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The kthnxbai quiz


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My 4th 'informal' Quiz, conducted at the Coimbatore Quiz Circle (CQC).

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The kthnxbai quiz

  1. 1. The Kthnxbai Quiz QM: Sticky
  2. 2. Me• Aditya Sriram Sankaran• Moved to Coimbatore when I was 3.• Student at Carmel Garden, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and Amrita School of Engineering.• Reasonably active member of the CQC.• This will be my last quiz at the CQC for a while, at least.
  3. 3. Le Quiz• 20 Questions on Modified Infinite Bounce• 10 for every right answer• 1 Theme Round• 1 A-Z Round (if Time Permits)• My word is final.• Let‟s have some fun
  4. 4. Q. 01• X is a hymn that was recited by the sage Agastya to Rama on the battlefield before fighting with Ravana. This historic hymn starts at the beginning of the duel between Rama and Ravana. Agastya teaches Rama, who is fatigued after the long battle with various warriors of Lanka, the procedure of worshiping the ______ for strength to defeat the enemy.• Identify X and the ______.
  5. 5. A. 01X - Aditya Hridayam, _____ - Sun God
  6. 6. Q. 02• This is a picture of Roy Raymond, a Stanford MBA. Initially, he was a successful businessman, but ultimately lost most of his money and committed suicide. He was also referenced in „The Social Network‟.• What is his claim to fame?
  7. 7. A. 02Too bad he sold it early
  8. 8. Q. 03• This is a picture of General Sherman, an American soldier who served as a General in the Union Army during the Civil War.• He has also served under General Ulysses S. Grant.• Why is his name important to quizzers / trivia geeks?
  9. 9. A. 03The world’s largest tree is called General Sherman
  10. 10. Q. 04• _______ is a small wine-making village and commune in far south-eastern Luxembourg.• It shot into fame in 1985 for a particular reason and still remains famous.• Fill in the blanks
  11. 11. A. 04Schengen, of Schengen Agreement fame
  12. 12. Q. 05• ________________ were first produced in 1978 and have become hugely successful, with over 3.7 billion produced till date.• Each ______________ generally has 6 parts, which allow articulation and turning of the head, arms, legs and wrists.• ______________ have been designed for several franchises and they featured in the 2010 motion picture Toy Story 3.• Fill in the blanks, please (all same).
  13. 13. A. 05LEGO Minifigures
  14. 14. Q. 06• Athletic Bilbao and Real Sociedad are two Spanish Football clubs that employ something called the „Cantera‟ policy.• This Cantera policy has come under criticism, both positive and negative, from different people.• Rafa Benitez is known to be a beneficiary of this Cantera policy.• What exactly is this Cantera policy?
  15. 15. A. 06 These clubs believe in local / home-grown talent and hence, all players inthese clubs are local players, reared from the Basque region of Spain.
  16. 16. Q. 07• This is a slow exposure picture of the path taken by something. What?
  17. 17. A. 07The Roomba
  18. 18. Q. 08• The Battle of _______ in 1880 was one of the principal battles of the Second Anglo-Afghan War. Under the leadership of Malalai Anaa, the Afghan followers of Ayub Khan defeated the British Army in one of the rare nineteenth- century victories of an Asian force over a Western power.• About 2500 Afghan warriors were killed and about 1500 wounded, while killing 969 British and Indian soldiers and wounding 177 more.• One wounded British officer particularly famous. Who is this British Officer?
  19. 19. A.08Elementary, My Dear
  20. 20. Q. 09• Recently, Anders Breivik terrorized the country of Norway, leaving almost a hundred dead people in his wake.• That he killed a large number of people, that he planted a bomb in the heart of the city to divert the police is sad and gruesome.• Norway has been usually known to be a peace- loving country, but, there have been a few crimes in the past.• What were the most famous (debatable) crimes / violations in Norway before Breivik?• Clue: They happened in „94 and ‟04.
