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Edge rank explained


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An Explanation of EdgeRank Algorithm for Social Media Enthusiasts.

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Edge rank explained

  1. 1. Facebook – An Indepth Study
  2. 2. Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  3. 3. Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  4. 4.  While we see organic SEO Traffic from Google contributing around 40-50% of the total traffic followed by Direct Traffic. Facebook brings a little less than 10% of the total traffic to websites (May vary for Individual Websites as It is an average of over 200k websites).
  5. 5. Answer: On an Average 12% of the people online at the time of Posting. Then it Increases based on the Interaction on that Update. Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  6. 6. I have 1000 friends, and out of them only 300 are online at the time I post an Update, so it will be visible to only (300/100)*12 = 36 friends!! Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  7. 7.  How do I Ensure My Posts (Status Updates) get Maximum Visibility.  Why should My Post Get Maximum Likes/Comments/Shares.  How do I make my Post Appear in the News Feed of Maximum Friends/Fans. Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  8. 8. • How often do You/Your Page Interacts Affinity with the Friend/Fan. • Content – Photo > Video/Link > Text Weight • Interaction – Share > Comment > Like • How Long ago the Edge was Created. Decay Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  9. 9. ∑uewede ue – Affinity Score between user and Edge Creator we – Weight For this Edge de – Time Decay factor between how long ago the edge was created Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  10. 10. each status on your News Feed, rather than LIKE. The more people we interact with, Higher will be our reach. Interacting with other pages is futile as they Don’t have a News Feed. Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  11. 11. Instead of Text, Links. For this, you can share pictures with links in the text part. For Individuals – Posting the picture of a quote is more engaging as compared to the same Quote updated as text. Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  12. 12. Unfortunately we do not have much say when it comes to Decay Factor apart from Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  13. 13. Working on these steps religiously will help you gain more engagement and also interaction in your updates and will be of immense help to you as an Individual/Brand. It has helped me Immensely in the Past. And these would help you as well. Data Source: Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  14. 14. Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi