The frog and the nightingale


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The frog and the nightingale

  1. 1. Name: Dinesh Yadav Class: 10-B Roll No: 30 School: Kendriya Vidyalaya,Noida Topic: Presentation on Poem (Frog and Nightingale) Contact me: - Vikram Seth
  2. 2. Introduction The frog and the nightingale is a story in verse. It has a moral also.The two characters are symbolic of human beings.They behave and speak just like humans.So the poem can be called an allegory.The frog croaks nad bores all the animals in the jungle.He rules supreme and unrivalled.But a nightingale unknowingly challenges his supreme position.She sings and enchants everybody with her melodious notes.The frog then plays a trick to regain his position.He makes her believe that she needs training and improvement in her style. She too starts singing loudly and fast like her trainer-the frog.By changing her style,she bores her audience and she dies…. The Frog And The Nightingale -Vikram Seth
  3. 3. Frog: Croak! Croak! Elephant: Oh no! The frog has again started the cocophony. Deer: No one in the forest can make it quiet. Zebra: O frog! For god's sake, have mercy on the poor animals. Please keep quiet.We can't bear your harsh voice. Frog: If you can't enjoy my song,it's your problem not mine.I am free to do whatever I like. Deer: Let u sthrow stones to make him Quiet. Frog: Hey,these bits of stones can't stop my talent. Neither stones nor prayers can stop me to display my heart's elations. Once upon a time there lived a frog in Bingle Bog.Every night he used to croak non stop.No animal or bird liked his voice,but they can’t stop him from shouting.The had to hear the loud and unpleasant noise of him.
  4. 4. Nightingale: Koo-oh!koo-oh!... Rabit: Wow! What a sweet voice!! Deer: Once More,once more.. (All the animals applaud) (When Nightingale meets Frog) Frog: Croak!Croak! Nightingale: Sorry-was that you who spoke? Frog: Yes,you see I'm the frog who ows this tree. Nightingale: Did youy like my song? Frog: Not too bad-but far too long. The technique was fine,but it lacked a certain force. Nightingale: Oh! really, I am impressed that i have got a person whom I can discuss my art. Will you teach me? (The First time the Nightingales sings)
  5. 5. • Nightingale: Sorry,I cannot sing in this weather., • Frog: Come my dear-we'll sing together. Just put on your scarf and sash. • Nightingale: Koo-oh-ah! Ko-ash! Ko-ash! (They practice for six hours till she was shivering and her voice was hoarse and quivering.) (The next day,frog had setup a Stage show of Nightingale's music show) • Frog: Brainless bird you're on the stage-use your wits and follow fashion. Puff your lungs out with passion. • Nightingale:(tearfull) Ok! I'll try.. (The practice session when it is Raining.)
  6. 6. • Frog: As you are not practising,the audience is going down. The boxoffice is crashing.I'll not tolerate such kind of negligence. Sing louder and sharper. • Nightingale:Sorry! Now I can't. I'm not feeling well . (She was trembling and terrified of frog) • Frog: You stupid bird, I don't want any excuse..
  7. 7. (The frog went on scolding her and kept on insisting her to sing louder and sharper for the audience , but when she blared , her veins burst and she died… And again the frog started singing in the forest in his foghorn voice. )
  8. 8. Once again the forest resounded with the loud,harsh and unpleasant noise made by frog.. Croak ! Croak ! Croak ! Croak !........
  9. 9. (Video Based On This Poem)