wants to Bell The Cat…” *The Correct Question - “Hmmmm! Lets Think a bit and start by defining „Impossible‟ ”
  5. 5. And The Philosophy Behind The Answer *
  6. 6. * *You asked – “Why aren‟t things better? [Why are things like the way they are?]” *Someone just said – “Because its „Impossible‟” *[End Of Discussion… Pretty Much!!!]
  7. 7. * 1. Is it not possible with the Current State of Human Technology? And Global Resources? 2. Will it not be possible with the state of Human Technology & Resources 100 years from now? 3. Are you saying its not possible because – Nobody has ever done this yet? In the world? Or, In the Firm? Or they have tried and couldn‟t do it? 4. Is it not possible with The Firms state of Technology, Expertise, Resources? 5. Will it not be possible with the State of The Firm in the next 10 years? 6. Is it not possible with Time, Resources, Capital, People available? E.g. will it take too much Time? 7. Has anyone tried it earlier? How did it go? Did he fail? Did he get reprimanded? Why do you think he failed? 8. Is everyone Exhausted and Demotivated? 9. Are we missing something(s) which we would Need and have to Depend on? 10. Are you worried you won‟t get any credit and someone else will?
  8. 8. * 1. Does this require Changing too many things? Or because it will Upset too many people? Who love the Status Quo? 2. Is it too difficult? 3. Is it because we have spent too much time, money, effort on something completely different till now [Sunk Cost Fallacy] 4. Or you don‟t understand Why it needs to be done? What needs to be done? Or, How it needs to be done? 5. Is it someone else‟s Job? And you are wondering why you should be doing it? 6. Is it because someone is asking you to do it? And you don‟t like being told what to do? 7. Is it because you think it is Stupid? Or other people you know think its Stupid? 8. Is it because you think it will Fail? And who wants a Failure on his CV? 9. Or because you Might/Will be Penalized if this Fails? Personal Risk? 10. High Business Risk?
  9. 9. * 1. Understand and Articulate - The Purpose 2. Understand and Articulate – Values, Principles and Practices 3. Ask Why? 4. Ask Why Not? 5. Ask for Details! 6. Set aside „just‟ Opinions! Ask for Facts 7. Call someone‟s Bluff! Authority & Hierarchy has a time and place, but not without these steps first! Slide #7 & #8 is not MECE but a good start!!!
  10. 10. * Aditya!!!