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Music Marketplace Storyboard


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This slide is a storyboard for a Music Platform business idea presented at Babson College

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Music Marketplace Storyboard

  1. 1. Name: Aditya Singh Thakur  Venture Name/ID: Music Marketplace PICTURE OPPORTUNITY DESCRIPTION • Problem Statement: – Independent musicians across the world struggle to reach out to the right buyers. On the other side numerous content seekers, such as indie movie makers, are looking for original content. • Idea: – Create an online marketplace to connect musicians and content seekers. • Technology: – Innovative web & internet technologies would be required to set up the website/portal architecture • Future Expansion: – The space can be expanded to include other creative works such as design, poetry, lyrics, etc • Customer: – Amateur/Semi-Pro unsigned musicians COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE ENTREPRENEURIAL FIT • Direct Competitors • Background : – Liaisons between professional artists and content seekers which – I was rhythm/lead guitarist of the college band. At one point the have traditionally been band/artist managers band sold our original works. • Indirect Competitors • Objective: – Myspace, Reverbnation – Portals with a large database of musicians – Help out musicians who are struggling to reach out to the right audience. Prevent them from giving up on their career • Competitive Advantage: • Means: – Direct economic empowerment of Artists – (Customer) As an active member of the independent music industry – Exposure of artists to numerous clients/content seekers. in India, I have access to the top bands/musicians in the country. – (Client) As a part of Independent music startup in India, have access – Inexpensive content production. Desktop computer applications to to content seekers such as jingle makers, advertisers, etc create content would suffice – An engineering background makes the adoption of new technologies easier