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Railway Management system


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A use case diagram for a railway management system

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Railway Management system

  1. 1. Login Add Account Update Account Details Maintain login details Delete Account View train schedules Customer Generate reports View station schedule Administrator View Reservation Status <<extend>> Fare calculation <<extend>> Reservation clerk <<extend>> Ticket reservation <<extend>> E-ticket reservation <<extend>>Print tickets/E-tickets/receipts <<extend>> Ticket cancellation <<extend>> DEO <<extend>> E-ticket cancellation Refund calculation Add Station Maintain train details Add Train Details Update Station Details Maintain Station details Update Details Delete Station Maintain Fare Details Delete Train Details Add Fare Details Update Fare Details Delelte Fare Details File: D:Documents5th SemOOSE LabRMS.mdl 17:15:00 18 November 2011 Use Case Diagram: Use Case View / Main Page 1