Financial market


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Financial market

  2. 2. A financial market is a market in which people and entities can trade financial securities, commodities, and other fungible items of value at low transaction costs and at prices that reflect supply and demand, Securities include stocks andbonds, and commodities include precious metals or agricultural goods.
  3. 3. Money Market Capital Market
  4. 4. The money market is a component of the financial markets for assets involved in short-term borrowing andlending with original maturities of one year or shorter time frames. Trading in the money markets involves Treasury bills, commercial paper, bankers acceptances, certificates of deposit etc.
  5. 5. Providing an equilibrating mechanism for leveling out the short-term surpluses and deficit.Offering a focal point for the central bank intervention for influencing liquidity in the economy.Creating an access to the user of short-term money to meettheir requirements at a realistic price.
  6. 6. Commercial papersTreasury billsCall moneyCertificate of deposit
  7. 7. capital market is a market for securities (debt or equity), where business enterprises (companies) andgovernments can raise long-term funds. It is defined as a market in which money is provided for periods longer than a year capital market is a market for securities (debt or equity), where business enterprises (companies) and governments can raise long-term funds. It is defined as a market in which money is provided for periods longer than a year
  8. 8. Primary marketSecondary market
  9. 9. Long-term investment and growth1.)Fostering long-term investment and economic growth:summary of a high-level OECD financial roundtable2.)Financial stability, fiscal consolidation and long-terminvestment after the crisis3.)Lessons from the last financial crisis and the future role ofinstitutional investors4.)Fostering long-term investment and economic growth: along-term investor’s view5.)The contribution of the asset management industry tolong-term growth ected issues and policies
  10. 10. 6.)Infrastructure needs and pension investments:creating the perfect match7.)Investing in infrastructure: getting the conditionsright8.)How to foster investments in long-term assets suchas infrastructure9.)Creating a better business environment forfinancing business, innovation and green growth10.)Financing future growth: the need for financialinnovations11.)Promoting longer-term investment by institutionalinvestors:
  11. 11. • Global SIFIs, derivatives and financial stability• Guarantee arrangements for financial promises: How widely should the safety net be cast?• The economic impact of protracted low interest rates on pension funds and insurance companies
  12. 12. 1. Multi-Depository System 2. Depository services through depository participants 3. Dematerialisation Dematerialisation 4. Fungibility 5. Registered Owner/ Beneficial Owner
  13. 13. The government securities market is at the core offinancial markets in most countries. It deals withtradable debt instruments issued by the Governmentfor meeting its financing requirements .Thedevelopment of the primary segment of this marketenables the managers of public debt to raise resourcesfrom the market in a cost effective manner with duerecognition to associated risks
  14. 14. • Regulation of stock exchanges and subsidiarie1. • Inspection of Subsidiaries of Stock Exchanges2. • Restructuring of Management of Subsidiaries3.
  15. 15. THANK YOU