The Affordable Care Act (ACA / "Obamacare") Townhall - Aditya Ullal opening remarks


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Townhall meeting about the implications of ACA/Obamacare
How the Affordable Care Act Affects You
The Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) is the most sweeping health care reform since the inception of Medicare in 1965. Although the federal law has important implications for individuals, families, and businesses, many Americans remain unsure of how the law will impact them.
This panel discussion will feature short presentations by health care experts, explaining how the ACA may affect healthcare delivery and access in 2014. This will be followed by a Q&A session where audience members are encouraged to ask their own questions about the federal health care law.

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  • of Senate bill found here: new deal, HHS Secretary must report to Congress by Jan 1, 2014 on verification methods and Inspector General will report on July 1, 2014 on their effectiveness,0,5503988.storyThe rule requires that applicants' income -- as submitted with their applications -- be checked against their IRS and Social Security records. If that can't be done, the income will be checked against employer records submitted to the credit agency Equifax. If there's still a discrepancy between those records and the income claimed, the applicant will have to furnish more documentation and an explanation.The final rule allows state exchanges to check a statistically valid sample of applicants, rather than every applicant, in a small subset -- cases in which an applicant claims income more than 10% below what IRS and Social Security records show, and where there's no Equifax data. 
  • 32 Pioneers succeeded in improving quality and performed better than fee-for-service Medicare in 15 quality measures, according to CMS. And they generated a gross savings of $87.6 million in the 2012, the first year of the programMore than 428 hospitals signed up including in private.As per Oliver Wyman million Medicare patients and 14% of patients overall are treated by an ACO as of Feb 2013
  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA / "Obamacare") Townhall - Aditya Ullal opening remarks

    1. 1. The Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) Townhall October 24, 2013 Aditya J. Ullal Research Associate, VA Palo Alto Health Care System President/Founder, Atiiva Inc.
    2. 2. Polling in California 53% support the law, 38% opposeǂ • 70% of uninsured don’t have enough concrete information on how ACA impacts them* • Among undocumented immigrants*: • 49% believe they may qualify for Medi-Cal • 43% believe they can buy subsidized insurance through exchange ǂField Poll (August 20, 2013) *Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Poll (Sept 26, 2013)
    3. 3. Recent National Polls Poll Date View of Law Approve Disapprove CNN/ORC Poll Oct. 18-20 41% 56% NBC/Wall Street Journal Oct. 7-9 38% 43% CBS News Oct. 1-2 43% 51% Quinnipac University Sept. 23-29 45% 47% Kaiser Health Tracking Poll Sept. 12-18 39% 43% 42% 53% USA Today/Pew Poll Sept. 4-8
    4. 4. Government Shutdown 2013 • Republicans seeking a new government spending bill (Continuing Resolution) with no funding for ACA • Democrats seeking a spending bill without changes to ACA Non-essential services were “shut down” Lasted 16 days
    5. 5. What changes after the shutdown? • ACA’s reinsurance tax delayed one year • More stringent income verification for insurance exchanges
    6. 6. Panelists • Dolores Alvarado, CEO, Community Health Partnership of Santa Clara County • Jessica Oney, Certified Educator, Covered California • Marcelo Espiritu, Product Analyst, Sourcewise Community Resource Solutions • Mark Herbert, Project Manager / Outreach Manager, Small Business Majority • Jason Andrew, CEO & Founder, Stone Meadow Benefits