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Linda Schweitzer Painter (Nx Power Lite)


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Linda Schweitzer Painter (Nx Power Lite)

  1. 1. Linda Schweitzer's paintings express a timeless beauty. Her images of the people and places we treasure have a quality of life and emotion that no photograph can convey. Her first memory, ever, is of lying in her crib watching a beam of sunlight hitting the pattern on the crib sheet. So, she was thinking like an artist from the very beginning. A third-generation artist, her life as a painter began very early, with her mother as her first teacher. She minored in art in college, since “everyone” said she should major in something practical. After years doing practical things, she turned back to her first love, Art. She received a full-tuition scholarship from Scottsdale Artists' School to take a workshop with Gregg Kreutz. Over the years, she has studied with several prominent artists, including Scott Christensen, Michael Alberchtson, Camille Przewodek, Daniel Greene and Joy Thomas in the US and John Wardley in England. She likes to hike and kayak into scenic areas to collect information for her paintings.
  2. 2. Schweitzer finds plein air (in the open air, or outdoors) to be the most challenging and rewarding method of painting. “We normally don't really see the world... We see our ideas of the world. In order to paint a subject, I have to really see it, which means letting go of all concepts and expectations and just witnessing what is there. This involves seeing with a kind of innocent vision, the way we saw before we knew the words for things. The more a person practices this, the more open their vision becomes and the more they see. The beauty of it all can just be overwhelming, and I'm constantly being amazed.” The artist is the recipient of many national and regional awards. Her paintings have been selected for numerous juried exhibitions, some of which are listed in the short bio below.