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Trent Gudmundsen Contemporary Artist (Nx Power Lite)


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  • Frumos ! Inca o prezentare foarte reusita intra in galeria ta de Arta Plastica ! Te felicit ! Pupici .Paula
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  • 'Arta, s-a zis, este cel mai scurt drum de la un om la altul. Probabil, tot ea este si cel mai scurt drum de la om la el insusi.' Octavian Paler.
    Va multumesc foarte mult pentru aceste prezentari-sunt superbe, nu am cuvinte sa le comentez.
    Va saruta cu drag, 531=Manuela
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Trent Gudmundsen Contemporary Artist (Nx Power Lite)

  1. 1. TRENT GUDMUNDSEN CONTEMPORARY ARTIST 04.08.09 01:32 PM Bert Kaempfert Answer Me ,My Love
  2. 2. Before the Recital
  3. 3. Lacing Ribbons
  4. 4. Pirouette
  5. 5. Small adjustments
  6. 6. Young Violinist
  7. 7. Piano Practice
  8. 8. In the Doorway
  9. 9. Winter Reverie
  10. 10. Warmth
  11. 11. Thoughtful
  12. 12. Lip Gloss
  13. 13. Lauren in Black
  14. 14. Lora Jean
  15. 15. Black fur Coat
  16. 16. At the Barn
  17. 17. Pink dress orange
  18. 18. Hollyhock Garden
  19. 19. Blue -Eyed Boy
  20. 20. A Lot to Do
  21. 21. Bringing Drinks
  22. 22. Preparing the Table
  23. 23. Polishing the Crystal
  24. 24. Bistro Waitress
  25. 25. Cheerful Discussion
  26. 26. Pasta House
  27. 27. Pomegranates and Limes 1
  28. 28. Pomegranates and Limes 2
  29. 29. Quit Stream
  30. 30. Valley Barn,Winter Light
  31. 31. Logan River Autumn
  32. 32. The Great California Coastline
  33. 33. Morning in the Meadow
  34. 34. Low Tide at Laguna
  35. 35. Tidal Pond
  36. 36. Aspen Grove
  37. 37. Winter Cottonwood
  38. 38. Temple Fork Stream
  39. 39. The Lodge (Ahwahnee Hotel,Yosemite National Park)
  40. 40. Archway in the Ocean
  41. 41. Hay Vagon
  42. 42. Late Summer Grazing
  43. 43. The Forest Avenue Clock The Forest Avenue Clock
  44. 44. Boardwalk at Main Beach Boardwalk at Main Beach
  45. 45. Morro Bay Residents
  46. 46. Laguna Church
  47. 47. Monterey Bay at Sunset
  48. 48. Pacific Cliffs
  49. 49. TRENT GUDMUNDSEN, B. 1978 ARTIST'S STATEMENT: I love life and the beauties of nature and man, and enjoy taking the time to study the details in the world around me. But when I paint, I paint quickly, letting my immediate reactions to the subject and the painting itself guide my hand. The end product is an accurate and realistic painting that leaves room for the viewer to personalize it according to their individual experience ABOUT THE ARTIST: Years ago, as a young art student in Utah, Trent Gudmundsen eventually found his grades slipping after he began spending nearly all day every day painting instead of going to his classes. Not only did Trent's self-education prove to be a good one, but his attitude towards forging his own path in art has continued all his life. His determination to work hard and experiment in his art have not only produced in Trent a style that's well beyond his years, but one that is uniquely his own click
  50. 50. The artist is equally adept at a variety of subjects and finds that a periodic change of pace is refreshing as well as beneficial, since working on one subject inevitably improves his work on another. Trent's paintings capture the essence of a subject while remaining true to the natural form and light. The artist paints quickly, and feels that his work is always best when it is painted "without really trying". In 2003, Gudmundsen was featured in Southwest Art's "21 Under 31" article; that same year, Trent's painting was chosen by juror Kevin Macpherson for an "Award of Excellence" at the Oil Painters of America National Show, and again in 2009 for another "Award of Excellence" at the O.P.A. National Show. Trent's work has been included in such shows as Paint the Parks "Top 100", Arts for the Parks "Top 200", and four times in the International Museum of Contemporary Masters "Salon International". Trent's work has also been included in several prestigious auctions and invitational shows, including the Richard Schmid Auction and the Texas Art Auction , as well as Windows to the Divine Invitational in Denver, the Shenandoah Invitational in Virginia, and the Dixie State Invitational in Utah. His paintings have appeared in Ensign magazine, and also in the book My Dear Sisters by Gordon B. Hinckley. Gudmundsen's work is represented by galleries in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Montana. Trent and his wife, Lorajean, and their two children currently live in northern Utah where Trent works in the garden or on the house when he's not painting or playing with his kids . click
  51. 51. T H E E N D August 04,2009 A.C