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Educational Reform - Stop Certifying For A Purpose - Aditya Yadav


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Educational Reform - Stop Certifying For A Purpose - Aditya Yadav

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Educational Reform - Stop Certifying For A Purpose - Aditya Yadav

  1. 1. “Running an Agile Fortune 500 Company” Aditya Yadav, *
  2. 2. * *A Typical Global Company *Fortune 500/1000 *200 Divisions *40 Countries *25000 Employees
  3. 3. @ Acme Inc. *
  4. 4. * *Original Question “We need to fix the education system. The question is how?” *The Correct Question - “Give me a minute to run you through the foundational principles of our Education System… perhaps the answer would be self evident then… Allow me!!!”
  5. 5. And The Philosophy Behind The Answer *
  6. 6. * *Rethinking Education: Why Our Education System Is Ripe For Disruption *Our education system is not broken its „Obsolete‟ *Skills we teach become Obsolete in 10-15 years *Our education system today uses the mass production style manufacturing process of standardization. *Standardized tests *Assembly line analogy
  7. 7. * *Each one of us Learns differently *Don‟t limit to one Format *Don‟t limit to one Curriculum *We need to allow children to learn to be creative, learn to reason, and to solve real world problems using collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches *Adaptive – Student Centric Learning *Personalized – Self-paced learning *Gamification for Immersive and Addictive learning *Problem Solving and Critical Thinking *Collaborative and Peer to Peer learning
  8. 8. * * Before you solve any problem you have to understand the Problem and its Context * Answer this… * Why does a University have to Certify any Student for a Purpose or Any Purpose for that matter? E.g. Mechanical/Computer-Science/Electrical/Civil Engineer etc.??? * Why can‟t a Student define his own Purpose?... We know Purpose is Super-Optimal in Strategy!!! * And working towards your own Purpose brings out the Passion in you. * And shifts the Focus from Mass Production to Learning!!! * The need for Certification of Students for a Fixed Purpose is the underlying root of a whole lot of problems in the world * #Fail: One thing for sure is whatever the Universities claim to certify the students for … the industry always claims there is a huge Gap in what they need and what Universities deliver * So to try and bridge this Gap … Univ‟s started the concept of Core Courses and Elective Courses * And the Univ‟s went further to define Major‟s and Minor‟s (of Degree‟s) * And in some cases Dual Degrees! * Sit back and think why? Why are they/Univ‟s doing this? * The answer is extremely simple – The Education System is designed to “Certify” Students “For Some Purpose” * That my dear friends is the Foundational Flaw in our Educational Systems all over the world. * All the other problems everyone mentions about our Education System are peripheral problems
  9. 9. * * Lets revisit a Problem from Combinatorics * Courses are conducted in Two Semesters/Year i.e. Spring and Autumn for example… Why can‟t we make all courses run every semester??? You will soon realise why we need to do that… * Every Course has a Student limit e.g. 50 students or even 500 students for example * A full Course has 6 credits and mini Course has 3 credits for example * You need a minimum of 300 Credits for example to Graduate with a Degree or 100 Credits to get a Diploma for example * Every Course may have „0‟-‟n‟ pre-requisite courses or as we call them dependencies * Lets say once you enrol you „Have To Graduate‟ in 8 years or pay a fee premium for extension
  10. 10. * * If we get rid of just one thing – The Mind-set of Certifying Students For „A‟ Purpose we get a whole lot of things, for example below… * Students Enrol into a University and not into any specific „Course‟ or „Stream‟ or „Specialization‟ * The end product will be „A Graduate of The University‟ and not a Computer Science Engineer, or Statistician or a Civil Engineer etc. * Students define their own purpose * Own Purpose brings out their Passion * There is No Assembly Line… the Focus is on Learning * They start incrementally by choosing some courses out of the 500 courses a University offers for example across all their 20 departments… * The Software System resolves all Course Dependencies and lists all the courses they need to take to accomplish their Purpose, Credits completed/planned etc., laying out a semester wise schedule, registering/bidding them for courses (Preference for earlier University Enrolled Students so that they Graduate sooner than Newer Students) * And The Software System, based on the courses they have completed… also lists the next Possible (Chain of ) Courses they can take up… i.e. Alternatives * This happens continuously during their Enrolment at the University * The Planning System for the University is slightly more complicated but nothing unsolvable. * If someone wants to hire them they can see their Course List and Course Grades!!! * My dear friends the Industrial Era of the 20th Century was designed for Specialization and Specialists… * The 21st Century is about Generalists and Solving The Toughest Problems * Golden Rule: Unless you need a Ph.D. ….. Generalists are the ONLY WAY TO GO!!! * This is The Only Possible & Viable Future!!!
  11. 11. * Aditya!!!