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Eight Reasons to be a Cisco Select Certified Partner


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Eight Reasons to be a Cisco Select Certified Partner

  1. 1. Eight Reasons to be a Cisco Select Certified Partner
  2. 2. What is Cisco Select Certification?Cisco Select Certification recognizes and rewards partners that haveachieved the Cisco Small Business Specialization. Select Certificationreflects a partners technological and business expertise specific tosmall and medium-sized businesses (fewer than 250 employees).Choose from two different specialization tracks: Small Business Foundation Small Business Specialization Focuses on foundational products but Focuses on sales of foundational also provides access for partners to products: resell more advanced UC systems: Route/Switch, Security, Wireless and Smart Business Communication System entry level UC system (UC320) Business Edition 3000
  3. 3. Reason #1: Increased ProfitabilityDelivering more to your bottom line. Cisco’s incentive programs are designed to support the profitability of our partners serving the SMB customer segment. • VIP Express Rebate Program (up to 10% cash back) • Opportunity Investment Program Discount (OIP) • Partner Rewards Incentives (in applicable GEO’s)
  4. 4. Reason #2: Expanded Product and Solution PortfolioBe a trusted advisor to your customers. Unified Communications Video and TelePresence for SMB Security Products Routing & Switching Wireless & Mobility
  5. 5. Reason #3 Productivity ResourcesEffective programs to optimize your practice--fast!• Smart Designs• Quick Pricing Tool• Not for Resale Units (up to 80% discount)• Cisco Capital Financing Programs• SMB Partner Practice Builder• Partner Education Connection Training• The Right Network Training• Partner Help Presales Support*• Cisco Smart Care Service* Availability varies by geo
  6. 6. Reason # 4 Partnership with CiscoSupport Resources to accelerate your growth • Partner Advisor Team • Distribution SMB Sales Resources • Step-by-step guide to certification and recertification • SMB Specialists and Road Warriors (coverage varies by geography) • Special Recognition in the Partner Locator Tool
  7. 7. Cisco Resale Partner Program FrameworkSelect Certification can be a first step on a journey with Cisco, or it can bea destination. 4 Qualified Specializations 2 Qualified Specializations Express Foundation Specialization or One Architectural Specialization Technology Skills Depth CSE and two other Cisco 2 CCIE’s 4 CCIE’s Small Business or Small Certified Business Foundation Specialization Support Infrastructure Customer Satisfaction Select Premier Silver Gold Integrated Technology Skills Breadth
  8. 8. Reason #5 SMB Services & SupportYou and your SMB customers are covered. Small Business • Web-based support community for Small Business Products Support Community • Real-time communications and collaboration • Find latest product information and updates Small Business • Dedicated telephone support for Small Business Products Support Center • Fast access to technical assistance • Support in nine languages • Provides access to technical product information Partner Help Line • Information to help partners find the right solution for the needs of each customer • Easy, cost effective network support service designed for SMB customers Smart Foundation • Ensure operational reliability and protect your customers’ investment • Direct, anytime access to Cisco TAC engineers SmartNet • Rapid issue resolution with device-by-device coverage
  9. 9. Reason #6 Marketing and Demand GenerationHelping you get more and warmer leads. • Demand Generation Plays • Content Syndication Program (Shared Vue and Web Collage) • Partner Marketing Central • Leverage the Cisco Brand
  10. 10. Reason #7 DifferentiationGain a competitive edge. Official acknowledgement of your expertise to sell one of the most recognized brands in the world. Certification allows for differentiation Differentiation provides a marketing advantage Become a member of the award-winning Cisco Channel Partner Program
  11. 11. Reason #8 Cisco Distribution PartnersBenefit from an established network.• Cisco partners with the leading IT distributors around the world• Distributors provide Cisco partners with: Pre and Post Sales Support Education and Training Marketing and Demand Generation Support Product Introduction Support Customer Demonstration Facilities* Service Contract Management Configuration, Integration and Logistics Services * Check with your local Cisco distributor for availability.
  12. 12. Why Cisco Select Certification?Benefit from a comprehensive offering of products, solutions, programs, support resources andtools for you and your SMB customers. Service & Distribution Support Partners Productivity Marketing & Resources Demand Gen Profitability Broad Product & Programs Solution Partnership Differentiation Portfolio With Cisco
  13. 13. Thank You