Johann zoffany pictor neoclasic german (a c )


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Johann zoffany pictor neoclasic german (a c )

  1. 1. 17.03.12 11:53 PM
  2. 2. Johan Zoffany, Zoffani or Zauffelij (13 March 1733 – 11November 1810) was a German neoclassical painter,active mainly in England. His works appear in manyprominent British national galleries such as theNational Gallery, London, the Tate Gallery and in theRoyal Collection.He undertook an initial period of study in a sculptorsworkshop in Ellwangen in the 1740s (possibly at theworkshop of sculptor Melchior Paulus) and later atRegensburg with the artist Martin Speer. In 1750, hetravelled to Rome, entering the studio of AgostinoMasucci. In autumn 1760 he arrived in England,initially finding work with the clockmaker StephenRimbault (Zoffanys fine portrait of whom is now inthe Tate Gallery), painting vignettes for his clocks. By1764 he was enjoying the patronage of the royalfamily, King George III and Queen Charlotte, for hischarmingly informal scenes — such as Queen Charlotteand Her Two Eldest Children (1765), in which thequeen is shown at her toilette, with her eldestchildren, inside Buckingham House, and another,outdoors, with her children and her brothers. He alsowas popular with the Austrian royal family and in1776 was created Baron by the archduchess MariaTheresa.
  3. 3. Johan Zoffany, Zoffani ori Zauffelij (13 martie1733 - 11 noiembrie 1810) a fost  un pictor neoclasic german, activ mai mult inAnglia. Lucrarile lui se gasesc in multe galeriimari din Anglia, ca de exemplu NationalGallery, Londra, Tate Gallery si in RoyalCollection.Johan Zoffany, Johannes Josephus Zaufallij s-anascut in Frankfurt pe 13 martie 1733. Initiala studiat o perioada in atelierul unui sculptordin Ellwangen in anii 1740 (posibil inatelierul sculptorului Melchior Paulus) si maitarziu la Regensburg cu artistul Martin Speer.In 1750 a plecat la Roma si a intrat inatelierul lui Agostino Masucci. In toamna lui1760 a ajuns in Anglia, initial si-a gasit delucru in atelierul ceasornicarului StephenRimbault, unde a pictat decoratii pentruceasuri. Prin 1764 s-a bucurat de protectiafamiliei regale, regele George III si reginaCharlotte, precum si a familiei regaleaustriece.
  4. 4. Zoffany, membru fondator al noii Academii Regalein 1769, s-a bucurat de o mare popularitate pentru portretele sale din societate si teatru, pictandmulti actori si actrite de notorietate, in special pe David Garrick, cel mai faimos actor al zilei - Garrick in rolul lui Hamlet si Garrick  in rolul regelui Lear. In ultima perioada a vietii, Zoffany s-a remarcat in special pentru picturile de dimensiuni foartemari cu multi oameni si obiecte de arta, toate usor de recunoscut  de contemporanii sai.Cu toate ca Zoffany a facut multe vizite in Europa si India el a ramas in Anglia, unde a si murit in casa lui din Strand-on-the-Green, pe 11 noiembrie 1810. a fost inmormantat in cimitirul bisericii St Annes Church, Kew. Pictorul Thomas Gainsborough, la propria lui dorinta, a fost inmormantat langa Zoffany.