  21. 21. A. 09 The theft of Edvard Munch’s paintings• On February 12, 1994, the same day as the opening of the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, four men broke into the National Gallery and stole its version of Scream, leaving a note reading "Thanks for the poor security".• Another version of The Scream was stolen in 2004. On August 22, during daylight hours, masked gunmen entered the Munch Museum in Oslo and stole two paintings: Scream and Munchs Madonna. A bystander photographed the robbers as they escaped with the artwork to their car.
  22. 22. Q. 10 ?• What am I talking about?
  23. 23. A. 10• Man (left) : Theodore Sturgeon• ? : Kilgore Trout• Fish (left) : Sturgeon• Fish (right): Trout• Kurt Vonnegut‟s protagonist „Kilgore Trout‟ was inspired by Sci-fi author Theodore Sturgeon. However, Vonnegut interchanged the word Sturgeon with Trout, a play on the fish-y name of Kilgore Trout.
  24. 24. CLOSED THEME ROUND• „N‟ Questions.• Exhaustive list• 5 Points for each right answer• Points for Theme (5xNo. of teams not answering).• 2 Guesses on the theme.• No negatives.*Citation Needed
  25. 25. T. 01• ________ has a long-standing relationship with The Coca-Cola Company. They helped underwrite the initial public offering of The Coca-Cola Company in 1919. As a result, ____________ received some of Cokes publicly traded stock, and _____________ retains 48.3 million shares (3.58%) of Coke as of 2006. This stake is today worth approximately $2 billion and pays $59 million a year in dividends.• Fill in the blanks, please.
  26. 26. T. 02• She is described as having straggly, waist- length dirty blond hair and a “permanently surprised look”• Her mother died when she was 9.• She was a sports commentator in school.• She lives in a Rook-shaped house.• She has been later described as having married a „naturalist‟.• Who is SHE?
  27. 27. T. 03• __________ is a series of award- winning science fiction novels that chronicles the settlement and terraforming of a planet through the intensely personal and detailed viewpoints of a wide variety of characters spanning almost two centuries. Ultimately more utopian than dystopian, the story focuses on egalitarian, sociological, and scientific advances made on the planet.• What colorful series does the blank represent?
  28. 28. T. 04• The T-1000 is a fictional nanomorph mimetic poly-alloy (liquid metal).• The T-1000 is portrayed primarily by Robert Patrick; however, being a shape-shifter, the T- 1000 is played by other actors in some scenes of the film.• The T-1000 is presented as a technological leap over the "800 Series".• Described by Allmovie as “one of the most memorable roles in one of the most memorable films of the decade”.• What do we call the T-1000?
  30. 30. T. 06• The ______________ is an 18 3/4 inch diameter, partially gilded, sterling silver salver made in 1864 by Messrs Elkington and Co. Ltd of Birmingham, and is a copy of an electrotype by Caspar Enderlein from a pewter original in the Louvre.• The theme of decoration is mythological. The central boss depicts the figure of Sophrosyne, seated on a chest with a lamp in her right hand and a jug in her left, with various attributes such as a sickle, fork and caduceus around her. The four reserves on the boss of the dish each contain a classical god, together with elements. The reserves around the rim show Minerva presiding over the seven liberal arts The rim of the salver has an ovolo moulding. The remainder of the surface is decorated with gilt renaissance strapwork and foliate motifs in relief against a rigid silver ground.• Fill in the blanks
  31. 31. T. 07• Identify the painting
  32. 32. Answers to the Theme Round• SunTrust Bank• Luna Lovegood• Mars Trilogy• Mercury Man• Drops of Jupiter• Venus Rose Water Dish• Saturn Devouring His Son
  33. 33. Theme Answer• Days of the week (7 planets of Classical Astronomy) – Sun-Sunday – Luna(Moon)-Monday – Mars-Tuesday – Mercury-Wednesday – Jupiter-Thursday – Venus-Friday – Saturn-Saturday
  34. 34. Q. 11• Roald Amundsen was the first man to reach the South Pole.• Ernest Shackleton led a 1914 expedition to cross Antarctica.• George Mallory made an ill-fated attempt to scale Mount Everest.• What connects these there explorers to the latin word „prorsum‟ meaning forwards?
