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Steven Quartly Painter

  1. 1. STEVEN QUARTLY PAINTER Fausto Papetti Adagio Di Albinoni
  2. 2. Heaven Scent
  3. 3. Hanalei - Bay
  4. 4. Days of Wine and Roses
  5. 5. Peaceful Light
  6. 6. View of the Vineyard
  7. 7. Villa Hideaway
  8. 8. Tuscany Twilight
  9. 9. Passion of Florence
  10. 10. Riviera Mist
  11. 11. Tuscany Rain
  12. 12. Lugano Vineyard Roses are Red
  13. 13. The Golden Hour
  14. 14. Enchanted
  15. 15. Chianti Red,Emerald Green
  16. 16. Table for Two
  17. 17. Afternoon at Bellgio
  18. 18. Chasing the Light
  19. 19. Streets of Ravello
  20. 20. Amalfi Daybreak
  21. 21. True Love
  22. 22. Beach Day
  23. 23. Simple Fusia Finding Solitude
  24. 24. Dinner Date
  25. 25. Jazz
  26. 26. Via Bellosio
  27. 27. Lago Terrazza
  28. 28. Hills of Tuscany
  29. 29. Heart of Florence
  30. 30. Blush
  31. 31. Cinque Terre Sunset
  32. 32. Mediterranean Vilas La Petite Dejuener
  33. 34. Artist Steven Quartly's pallet knife cuts and blends, and the myriad tiny touches pull watchers heart-first into a majestic landscape here, a quiet urban-Europe quarter there or a simple still life. The balance and color palette compel in Quartly's impressionistic scenery and still life work. "For me, every painting is a song," says the personable, soft-spoken Quartly, by way of explanation. An accomplished guitarist, the Californian weaves chorus and verse into his oil paintings. Classical training in oil, which began at age 13 in Novato, California was the disciplined instruction upon which Quartly, now 33, has so rapidly built a career. Absorbed by the 19th century impressionist masters through high school and college, his passion for painting-and his grasp of lighting and perspective which makes his current work so appealing-grew
  34. 35. He attended Santa Barbara City College and then Azusa Pacific University (where he earned a B.A. degree in Fine Art in 1996), and there Quartly learned to connect emotion with technique, to communicate a depth of "feeling" striking in someone so young. Before graduating, Quartly was honored by being asked to paint a 30-foot mural for the university's Marshburn Memorial Library solarium. In 2000, his paintings claimed "Best of Show" honors at the 2000 Orange County (Calif.) Plein Air Show; later he was invited to display in a Beverly Hills Design Showcase as well as at an interior design challenge show on the Home & Garden Network. Today, a fast-growing nationwide gallery presence enables Quartly to paint every day in his Southern California studio while a heart for God's calling continues to stretch him in the application of his craft. Summer journeys with wife Natalie through France, Italy, England and America's coastal cities have carved enduring memories. "Our trips have been more like pilgrimages," Steven reflects. Quartly's travels and ongoing studies have provided an inexhaustible supply of "melodies in oil" as a fast-growing client list will attest. "My desire is to bring emotion to the canvas," says Quartly- "a sense of remembrance, of quiet reflection and fresh surprises..
  35. 36. T H E E N D June 09.2009 A.C