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Milly Tsai Painter (Nx Power Lite)


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Milly Tsai Painter (Nx Power Lite)

  1. 1. 24.06.09 04:40 PM MILLY TSAI PAINTER Chris Spheeris Embrace click
  2. 2. The Lily Pond
  3. 3. Autumn Lake
  4. 4. Old Town Wuzheng
  5. 5. Apple&Vase
  6. 6. Sonoma Sidewalk Cafe
  7. 7. Pink Roses
  8. 8. Madison Square Park
  9. 9. Homeward Bound
  10. 10. Koi Pond
  11. 11. Blue vase & Pomegranates
  12. 12. A Conversation in Trastevere
  13. 13. Green Field
  14. 14. Horses
  15. 15. Suzhou Alley,China
  16. 16. Reading
  17. 17. Walking in Moscow
  18. 18. Blue Vase
  19. 19. A Couple
  20. 20. Fruits & Basket
  21. 21. Girl with Red Scarf
  22. 22. Old Mill Gallery
  23. 23. Johnatan
  24. 24. Old world Prague
  25. 25. Hungarian Horseman
  26. 26. Hoping
  27. 27. Autumn Countryside
  28. 28. The Flatiron District
  29. 29. Tibetan Boy
  30. 30. BIOGRAPHY Milly Tsai, before she began painting in oils in 1997, was already well-versed in Chinese brush painting and calligraphy. She brings the techniques and compositional skills of traditional Chinese brush painting into her oil paintings, enriching her brush strokes with meaning and her compositions with balance and harmony. Ms. Tsai's private classes with master artists such as Shuqiao Zhou, Kevin McPherson and Jove Wang consistitute her dedicated education in the visual arts. Ms. Tsai has won numerous accolades for her paintings, both nationally and internationally. Among these are First Place in the 2009 RayMar Fine Art Competition, Best of Show in the 2008 American Women Artists National Exhibition; Second Place in Barnisite Gallery's 6th Annual National Juried Exhibition (2008); The California Art Club 98th, 97th, 96th, 95th, 94th Gold Medal Exhibition (2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005); the 2003 NHK Award in the International Brush Painting and Callipraphy Competition; the 2002 Best Landscape Award in the Oil Painters of America National Exhibition; the 2002 Honorable Mention in the Impressionist Society's National Juried Exhibition; and the 2000 Second Prize for Best Landscape in the student category in Artist's Magazine's National Art Competition. Milly Tsai's work has also been published in Southwest Art and American Art Collector. Milly Tsai is a Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America, director of the Brush Painting and Calligraphy Society of Southern California, and an Artist member of the Art Club.
  31. 31. AFFILIATIONS & MEMBERSHIPS Oil Painters of America, Signature Member California Art Club, Artist Member Southern California Chinese Brush Painting & Calligraphy Association, Director CHINESE BRUSH PAINTING EDUCATION Private Lessons: Prof. Lu Xiu Jing, professor of China National Fine Art Academy, Zhejiang, China Prof. Tang Da Kong, professor of Hubei Fine Art institute, Hubei, China OIL PAINTING EDUCATION Private Lessons: Kevin McPherson, O.P.A. Master Signature Member Prof. Shu-qiao Zhou, O.P.A. Signature Member, CAC Member Mr. Jove Wang, CAC Signature Member OTHER EDUCATION BA major in English Literature, Tam Kang University of Taipei, Taiwan, China Assistant Professor of Ikebana, Ikenobo Floral Art, Kyoto, Japan
  32. 32. T H E E N D June 24.2009 A.C