  35. 35. A. 11 Burberry• Official out-fitters for Roald Amundsen and Ernest Shackleton.• George Mallory was known to be wearing a Burberry Gabardine jacket during his attempt at Mount Everest.• Prorsum is the latin word for forwards incorporated onto the Burberry Equestrian Knight Logo
  36. 36. Q. 12• An anecdote about a movie at Cannes:• The French critics were lobbing complex philosophical questions at the team behind the movie in French, and then the English-language translators were wading in, and everyone was getting nicely confused.• Someone finally condescended to ask a question of the little girl down at the end of the table - the one, you might assume, whod been brought along to France as a treat, along with all the ice cream she could eat. The translator grabbed for the microphone, but ____________ waved him off and answered the question herself, in perfect French. There was an astonished round of applause: At last, an American who spoke French! And less than 5 feet tall!• What movie and who was this little girl?
  37. 37. A. 12Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver
  38. 38. Q. 13• Connect the two pics to a place. (Man on the right in the 2nd pic)
  39. 39. A. 13 Bayonne• Chuck Wepner, the inspiration for Rocky Balboa was nicknamed the „Bayonne Bleeder‟.• The image is the working of the Bayonet mount for bulbs, etc.
  40. 40. Q. 14• In December 2009, a state of emergency was declared in the country of Poland as an artifact of great national importance was stolen.• This was dubbed a meticulously planned robbery as the robbers did not get caught on the security cameras.• A 5000 Zloty reward was announced for anyone who could reveal the culprits or lead to them in any way.• Why this fuss? What was stolen?
  41. 41. A. 14The ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ Sign from Auschwitz
  42. 42. Q. 15• Foolishly impractical in the pursuit of ideals; especially marked by rash, lofty, romantic ideas or extravagantly chivalrous action.• Merriam-Webster definition of what? Connect with image.
  43. 43. A. 15 Don Quixote• Word – Quixotic• Painting – Don Quixote and Sancho Panza by Picasso
  44. 44. Q. 16• Who, in „Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar‟?
  45. 45. A. 16 Imran Khan• Imran Khan played the role of a younger Aamir Khan in two movies – Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar.
  46. 46. Q. 17• Where can you see this statue?• Who are the 3 men?• What is the statue called?• For bonus points, who do they face?
  47. 47. A. 17 Old Trafford• George Best, Dennis Law and Bobby Charlton• The United Trinity• Outside the „Theatre of Dreams‟• On Sir Matt Busby Way, facing Sir Matt Busby
  48. 48. Q. 18• This phrase was / is generally used by ladies to excuse themselves so as to use the restrooms.• The phrase originates from the fact that Ladies restrooms used to be called “______ rooms”. As ladies didn‟t want to reveal the true nature of their visit to the restroom, they used this phrase.• Urban Dictionary definition: Running to the bathroom for a quick snort of cocaine.• What is this phrase?
  49. 49. A. 18 To Powder One’s Nose• Ladies restrooms used to be called "powder rooms" and they had chairs and mirrors so a woman could check out her make-up. Face powder was commonly used rather than liquid make-up.
  50. 50. Q. 19• Connect the following quote to the blank:• "Its not actually anything, its a bit of concrete poetry. Those were sounds that I made, the voice and the hand slapping were all human generated - no musical instruments.“• The ____s were a group of Late Iron Age and Early Mediaeval people living in what is now eastern and northern Scotland. They are recorded from before the Roman conquest of Britain until the 10th century, when they merged with the Gaels. They lived to the north of the Forth and Clyde rivers, and spoke the extinct ____ish language.
  51. 51. A. 19 Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict• The quote by Roger Waters describes the song.• The blank = Pict.
  52. 52. Q. 20• Because people couldn‟t be bothered to say God Be With You (first known use circa. 1580) all the time, there came _______.• Because people couldn‟t be bothered to say _______ all the time, there came X.• Identify both X and the Blank please.
  53. 53. A. 20Good-Bye & Bye
  54. 54. Thank you• It has been a pleasure to have been part of the CQC for the past 3-4 years.• Keep being awesome!• Keep pwn-ing quizzes.• Keep having fun, as always.