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Cognos Online Training @ Adithya Elearning

  1. 1. Cognos Course Content Cognos Architecture Cognos 10 new features Cognos Report 8 vs. Cognos 10 Cognos 10 Query Studio Creation Of List Report Report Definition Conditional Formatting Prompts Page brakes Suppress null values Converting List to Crosstab Grouping Sorting Sectioning Creation of Custom Group Converting List to Chart Interface Formatting Run and Manage Reports Apply template to Query studio report Filter Filter grouping Drill down and drill up How to apply Drill through Data Formatting Creation of Calculated Column Event Studio
  2. 2. How to change task order How to schedule agent How to create event How to add task How to run report when event condition satisfied How to send report out put to users through mail How to run job when event condition satisfied Cognos 10 Report Studio Introduction to Report Studio  Creating, Save and Run Reports  Report Templates  Report Studio User Interface  Managing Reports Types of Reports  List Reports  Active form report  Crosstab Reports  Charts Formatting a Report  Insert objects  Apply Table Styles  Report Layout Guidelines  Fonts, Styles, Header, Footer and Borders  Swap Columns and Rows Working with Data  Creation of single select cascading prompt  Creation of multi select cascading prompt  Context filter and context prompt
  3. 3.  Sorting and Grouping  Subtotals and Calculations  Working with Queries  Filters, Parameters and Prompts  Detail Filter & Summary Filter  Context filter  Context prompt  Slicer  Creation of single select prompt  Converting single select prompt to multi select prompt Working with Report  Conditional Formatting  Render variable  Style variables  Scheduling Reports  Drill-through Reports  Master-Detail Reports  Conditional style  Single report deployment Creation Of different type of variable How to apply page brakes using context How to apply Page brakes in Report Studio Creation of Query sets Report Template  How to apply RS Template to Qs report and Rs Report  How to create Report Template  How to convert Report to Template Manage External Data
  4. 4. Active Report  How to use data tab control  How to use tab control  How to Covert report to active report  How to use data list box  How to convert control  How to change active report properties  How to use data button bar  How to use toggle button bar  How to use toggle data button bar  How to use data radio button group  How to use data check box group  How to use data drop down list  How to use button bar Analysis Studio Create Custom set Reuse Custom Set Swap rows and columns About Analysis studio Creation Crosstab Nested Crosstab Creation How to create Context filter How to add header to report How to apply page brakes Top and bottom filter How to add totals and sub totals to crosstab Context filter How to apply template Drill down and drill up
  5. 5. Add Filter on Rows and columns How to create combined filter How to display excluded item total in report Create Calculated Column How to change Column name Create Chart Drill Down and drill up Drill through Drill through How to display cube updated date in header Cognos 10 Framework Manager Creation of Project Creation of data source connection  Data source connection to excel  Data source connection to Database  Data source connection to Cognos Power play  Data source connection to Cognos TM1 Cube Import data From Database Creation of Namespace, Folder ,Short cut to the Query subject Joins and cardinality Native metadata Query subjects  Model query subject  Data source query subject  Stored procedure Query subject Calculation  Embedded calculation  Standalone calculation Filters
  6. 6.  Embedded Filters  Standalone Filters Query Set How to change usage property for Query item Regular Dimensions Securities Changing Query usage item properties Measures Dimensions Scope Defining  Objective level Securities  Data Level Securities  Package level Securities Model Report Update Query subject Package versions Publishing package Merge Query Subject Creation Of package Edit Governors Creation of nested Package How to publish Package into Desktop Report Dependence View Transition history How to change Contents in package How to publish more then one cube in one package Copy of Query subject and short cut of query subject Run script Function Set Difference between folder and namespace
  7. 7. Cognos 10 Connection Examine Cognos Connection Creation of data Source connection at Cognos connection level Creation Of Report Shortcut How to add portal tab How to add report to portal tab Creation of Jobs Personalize Cognos Connection Connecting Report to Another Package Create Users Groups and Users Roles Adding Users to Users Groups Scheduling Reports, Report shortcut, Jobs Disabling Schedule How to hide objects in cognos connection How to view hidden object in cognos connection my preferences How to change my preferences Organize content with folders and shortcuts Importing and Exporting Reports From one Environment to Another Environment (Development Environment to production Environment ) Publishing native metadata into Content store How to copy reports from one persons my folder to another persons my folder Drill through definition Working with Cognos 10 My Inbox Creation of new tasks How to Change Owner
  8. 8. Creation of new notifications How to add comments View comments  User comments  Audit comments Complete Task How to change Status of a task How to Change Priority of a task Cancel Task s How to archive a Task My Dashboard About Tool Create New Dashboard Add Report to dashboard Creation of Select Value Filter Creation Of Slider Filter Insert Text into Dashboard How to insert My inbox into Dash Board How to Edit Dashboard Style How to edit source report from Dashboard How to Convert List to crosstab or chart How to change colures for Items in Chart My Business Insight Advance How to create report using my business insight advance How to apply calculations  Round  Round up  Absolute
  9. 9.  Round down  How to pick last character from item  How to find difference %  How to pick first character from item How To Format Column How to add prompt How to create calculated columns How to apply page brake using context How to apply conditional style How to add context filter How use page layer How to apply Filters How to add context filter Highlights in Training Process; Conducting demos any time to your convenience. Providing 24/7 Technical support with lab services. Certified Trainers. Easy Payment options. Hands on training for better performance in Real time Environment. We maintain flexible Batch system for your better understanding. Certified Course Content Standard Material, Real time Examples. Completing training in the given Duration. Weekdays and Weekend Batches are available.
  10. 10. Contact Information; Skype Id ; adithyaelearning Contact Number ; +91 8790679998 , 9848371343. USA + 001 224 585 7588 Email id ;, Website ;